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69.38% Blood is life: The Domain of the Queen Scarlet Dragon / Chapter 30: No one is free to commit evil (Part 1)

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Chapter 30: No one is free to commit evil (Part 1)

Strong winds whip the treetops, the darkness covers the whole place and the sepulchral silence permeates the place.

A large circular area, where once forest life flourished, now only became a desolate and barren wasteland where the vital source of the place was completely drained.

In the center of such a devastated place was the culprit of everything caused.

Long Wushuang was lying on the cracked ground, moving her hands to her sides trying to get up, but due to fatigue she feels she carried a great weight on her body.

After several attempts, she only manages to turn around, her mask falls showing her divine and beautiful face, observing the vast starry sky.

They have spent 16 years reincarnating in a world similar to the Chinese novels she read in her previous life. She had never imagined that such a reality existed in the vast firmament of creation.

("It seems that life is an irony, you never know what will happen")

Reincarnating this world at God's request, Long Wushuang when she died thought she couldn't take revenge on those who hurt her and her loved ones. But God gave her life back, fulfilling her promise at that time.

("I never believed in His promise, and when I chose this race I never thought it really came true. How funny, isn't the vampire a creature of pure evil?")

According to stories or other stories, vampires are the creation of the devil to torment humans when they are vulnerable at night. Absorbing the blood of their victims to strengthen and maintain their immortality, in addition to other characteristics that the writers added to these beings and their books.

("I only chose this breed because I loved this character when I read books and comics, I thought I would reincarnate as a similar being, not an authentic one")

In the Chinese novels that Long Wushuang read, there were some characters who used evil techniques using blood as an ingredient, either in formations, refining pills, or the famous blood pools. This with the purpose of a rapid power or the fusion of a blood lineage. Although the latter should not necessarily be done with an evil method.

Long Wushuang observes the vast starry sky, entering her thoughts and reflecting on all the experiences she has lived in his 16 years.

"I wonder when I will have to wait to explode the heavens, to be able to ascend to the stars and see a world beyond my sight, observe the so-called gods and goddesses of this part of creation, I wonder how you will know your blood?"

When Long Wushuang thought about blood, she suddenly felt discomfort, followed by itching in her fangs and dry throat.

"What's going on? I have drunk blood recently, why am I thirsty now?"

Long Wushuang gets on her knees, breathing heavily.

"Servant Luo, come here immediately!"

Lu Luo, after her mistress's strong call, quickly leaves behind some distant trees.

"This humble servant here to serve you, Your Majesty" Lu Luo responds stuttering while her body trembles.

Before Lu Luo could kneel, Long Wushuang catches her quickly and without any conversation, gives her the dark kiss.

"Ahhhh!" Lu Luo screams while hugging Long Wushuang.

Lu Luo experiences for the second time that sensation of the dark kiss, the memories of the first time return to her mind. Euphoria invades her whole being.

Long Wushuang squeezes her hug more and more, as if doing such an action could extract every last drop of blood.

Lu Luo feels that her hug grows stronger and completely immobilizes her.

"You...r maje...sty, ple...ase, no more, I... I will di...eee"

Lu Luo's body begins to show the effects of when a vampire loses a lot of blood, wrinkles of the skin and bones become visible, like an anorexic in serious condition.

After several minutes, Long Wushuang finishes giving Lu Luo a dark kiss, but the hunger has only been mitigated in half.

Lu Luo falls loudly; her appearance is of a walking corpse. "I fe...el so weeeakkk"

Long Wushuang observes her appearance and says "A vampire doesn't die from bleeding, you will only feel weaker and your will gradually collapse; you will recover your appearance if you drink blood; Now it's just a matter of looking for some prey to quench your thirst"

Long Wushuang picks up her mask and when she is about to put it on, she hears screams from afar.

"Those screams are from women, what…? Lu Luo How long was I unconscious?

"Approximately 3 hours" Lu Luo answers weakly.

