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100% Idle System (On Hold) / Chapter 15: Time Skip

Time Skip - Idle System (On Hold) - Chapter 15 by SyberisLevoca full book limited free

Chapter 15: Time Skip

He suddenly woke up after having a strange dream about seeing a purple dinosaur as a stripper, shaking his head he sat up. Swinging his legs over his feet dug into the carpet as he rubbed at his face.

It had been almost two months since he first got Lilly to do the business front of their little enterprise, not much had actually happened, she took over the businesses he had already taken over. Began to actually dip her hands into it and it was now a booming business, the house, however, had become a sort of orphanage, it had taken some remodeling but since they had the cash flow, it was easy to make sure the kids there grew up in a good place.

After she had taken over it, she had asked him to take a few businesses as well as supplies to help run everything more smoothly, there were some problems at the start but a lot of people started to hear whispers that whoever was backing Lilly, was terrifying.

Other than having a bit of a larger footprint in Colorado, he remained unseen. Apparently, Lilly had pulled some strings to make it seem like he had died at home, and she was some friend of his that he had left his things to, so now he was dead publicly and he didn't need to worry about making appearances.

His parents didn't mourn much, knowing he didn't want that, they weren't sure where the money was coming from until Lilly had approached them and said it was because of a contract or something Elias had signed earlier in their career, and know that their business was expanding it was only fair that she held the parents, saying some fluff saying Elias would've wanted them to live easier, and happier.

Elias had actually got to move into a large building as his home now, things were still in the process of being renovated since he asked for a huge underground area for training multiple people.

The building was pretty nice, two floors in total, the top floor was seen as his own personal area, his home and it was spacious since he wanted an open concept to it. The main floor was for business and meetings, Lilly had started to build a 'force' for their business.

She didn't know how, but she knew Elias was good, really good at what he needed to, but she knew he was only one person so he couldn't be everywhere all at once so they began to work on getting a force together that Elias himself would personally train, disguised as someone else of course. He had actually rid of his last name, Lott. He never really liked it, and after some debate, he simply went with Umbra, Elias Umbra. Which if looked at in a different light, could be read as 'Lord Shadow'

Edgy? Yes, but Elias loved it.

Lilly laughed when she first heard it, but after some thought, she grew to like it, since Elias always moved in the shadows.

Now, for Elias' personal growth over the last two months?

Well, to normal people, he made terrifying progress. Since he had a way to train anything physical 24/7 without rest, he had eventually grown to his peak physical stature. He stood exactly 6' 7', just over two meters.

He was lean and tough, no wasted muscle was on his body, he wasn't bulky but he had the right amount of portion across his body. This is actually when he learned that even if he got ''Stronger'' his body wouldn't get bigger, it would only contain more power, he actually felt like a cultivator when he heard that.

After he made that joke he had gotten curious and seen that he actually had 'Cultivation' manuals in the shop, but all one's he had access to were pretty weak, of course, he only said that since in a technical sense with his shadow, he was constantly body cultivating. Until he moved to a higher-tiered world he learned he would be quite limited in his overall growth, had that stopped him though? Not at all, since he knew that in a way he had reached a physical peak in this mortal world, he began to spread his shadows out.

Having them focus on smaller things, from just handling swords, maces, flails, mastering everything he could with his time.

Of course, he still had a lot he needed to master, but it was a process that would take time. There was no lack of things he could master, physically or mentally.

His Shadow leap skill had reached a 'Max', or more so another peak he couldn't cross while in the mortal world, he now had no real lag time between leaping, meaning if he so wanted to, he could rapidly leap between shadows to build up momentum. He actually had a bit too much fun with it once when he used the shadow of buildings to keep pulling himself between them before he pulled himself up and suddenly he was launched into the air.

It was an exhilarating experience, due to his enhanced body and senses he was able to stay awake even when the force of gravity began to pull him down. Did it hurt? Yes, it did, it was actually rather painful but hey. Being able to launch yourself like a spiderman was worth a little pain.

