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63.26% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 27: Excessive Nobleness

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Chapter 27: Excessive Nobleness

"How I hate interruptions"

It doesn't matter if you are human, beast, vampire, etc. Whoever interrupts a moment of joy, generates great hatred and discomfort.

Long Wushuang was about to give Lu Luo a dark kiss and enjoy some time with her body when I hear a few steps approaching from a distance not so far away, also Long Wushuang feels a slight scent of flowers, it is obvious of a type of perfume.

"Uhm, this aroma is more likely to be from Chu Yue, I didn't think I would come to wake up personally, her filial sense and responsibility is very great, she is a very noble woman; but those qualities can become weaknesses if you don't have caution "

Overexertion, stress; many factors that can load the mind if you try to look good with others. You can even sacrifice your life unnecessarily because of your sense of nobility towards your loved ones and the people you consider important.

(Interest I'm interested in knowing more about Chu Yue, so that her teacher comes to protect her personally, she must have something extremely interesting.')

('But now I have to wake up a hot girl')

Long Wushuang stands in front of Lu Luo, she observes her face completely reddened and her wrinkled clothes showing a very pronounced neckline and her skirt raised showing beautiful white legs.

Her short breathing, her breath escaping from her mouth and her bright red eyes evidence that she is still in a trance and her mind wandered through the storms of lust.

('I think it happens a little, but I don't have time to correct myself')

Long Wushuang gets up her delicate white hand.


Long Wushuang gives a couple of slaps to wake up.


Lu Luo returns to reality without having the slightest idea of what happened before.

"Shut up and listen, Chu Yue comes here so fix your clothes"

"Wha-t? Ah!"

Lu Luo doesn't understand what Long Wushuang was referring to, but when she notices her clothes she emits a groan and covers herself quickly with her hands, in a short time she fixes her clothes as before.

"Does young teacher Chu Yue come here? Majesty, where do I hide, if she sees me like that?"

Lu Luo still keeps her eyes bright red and her long fangs.

"Hide you? Oh, I forget to tell you, in order to hide such traits and look more like a human you just have to suppress your power; relax your body, mind and spirit, so you can hide those characteristics"

Lu Luo heard the method and closed her eyes to calm and relax her whole being. After a few seconds she opened her eyes.

"Good, look in the mirror"

Lu Luo ran to the mirror and was surprised when she saw her reflection, her eyes before crimson red now returned to her dark tone when she was human, her long fangs shrunk; Although they were still a little larger by human standards, it wouldn't generate suspicion.

"Stay in that state and you can continue with your work normally, but don't stand out; also if you smell blood, stay away. Your self-control still needs training, come to my rooms at midnight. I will guide you in your training"

"Yes your Majesty"

Lu Luo kneels, but Long Wushuang stops her.

"Raise, she has arrived"


"Younger sister Long Are you awake? I can pass?"

Chu Yue knocks on the door

"Big Sister Chu, can you come in"

Chu Yue enters the room and watches two women, one was the servant who previously ordered to serve Long Wushuang, and the other woman dressed in thick clothing that covered her entire body hiding her figure, a veil that hid her hair and a mask that hid her face

A physically enigmatic woman. Long Wushuang

Chu Yue wears a white dress with a bluish jade hanging from her thin waist, revealing her well-formed and charming curves; A slim, tall and beautiful body. She was still young, in a few years she would have an extremely beautiful and seductive body, capable of causing devastation to cities and kingdoms.

She emitted a noble and charming aura, as if it were refreshing spring. But she could see dark spots hidden by a layer of makeup, showing that she didn't have a good nap.

"Good morning, Big Sister Chu" Long Wushuang leans slightly

"This maid greets the third master" Lu Luo kneels; she must keep up appearances so as not to generate any suspicion.

"Younger sister Long, it is not necessary so many formalities, we are now apprentice-sisters" Chu Yue takes the hands of Long Wushuang who were also covered by gloves.

Chu Yue sees food dishes on the table, she asks, "Junior apprentice-sister Long, were you going to breakfast here in this room? I had prepared a place in the main dining room for you.

Long Wushuang shakes her head "I don't want to generate more trouble, I'm just a peasant, a refugee; I don't fit into the family of Lord Feudal Chu"

Chu Yue tightens the grip "As you can think like that, you are my benefactor, not only for me but for my master and my first junior apprentice-sister Wei; If it weren't for your help, there would be but kidnapped or devoured by those monsters. My father also agrees that you accompany us"

Before Long Wushuang could say something Chu Yue speaks to the maid "Go and take the tray to the main dining room"

Lu Luo bowed deeply, but her eyes look towards Long Wushuang to know her order. Lu Luo seeing her nod discreetly takes the tray "With your permission young master Chu, Lady Long" and leaves the room.

Chu Yue looked deeply at Long Wushuang covered in thick clothes, gloves, veil, mask. She totally hides her body and her hair.

('The second junior apprentice-sister covers her entire body, what weird customs they had in her village')

"Younger apprentice sister Long, you said that she covered her body with thick fabrics to avoid the eyes of men, but now we are only you and I in this room, it is not necessary to cover yourself"

Long Wushuang's eyes become serious due to such a valid argument, she responds "I understand what you mean, but what if I told you that my beauty bewitches both men and women"

Chu Yue is startled to hear her

('Would even men and women fall in love with her beauty?').