"You said there was a village near this forest, uhmm ... Something is happening in that place, let's see what happens and incidentally hunt some dams"

After finishing his words Long Wushuang quickly leaves that desolate place, Lu Luo follows her from behind, but her speed is slower.

Forest borders.

"Help, help! ..."

"Stop, it hurts, no more!"

Two women are being pressured by two men in a beastly manner and their faces twisted into a rictus of pleasure.

The clothes of the two girls were torn, showing their skin, spikes and thighs.

Around them 4 other men watched the scene, laughing vulgarly and chatting with each other.

It isn't necessary to describe which scene was performed.

"The woman with a big butt was squeezing me hard, it was a fascinating feeling"

"Really? Then I want to try it. Hey, don't mistreat her a lot, I want to enjoy it too"

"Nonsense, the other had soft, tender skin, ahh ... I would like a second time"

"Don't worry, if she is still alive you can play with her for a while"

"Hehe, I appreciate it mate"

Laughter and conversation continued, followed by cries and depressing groans.

Long Wushuang watched the scene behind a tree without showing any expression. Lu Luo also

watched, but her body was shaking, her hands were heavily embedded in the tree and her red eyes were shining brightly.

"What happens? Furious about what is happening to these two girls or perhaps your desire to quench your thirst increase due to the stench of blood"

Lu Luo responds trying to keep calm "I don't know; I just know that I can't control myself for much more"

Long Wushuang replies "Due to the massive loss of blood, your will diminish faster if you observe violent acts. Because you are a vampire adept, your humanity hasn't yet been completely erased, which is why these violent sensations increase more and more. But I'm surprised that you can still control yourself"

Lu Luo replies with difficulty "Your majesty, I beg you to do something, I can't control myself anymoreee"

Long Wushuang responds "Of course I will act, but you must remember that I don't do it to save those girls, perhaps you forgot that we have come to look for prey; you stay here, in your state you will only be a hindrance"

Long Wushuang leaves her hiding place approaching the group.

"Who is there?" One of the men shouts alarming the rest.

"She is a woman, well one more, but why she wears a mask?"

"Surely she has an ugly face, but don't worry, we don't discriminate against anyone"

Quickly Long Wushuang is surrounded by the six men.

"Lass, if you don't resist, we will treat you kindly, but if you do the opposite hehe, I think you'll end up worse than those two women"

The other men laugh in disgusting ways.

"Ok, that's enough of so many stupidities, let's end this"

Long Wushuang responds insipidly and quickly acts. With amazing speed, she reaches one of them and hits his chest.


The man is sent to fly and falls violently to the ground, the blow generates a sinking in his torso. The man convulses briefly until he stops moving.

The other 5 are stunned.

Long Wushuang without losing a second goes to another. This time she takes the head of another man and with an eagle grip throws him against the ground.


The man's head sank to the ground, his eyes slipped out of his orbits due to the impact.

"Damn bitch!"

One of the men draws his sword and quickly attacks.

Long Wushuang dodges quickly and immediately takes the arm where he held the sword.


Long Wushuang twists his arm like a spring and takes the sword leaving the man screaming in pain.

With a quick slash, Long Wushuang cuts the carotid artery of one of the men.

"She is a Martial expert, run"

The 6 men were only at the level of Trained Bone, they were only ants for a Martial Artist, and the Dragon lineage that runs through her veins is getting stronger. Beating any Martial Artist of the same level.

The remaining two run to their horses to flee.

Long Wushuang doesn't allow it, quickly she crosses the heart to one of them, an instant death.

"Wait, no ..." Long Wushuang doesn't have time to beg and she cuts his neck in half, his blood comes out like a fountain.

Both girls hug each other trembling through such a macabre scene.

Long Wushuang approaches the man with a crooked arm and grabs him by the neck.

"Tell me exactly what is happening? If you don't want me to break other bones of yours, you better answer"

The man breathes quickly and answers "Who are you AHHHH!!!!?