His telekinesis, however, had progressed much further, after he had reached the physical peak he stopped focusing on his physical strength other than having the shadow train in a lot, and moved to train his telekinesis. His limit had grown, he could now lift something around a hundred pounds, and he could control up to ten objects at that weight, any more, or heavier and it would start to drain mana, he felt it was incredibly overpowered of course, but he didn't much care, he was after his own personal strength, he wanted to just travel the world, and worlds and have fun, and to do so he needed physical and mental strength to guarantee it.

As for the things he bought? Other than the items and books to help him train in a lot of subjects, he had bought a few skills worth mentioning.

[Immortal's Purity (Mortal)]

[Your body always seems to be fresh, without the need to take a bath or use things to freshen yourself you remain clean, due to this you are able to expel all sorts of negative, or harmful effects from your bodies. Mortal poisons have no effect on you and you have a greater resistance to stronger harmful effects.]

That skill alone had actually been an upgrade from his Immortal Mouth skill, he had gotten a few of those fancy upgrade tickets, and due to pure curiosity, he ended up being resistant to poison, though this also meant he couldn't get drunk or high. Well, at least he could still enjoy the taste of liquor.

It was actually due to this he became resistant to all diseases of mortal standards, and just to see if it was true he had actually entered a hospital and tried to see if he could get anything, after some trials he found he remained fine, and actually, due to him donating some blood, as some random guy, he learned that his blood helped fight off diseases, it didn't cure them or heal them or anything fancy, but thanks to the purity of his blood it helped in a positive way. Did it matter to him now? Not exactly, since eventually, he planned to sell this entire planet and everyone, and thing on it to get him a large amount of money all at once, but it was something good to see for later.

He also learned his blood became easy to share between people, no matter the blood type, it had varying effects between them overall, certain blood types accepted are easier, while others didn't get that much of a bonus from it, he didn't know much about biology yet so further testing would need to wait.

The next skills were pretty self-explanatory.

[Dead Detection]

[Able to Detect Undead within 35 feet]

[Regeneration (Minor)] Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

[An increase in natural resource regenration, either for health, energy, mana. Due to level of skill, does not show visible regenration to skin.]

[Parallel Mind]

[The ability to split the mind into multiple tasks at once, makes multitasking and multiple thoughts easier to process. Current skill allows in Multitasking between two thoughts.]

They weren't exactly huge ones, he didn't think Dead detection would be useful yet, but it was cheap and he decided to get it now, never want an undead sneaking up on you, after all, he wasn't sure if his Stealth Instinct worked on dead people.

Regenration was more so, why not? It had the ability to grow into a rather overpowered skill, anything that preserved his life was a boon. However, only after purchasing it did he realize it didn't just affect his health, but every aspect of his being. A bit broke, but when world domination is the goal, every crack is a goal... Maybe not every crack... but he won't exactly say it's a moral thing, more so a.... Situational urge?

Parallel Mind was a must, even if it was only an extra process now, it was like being able to have multiple tasks in his mind, when he first got this it took almost a full hour for it to kick in, he learned then that buying something through the store depending on what it is still may take time to get. Currently, he had it focused around his 'Stealth Instinct' skill, a part of his brain was now always focused around it so that he could automatically react to things as he needed without needing to worry, now it was always active unless he wished it not to be.

When he first got the skill he accidentally scared the hell out of Lilly because he forgot his stealth was active and he had suddenly asked her a question, while standing directly in front of her. He still had some problems occasionally but the System said it would just take practice to make it better.

This made his Study shadow far more powerful than it was originally, and researched much faster. He learned that the stronger he gets, so do his shadows. The system had actually said that there would be a point he'd be able to 'Pull' his shadows out and have them interact with the world.

That was actually what he was focusing on training now, he learned it isn't something he can buy but something he needs to find out how to do himself, so far all he has been able to do is make his actual shadow move slowly than himself by only a second. It wasn't much, but it was a step in the right direction, though it was weird to see his shadow move after he did by a noticeable amount.

With all the catch up his eyes opened as he looked in his new home, watching a long moment before he stood to go take his morning piss.

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