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32.65% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 12: Live for me forever

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Chapter 12: Live for me forever


The Ghouls continued devouring the organs, flesh and bones of the Captain, fulfilling the order to devour him completely.

Jiang Wushuang observed what was once a peaceful village. Destroyed houses, dead animals, the bodies of the villagers scattered everywhere, a depressing sight.

("The weak are just toys without caring for the strong")

The rain continued to fall, washing the earth with blood, but its stench still permeates the area.


A dying term draws her out of her thoughts, as she looks at an elderly woman reclining on a rock, using her hands to cover a hideous wound in her belly.


Jiang Wushuang ran to where Jiang Xiarou was, on arrival she see a discouraging panorama. Several of her hair were torn from the roots, what remained was stained with blood, as well as her entire face, the bleeding still did not stop in her belly. It's only a matter of minutes to its end.

Due to her Primordial Elemental Body, she did not die immediately, giving her a few minutes of agony.

Jiang Xiaorou opened her eyes for the call to see a girl with beautiful silver hair, exquisite and charming features but the most outstanding were those eyes she will never forget. When she saw her, she could not help feeling something of fear in what she had previously called her granddaughter.

Jiang Xiaorou had crawled into the confusion of the battle between the soldiers and the Ghouls, when she reached the rock, she can see clearly how the Ghouls were tearing the soldiers apart, how they were transforming and the cruel end of the captain.

But what more the impact was that her granddaughter was the one that controlled all those monstrous beings, she was the one who killed everyone in the bloodiest way possible and that thirst for blood that she emitted, she felt as her soul was consumed by a demon, she was in the same hell before she died.

Jiang Wushuang observed the terror that his grandmother had. A feeling of sadness filled his heart that was filled with bloody darkness.

"Are you afraid of me, Grandmother?" She asks

"You hate me? Do I disgust you? Now that you've seen my true self, Do you consider me a monster?"

Jiang Wushuang would ignore any type of opinion that society had, act according to her wishes and carry out any kind of actions no matter how cruel it may be to achieve her objectives or revenge, such as the situation that has just happened. But Jiang Xiaorou was the exception and his current emotional weakness.

On one side, she wanted to transform her so that she would have a new opportunity and have a superior strength for the future, but the most important thing is that she cared for her since she was a baby, besides, she endure the mistreatment of the villagers due to that incident, but she always had a smile and good humor for her, she still remembers the days that she spent without eating so that she had a plate of food.

So much suffering that Jiang Xiaorou endured in the six years of his upbringing generated a deep affection for her, now that the person she loved the most felt fearful for her felt like thousands of needles pierced her heart.

Jiang Xiaorou listened to the questions, although they sounded calm, she could find melancholy and pain when she uttered such words. She has taken care of this girl for 6 years, although she always maintained a calm attitude without showing any kind of expression, she has managed to discover her true feelings through her eyes; If she suffers, she lies, she is happy or anything, she could discover through her eyes. This type of skill is not about an innate martial skill or some kind of power from your unique physique.

Maybe it's a skill that only mothers possess.

After seeing that hidden melancholy, she made a trip to the past, remembering all those moments together with her, happy moments, sad moments. The promise she made that time.

Tears began to fall from his emaciated face, using the few strengths that remain, raise her hand stained with blood to touch his extremely beautiful face.

"From that day that I fo...und you to this day, I never regretted or stopped lo..ving, my good granddaughter, I promised you, no? No ma...tter who you are, for me, you are my grandd...aughter. Now I can die q..uietly after seeing your face for the last time. care, pleas..e take care. "

Observing how the forces were leaving her, Jiang Wushuang grabbed her hand tightly and used the other to grab her bleeding face. With a pleading voice she says:

"Grandmother, you forgot part of the promise, you said you would be by my side forever. I can help you in that, I can save you. "

"I can give you a new life."

Jiang Xiaorou heard those words "new life", but he remembered what happened with those monsters, she thought that maybe the same thing would happen to her.

Seeing the reluctance in her eyes, she clarifies.

"Do not think that the same thing happened to you, because your physicist will have another type of transformation, but for which you have to renounce everything. Your last name, your race, our family relationship. You can be reborn, but we can no longer be a grandmother and granddaughter. "

For the transformation of the True Vampire, it was necessary for the Spirit to have the resolution of rebirth, to renounce everything for a new beginning. Any feelings like "I am betraying my race or my family, etc." Will result in another way. Although it can be arranged, it will take more time.

Jiang Xiaorou on hearing this, panic entered her being. "If we can not be granddaughter -granddaughter, did you hate this kind of relationship ?, I do not understand all this"

Jiang Wushuang explains "It is true that we can not be a granddaughter - grandma, but that does not mean that I hate this relationship, I am deeply grateful for all the care you gave me these 6 years. The relationship would be Master - Servant, but I never discriminate against my race, I will always respect you and love you, as well as my peers in the future. Do not think of anything bad or let your imagination run away with silly thoughts. "

Jiang Xiaorou listens to the explanation and her doubts dissipate, but the most that influence is those eyes that change and manipulate her being.

Manipulation is an innate ability of Vampires, very different from seduction or mental control, only with words can influence the minds of living beings, change their thoughts, beliefs and lifestyles; but much depends on your spiritual strength, will and your heart. Even the weak can have a strong and unwavering heart, as well as the strong, a rotten and easy to change heart. Everything depends on the circumstances and using the desires and weaknesses to achieve the objective.

Jiang Xiaorou asks "So, you know who you are, aren't you?"

Jiang Wushuang speaks "I'll tell you, but there's not much time left in your state. Do you accept to be reborn as a new being or to die as a human?"

Jiang Xiaorou understood that he has to give up his family, race, etc.

("I was picked up by a couple when I was a baby, but they died when I was 11. I have no relatives since then, I never felt any attachment or pride to my race and I lost everything this night, I have nothing to give up because, I do not have nothing, only my granddaughter ")

Jiang Xiaorou speaks with difficulty "Then do it, promise me that even if I'm just a servant, even so, you'll h..ear me when you see that you are abu...sing your powers"

Jiang Wushuang laughs at such an order "You can even punish me like you did before."

Jiang Xiaorou leaves all doubts in his heart.

"Ready?" Jiang Wushuang asks.

Jiang Xiaorou nods, shaking his head.

Jiang Wushuang approaches to kiss Jiang Xiaorou's lips. Jiang Xiaorou is surprised at such action.

"Do not worry, you'll understand later". Jiang Wushuang explains and brings his lips to his ear.

"Live for me forever, now close your eyes" Jiang Wushuang whispers in his ear.

Obeying closes his eyes, after waiting a couple of seconds he feels a familiar bite on his neck.


Jiang Xiaorou moans, feeling like her blood is sucked. Little by little her body loses heat, her forces abandon her; but she does not fight, allowing to leave everything to live and serve those she loves the most.

The rain continues to fall, but when the flame of life is extinguished, the rain stops.

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