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100% Captive Lullaby / Chapter 16: FAN MEETING

FAN MEETING - Captive Lullaby - Chapter 16 by Jelisham full book limited free

Chapter 16: FAN MEETING

The next day, Jae woke up from the floppy bed while on Taedong's arms hugging her like he don't want to let go. She slowly moved her body away and went out of bed. She went straight to the kitchen and did what she promised, being Taedong's cook. Even though Taedong wasn't able to cook his food, his fridge was full since Taedong was a VIP guest in J-City. The fidge was full before he got there. Jae searched around the kitchen to look for ingredients and she saw flour wrapper, ground meat and vegetables perfect to cook Shanghai. It's a perfect meal for someone special to her.

She cooked the dish thoroughly like she's a master chef, "He's gonna like this."

A moment later, Taedong went down and saw Jae preparing breakfast. He went near the wall and hide behind it while watching her prepare. Jae was decorating the delicious wrapped meat rolls with greeneries, "Perfect!". Taedong smiled and gigles to what effort she shows. Then Taedong showed himself and utters, "Good morning!". Jae noticed him she smiled and replied, "Good morning! Come let's eat!"

"What's that?"

"It's called Shanghai." Jae replied.

"It's beautiful!"

"Taste it!" then Jae grabbed one and feed it to Taedong. He munched the crunchy roll and praises, "WOAH THIS IS DELICIOUS! I WANT MORE!"

Jae gave the whole serving and Taedong munched more like he's a little kid. Jae just chuckled seeing the hungry Taedong eat.

After eating, Taedong's phone rang. He stood up and went to the corner and he immediately answered it.

"Taedong, the fan meeting will start about 2 hours. Everything is already in setup." Her manager said.

Taedong hang up the call and he went to the bathroom to take a bath while Jae was washing the dishes. He removed his clothes and he suddenly remember what happened last night. He smirked. He saw Jae fixing the plates thought the glass wall of the bathroom. He smirked again and he took a lip bite while he showers. He can't get enough of what's happening lately. Last two night they kissed and made love, and today Jae made her promise to cook him food. This is insane!

In the kitchen, Jae was washing the pan she used in cooking then she remembered what happened last night. She smirked. She remembered what Taedong said "You're so beautiful." She can't stop smiling while washing. Like what happened last two days tickles her heart.

After minutes, Taedong finished bathing. He went straight to his room to change while Jae was busy sweeping the kitchen floor. After a moment, he came out dashing with his designer clothes while Jae just finished cleaning.

"Jae", he called.

Jae turned to look and saw him gorgeous.

"How do I look?" Taedong asked.

Jae squish her eyes thinly and pouted her lips showing a judgement face, "Hmm,..."

Taedong fixed his posture when Jae seems not to like his clothes, but Jae replied with a raspy voice "Dashing as always."

Taedong smiled and added, "I have a fan meeting today at J-City theater hall. If you want to come. Here's a ticket." he said and he lay down the ticket on the table.

"I'll be happy to see you there." he added.

Jae eyes were thinly opened and she pouted her lips and she thinks, 'Fan meeting? Interesting.'

After a second, she replied "Sure! I'll be there." and she smiled back.

"I'll be going now." Taedong said.

"Good luck!" Jae responded.

Taedong left the apartment. Jae smiled again and she went straight to the bathroom to bathe.

After 10 minutes, Jae finished bathing and she remembered she has no clothes to wear for the fan meeting. "Oh geez, I have nothing to wear." Then a knock on the door was heard.

"Who the heck?" she utters while she walks toward the door.

"It's me, Taedong." the person responded.

She opened the door and Taedong came in carrying a paper bag. He saw Jae wet, but her body was covered with a towel. He blushed and turned his head to look away. He was embarrassed to see Jae just wearing a towel.

Jae was confused why he came back and she asked, "Why, what's wrong is there something you forgot?"

"None, here. I want you to wear this." He said while giving the paper bag to her.

Then he came closer. Caressed her hair at the back. He moved his head close and kissed her forehead. Jae suddenly froze unable to thank him.

"See you there." Taedong said.

He turned his back and left the apartment. And went straight to the fan meeting.

Jae was left like a statue in the apartment. Dumbfounded again on what he did.

"What is happening lately? Awhile ago I agreed to cook food for him and today I likely promised to go to his fan meeting?! THIS IS INSANE, JAE! WHAT'S GOT INTO YOU?!" She told herself.

A minute later, she stopped from being angry to herself. She opened the pricey-looking paper bag and saw a Gucci white dry-fit top, black corset top and a high waisted denim jeans with an embroidery Gucci snake patched on it, the same design of what Taedong was wearing for the fan meeting.

'He must be crazy.'

She has nothing else to wear. She had no choice but to wear what Taedong bought. She went to the mirror to see how she looked with the clothes and she was beautiful.

After that, she grabbed the ticket and left the apartment.

She stroll down the city. The sun shines upon her face while she walks down the aisle. Taedong's face was all over the place. Posters, screen ads and tarpaulins. She suddenly remembered the look on Taedong's face at the concert. She remember his face when they made love. The way he looked at her makes her weak and vulnerable. He was her weakness and somehow her guardian angel. Taedong's eyes looks like he wants her to stay. But Jae suddenly got the feeling of sadness in her veins.

