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Hot Spring Bath - MARTIAL ANCIENT ERA: Strongest Body Ancient Cultivation - Chapter 34 by shifu7 full book limited free

Chapter 34: Hot Spring Bath

"Xiu Yue and Little purple was cultivating in their rooms."

"When Chen Jiu left the mansion."

"He strolls the New Ancient residence (former chaos clan residence)"

"Then he arrives at a particular mountain."

"Using his soul since he searches every area to familiar himself."

"Using his soul sense, deep underground passage in a hidden cave."

"Oh ? There is actually a hidden hot spring here ? Immediately, he sends a message using his communication talisman to Xiu Yue and Little purple."

"After an Insense stick of time."

"Xiu Yue and Little arrive."

"There is a Hot spring ? Little purple, she asks excitedly."

"Hmpft! You called us here to take advantage of us. Xiu Yue said."

"Hehe, so why did you still come here? Chen Jiu said playfully."

"I ... I'm just curious ! Xiu Yue said angrily."

"Alright big sis, master don't quarrel, let's just enjoy this hot spring for ourselves."

"Little purple said while grabbing their wrist."

"The three of them went to the hot spring."

"It's actually a huge pool."

"Wow, so beautiful this place is so beautiful!"

"I'm going to take a bath, would you like to come with me master? Little purple said mischievously."

"Uhmm, Chen Jiu scratch his head,, but he didn't reply. He wants to say yes, but he doesn't have the guts to say Infront of Xiu Yue."

Hmpft !!!!

"Don't ever go near us or else I will gouge your eyes and skin you alive."

"Xiu Yue said in a warning tone. Her beautiful snowy hair fluttering like a goddess."

"Sigh.... Chen Jiu look at Xiu Yue goddess appearance yet has an Icy temperament flavor on it."

"When will be the time I conquered this goddess? He thought to himself."

"Xiu Yue is really otherworldly to be so beautiful that she could cause the world to fight over her and Her beautiful snowy white face of perfection. Her facial features were perfectly matched, wouldn't be able to find a fault within them. She was like a goddess that had descended onto the mortal world. Her Icy temperament makes her detached from worldly affairs."

"Within, her sparkling blue eyes were beautiful. These eyes of hers were enchanting to anyone that would fall in the gaze of it. Her cherry red lips that could enchant every soul."


"Don't stare at me, I'm not used into it. Xiu Yue Icily said."

"Alright I won't go near, I'll go in that area. Chen Jiu pinpoint the far place of the hot spring."

"Hmpft! Come little purple. She said with a smile."

"Yes, let's go Big sis. She said excitedly."

"Sigh. Chen looks at their departing back while imagining something."

"Suddenly his nose bleeds."

"Urgh ! No, I should take bath first. Chen Jiu exclaimed excitedly."

"Chen arrives at the spring, far away from the beauties." Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Chen Jiu jumps into the hot spring."

"The warm spring water surrounded him,"

"When Chen Jiu who sank into the bottom of the pool, suddenly he opened his eyes."

"This place is actually deep !"


"Huh, it's incredible."

"I only heard about the effects of the hot spring makes you relax your body and easy to cultivate because It will clear your mind. Didn't expect this hot spring to be so delicate."

"Feeling the hot water in his body, Chen Jiu felt an amaze. So he took his resources and begin to cultivate."

"After 1 day, Chen Jiu stop cultivating."

"I have to stop for now consolidating my realm If I forcibly upgrade my Cultivation my foundation will be affected and my future Cultivation will be unstable they said that mortal realm is just a foundation; the starting point of Cultivation World is the Qi condensation stage realm whereas The Cultivation of higher realm is not only by resources, but It includes perception, talent, hard work, inheritance, understanding of laws etc. there is also ways such as way of alchemy , forging, Inscriptions, Formations, way of swords, way of axe, way of evil, way of acid/poison, etc."

"Laws are the hardest to understand, It requires huge perception and hard work to do so. Law of fire, water/ice, wind, lighting, space, time, gravity, land, woods, law of destruction etc."

"Sigh ..... there so many things I don't know, but these are the things I read in the history books. All of them are legendary in history."

"In history way of alchemy, forging, Inscriptions and Formations is also can fight strongly to their opponent even high Cultivation than them but here in this world It's not."

"They don't have that battle strength which was written in history, But they are really rich in the Cultivation world. I'm only confused why history bookmarks these professions when it comes to their battle strength."

"Right at the moment, while walking, He steps into something below the hot spring."


"An unknown formation appeared, and the pool gradually become deeper.

Suddenly, a Strong sucking appears at the bottom of the pool."

"Chen was unable to get out, the more he fights the more he sinks."

Ahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! He shouted loudly.

"Right at the moment, The two beauties heard Chen Jiu's shout."

"Chen Jiu !!!!!! What happened?"

"The two ask worriedly. They are beginning to worried about Chen Jiu's safety."

"Big sis ! Look there is a huge whirlpool !!!"

"Let's go, we will save him. Xiu Yue said in worried tone. The two of them began to save Chen Jiu they didn't mind how dangerous the pool."

"When they about to near at Chen Jiu's place."

"Stop!!!!!! Don't go here !!!!!"

"There is unknown passage here !!!!"

"Don't go !!!!!"

"Wait for me, I'll think of a way to go back. Chen Jiu spoke in a worry tone. He doesn't know anything about this passage,, so He doesn't want to risk their lives or else they will all encounter danger."

"Chen Jiu the two ladies shout but Chen Jiu already sucked away."

"Xiu Yue eyes began to moist, but she stops it, she wants to remain optimistic for Chen Jiu. Her eyes filled with complicated gaze."

"While little purple is sobbing."

"Xiu Yue patted little purple's head."

"Don't worry, Chen Jiu will come back."

"Big sis... the little purple wipe her tears and nodded."

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