Long Wushuang crushes the leg by breaking the femur.

"I said answer, not ask"

But the man writhed in pain ignoring Long Wushuang's words.

"Tisk, I think you let me go" Long Wushuang throws the man on the floor and addresses the scared girls.

"You, you better answer what you are doing here before I run out of patience"

The older girl gathers courage and answers with repressed nervousness "My village is being attacked by bandits, my friend and I tried to flee to the forest to hide, but they reached us and then ..." but before I could finish the girl breaks the cry.

Long Wushuang didn't need any more explanations, she knows exactly what happened to the girls.

"Thank you very much for your cooperation, now I have to do my part" "Servant, come here immediately"

Lu Luo arrives quickly still panting for the thirst that is increasing.

The girls get scared because of their spectral appearance.

"Don't worry, so you can see that I also have my kind side, you can quench your thirst with that man"

After hearing the command, Lu Luo turns her gaze to the man, the smell of blood in the environment eliminates any trace of sanity.

The man seeing Lu Luo, those bright red eyes, goes into a deadly panic, his face turns as white as paper, trying to go back as fast as he can.

"Raar !!"

Lu Luo pounces on the man like a fierce animal, and bites heavily on the man's neck.


The man desperately tries to push Lu Luo without any success.

The girls try to escape, but Long Wushuang prevents their escape. She catches one of them and puts the other to the ground, putting her foot on it to prevent it from escaping.

The woman tries to break free, but feels as if a rock of several kilos is on top of her.

"Who you are? Please don't harm us, is it that you didn't come to save us? "The woman who is being embraced begs for her life while the other continues to struggle to free herself.

Long Wushuang removes her mask by showing her face, a celestial countenance stealing the soul from the two girls who were watching her, especially those eyes that can bewitch any living being of the entire creation.

"Poor girls, you have been contaminated by filth, now your value as a woman is almost nil. But don't worry, this Queen will use them for an experiment, they must feel battered to be selected for this"

She then gives her the dark kiss; but unlike Lu Luo, Long Wushuang does not start touching her by different parts of the body, he just limits himself to hugging her.

The other girl, seeing what is happening to her friend, tries to escape desperately without success.

The girl's personal information appears in her mind, but Long Wushuang just reads only her name and hopes for what she will become.


After finishing the act, Long Wushuang throws Yuye aside, while Lu Luo also ends the act. ("Passable, it's like drinking water; but I miss feeling that exquisite taste of a virgin")

"How was it?" Long Wushuang asks

"It tastes horrible, but because of thirst I had no choice but to continue drinking" Lu Luo asks as he staggered to get up.

"Okay" Long Wushuang lifts the woman who had her trapped "I see that even thirst still affects you, be completely satisfied with it." After finishing speaking, Long Wushuang throws the woman, Lu Luo catches her.

"But my thirst is no longer very strong, let's stop it ..." but Lu Luo immediately shut up when she felt that murderous intention that began to surround her.

Lu Luo had no choice but to give her the dark kiss ignoring the woman's pleas.

Another life goes out under the darkness.

After a few minutes Lu Luo frees the woman, her clothes were somewhat loose because Lu Luo touching her medium spikes, legs and her withered garden while continuing to draw blood.

"Now how was it?" Long Wushuang asks.

"It tasted better than the previous one, but why did I feel pleasure when I went with the woman and felt disgusted with the man?" Lu Luo asks as she catches her breath and slowly returns to normal.

"It is because vampires are creatures of the dark world, darkness is of a Yin nature, therefore, when we absorb the blood of women, there is no rejection, if it is a man, Yang energy is consumed quickly until there is no nothing, leaving a body without its source. Consequently, the blood tastes horrible"

"Will it always be like this?" Lu Luo asks

"I don't know; the answers will come later"

"What do we do now?"

"Wait, those three bodies will be revived soon"

VladDraculMichael VladDraculMichael

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