Chu Yue throws a dry laugh "Younger apprentice sister Long, I've heard of outstanding beauties, excuse me if you get offended, but I think you're exaggerating"

"Do you think so?" Long Wushuang says mischievously, releases herself from Chu Yue's grip and takes off one of the gloves.

When Chu Yue observes Long Wushuang's hand, she is totally petrified.

Her skin was as white as snow, pure and spotless, so delicate and tender, nails shine like the most precious jade; anyone would be spellbound just by seeing her. Anyone would think that kind of hands should only touch divine and heavenly things, not things stained with the mundane and earthly.

Long Wushuang smiles mischievously and touches a strand of long black hair from the still petrified Chu Yue "Now I am seeing someone else who has fallen for my charms"

After hearing that comment, Chu Yue awakens from the trance and goes back three steps still shocked.

"My apologies, my intention wasn't to scare you" Long Wushuang apologizes melancholy.

"Eh" Chu Yue when she hears her quickly shakes her head "No, you don't need to apologize; the mistake is mine, just be surprised and act without any malice"

Long Wushuang covers her hand with the glove and says "Now you understand why I cover my whole body and hide my figure, if with showing you my hand you have become stunned. I don't want to imagine if a man sees me"

Beauty is a double-edged sword if you don't have enough strength to defend yourself.

Chu Yue now understands why Long Wushuang covers her body, takes her hands and says "Don't worry, I will help you protect your secret, besides ..." Chu Yue puts her hand to her heart and very solemnly says "I Chu Yue swear, with the high heavens as my witness, that I will never rebel at anything I have seen and never comment to anyone; if I break this oath, may my soul never achieve reincarnation and may it be tortured in the deepest part of the Underworld"

Long Wushuang was speechless by Chu Yue's oath "You didn't need to take that oath"

Chu Yue kindly says "You are now my Second junior apprentice-sister, my savior, I will help you in any way I can"

Long Wushuang sighs silently ('It's too much her sense of nobleness')

"Since my senior apprentice-sister Chu Yue has given me her support, this humble person wants to know if there was any mention of me at her meeting last night"

Hearing the mention of the meeting with her father, Chu Yue shows concern "second junior apprentice-sister Long, I will be frank, I will tell you what happened at that meeting regarding your mention. I will not go into details, so I will mention the most important thing emphasizing your participation"

Long Wushuang already knew what was discussed at the meeting by Lu Luo, she only made this request to avoid any suspicion. She listens carefully to compare the words of Chu Yue with the words of Lu Luo. She wanted to know if Chu Yue was lying or hiding some facts.

After hearing Chu Yue's story, Long Wushuang made the comparison.

('She omitted parts such as strategic war plans and other unimportant data, and she tries to minimize the fact that she wants to use me for her plans')

Chu Yue says in a slightly melancholic voice "I regret that you have to go through all this, it has already suffered is that horrible place for so many years; I only ask you not to hate my father and Uncle Wei, they only act like this because of the pressure of the war and the losses it has caused them. Please don't hold a grudge towards us"

Long Wushuang understands when Chu Yue says 'us', as a family and her high level of nobleness and responsibility, Chu Yue wants to share the blame with her loved ones.

"Wow, I think I should have stayed at an inn to avoid generating these problems" Long Wushuang sighs heavily.

Chu Yue speaks firmly "You aren't to blame for anything, it is due to the pressure of all this. I am not going to allow you to be used that way, that's for sure"

Long Wushuang sighs again, but internally says ('Her sense of responsibility is impressive, but because of this her mind and spirit can be manipulated and molded, this day I will test her blood to know her secrets'), she says "Although I must say that plan may work, but it is very unlikely due to the weather"

Chu Yue speaks seriously "Don't think about it anymore, but you really think it turns out, just out of curiosity. What would be the problems? What should be considered in these supposed expeditions"

Long Wushuang says "If it were summer or spring it would be a safer trip since those monsters as you have seen cannot be under sunlight or they will turn to ashes"

Chu Yue knew about this since she saw it, she saw the Ghouls turn to ashes when the sunlight falls.

"But now we are a few days away from winter and there are many cloudy days; Although these creatures don't go out until dusk, due to the absence of sunlight in the day, they are very likely to attack. I've seen it in previous years"

"In addition, due to the very rugged terrain of the forest, there aren't many roads for a large number of soldiers with horses to travel. And I'm not sure if they can cross the forest is this time. Your caravan was lucky to cross it"

"Even if I am the guide, I am not sure that I can help that supposed group cross the forest."

"I don't want the number of those monsters to increase, and most of all I don't want to be one of those"

"There is something that ties them to that forest, but I'm not sure if that will last forever."

Chu Yue perfectly understands her words, she was present, she had seen with her own eyes what happens if you are bitten by the Ghouls.

Chu Yue perfectly understands her words, she was present, she had seen with her own eyes what happens if you are bitten by the Ghouls.

"Don't worry, I will find a way that my father and Uncle Wei can't use you and forget that nonsense, okay; … May be …"

Before Chu Yue could say anything Lu Luo's voice is heard outside the room.

"Sorry for the interruption, young master Chu, Lady Long; but the Lord Feudal requests the presence of both in the main dining room now"

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