Then suddenly a couple came across her way. They were holding each others hand while showing that they were madly in love with each other. She suddenly felt jealous of them. Taedong is a popular artist and probably unable to hold her hands in public and stoll around the city like a regular couple do. She smiled when the couple passed by. 'How lucky they are.'

On her way she passed by the old citizen's house where she onced offered to buy and deliver groceries to them, it made her smile while looking around the place. She remembered that she was fully frustrated when a Karen lady and her almost got into a fight for the last cornbeef in the grocery store. Then she passed by the cafeteria where she worked late at night. She saw the place was crowded with hungry customers. The owner was really busy taking good care of her customers. Then she saw that the owner hired people to help her out. She smiled and continued walking.

After a 40 meter's walk, she got to the restaurant where she worked as a dishwasher.

She looked inside the resto through the glass wall while walking forward and she suddenly bumped onto somebody. She lift her head to look and saw Nara. Her eyes widen in shock.

"Jae, you're alive!" Nara said in sarcastic excite.

Nara examined Jae's body for injuries and she see none.

"I thought you were dead, after they chased. You did not come back." She said.

Jae was speechless. Unable to express her disappointment. She started to get frustrated while looking down holding a grip.

Jae lift her lashes to asked, "Were you the only one who survived?"

"No, Dean and many more." Nara responded.

Jae's eyes started to flicker, "What about Ted?"

"He's recovering from his injuries." Nara answered.

Then Jae went quiet, totally frustrated after hearing Ted was alive. 'This mustn't happening.'

Nara impatiently waiting for her to speak so she said, "We needed money for the recovery that's why we're here in J-City for a big mission. Come with us Jae!."

Jae immediately shouted "NO!"

Nara got freaked out from her shout, "What?" She asked with furrowed brows. She was shock to see Jae behave like a kid with that simple question.

Jae started to breathe heavily, "I have a new life now."

Nara slightly smiked while her brows are raised, "Ha, well then enjoy your new life."

Nara turned her back and gave a smirk like happy that Jae did not want to come. Then she walks away.

Nara was jealous of Jae since she became a member of the organization. She thinks that Jae always overshadow her. The grudge against her became heavy even though Jae treated her well like a sister. Nara still hug her arrogance and jealousy. That's why she did not waste enough effort to convince her to come back.

Jae just gazed at her while she leaves and released a heavy breath of relief.

Then suddenly, the manager of the restaurant saw Jae standing outside the restaurant. He pulled her inside immediately.

"Thank goodness you're here. NOW GO WASH THE DISHES!" He commanded after giving a pile of plates onto her hands making Jae unable to speak any words to explain.

Jae remembered the fan meeting. She had no choice but to finish the given task. She just went to the kitchen immediately and washed the dishes as fast as she could. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Meanwhile, the fanmeeting started. The theater hall was full of noisy, energetic fans carrying gifts and messages. After a short introduction for the fan meeting, the fans lined up for the individual gift giving. A table infront of the stage is set up where the gift giving will occur. Fans will have to line up and wait for their turn. If they have their turn, they are given 1 minute to have a chance to see Taedong close up and to personally give the gifts and wish him a message.

The fan meeting went well. While in the event, Taedong kept on searching for Jae in the crowd. Then suddenly, a new bodyguard came near Taedong.

"Sir, CEO Park Soo wants to talk to you ASAP." the bodyguard whispered to his ears.

"Now? Right now? But I'm in the middle of a fanmeeting." He responded.

"Sir, CEO Park Soo cancelled all his appointments today just to tell you something. It's urgent sir. He's waiting outside." The bodyguard reiterated.

Taedong stood up after smiling at the fan infront of her. Then Taedong's manager Betty came near him when she noticed him leave.

"What's wrong?" Betty asked.

"CEO Park Soo wants to talk with him." The bodyguard replied.

"Boss Soo is here?" Betty said while she thinks of what could be the reason. Then she got to think about Jae. She thought that maybe a paparazzi took a photo of Taedong and Jae together that made CEO Park Soo appeared today. After that she took the mic and gave the fans a timeout in giving gifts. Instead she let them watch a video.

Taedong and the bodyguard got to the back door of the theater hall. Taedong went first and saw nothing parked infront. Then the bodyguard that was behind him covered his face with a sack. Another bodyguard came and grabbed his arms for him not to move. A car came and park infront of them and the bodyguards immediately pushed Taedong inside the car. All of them went inside and shut the door and drove fast as they could away from the theater hall.

3 minutes later, the car of CEO Park Soo came and parked infront of the back door where Taedong was kidnapped. Betty came outside and saw the boss.

"Hello sir. What came you here?" She asked.

"I just want to visit J-City and I heard Taedong has a fanmeeting event today so I came by." Park Soo replied.

Betty looked around and there was the CEO's bodyguards, assistant and talent managers and noticed Taedong was not with them.

"Where's Taedong?"

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