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68.75% One's Eden: Sword of Ren / Chapter 11: Chapter 11: Ren's Battle

Chapter 11: Ren's Battle - One's Eden: Sword of Ren - Chapter 11 by BrennJoezel full book limited free

Chapter 11: Chapter 11: Ren's Battle

"Hanayuki did you know that guy?"

Asked Gila.

"Of course not I have never seen someone in that appearance before... It makes me curious. Why does he know my name?"

Said Hanayuki.

With the intense magic felt by everyone. An alarm started to ring.

And an announcement of danger is called out.

[Danger! Danger! Enemy find our hideout!] .

Pithon look around the place.

"Dragoons really are good in detecting. It's been second and they immediately make an announcement. I really like dragoons to be part of my army."

Pithon turns his glance to Hanayuki and continues.

"And you... You really change Hanayuki, seems like you lost some of your memories. Have you not recognize my voice? Hanayuki!"

Pithon charge toward Hanayuki.

He's so fast. With my distance, I can't make it.

"Dragon Claw!"

A red dragon appeared and attacked Pithon with its claw. Pithon flew is a huge distance.

The man who's controlling the dragon is the leader of Dragoons.


Said Gila.

"Gila, call Agilus. we're retreating. Some of our men are not ready to face Pithon yet. We're going to retreat in the near island where we used to hide."


Gila whistle and called Agilus. The dragon she owned.

"Hanayuki grabs my hand, we're taking off."

Said Gila to Hanayuki and offer her hand.

"But Ren... Where is Ren? don't tell me... Hyaa-!!"

Before Hanayuki charge into battle with me.

I immediately carry her toward Gila's dragon.

"Ren thanks goodness you not hurt... Hold tight we're going to take off."

"Sound magic lullaby."

I cast a magic spell on Hanayuki making her fell asleep.

I know that this idiot will follow me and try to stop on things that I am about to do.

To dragoons, this is not a good chance, but to me, this is a great chance to measure the power of this red robe terrorist captain.

"Gila take care of Hanayuki."

"How about you?"

"I can take care of myself."

I said and charge toward the location Pithon flew.

The dragons started flying in the sky going to the remote island near Celest to hide.

"Gila hurry up before Pithon recovers and attack us!"

Said one of the dragoon soldiers.

Gila pull her resolve and take off

"Ren you better survive."


"That hurt's that red dragon is indeed very fast. Looks like I need to kill another dragon or two to make them bow down on me..."

Said Pithon as he look at the flying dragon.

As a walk to him. He noticed me and turn his eye's in my position.

"I see you killed a dragon..."

I said as I came closer and closer to Pithon.

"I don't have time to play with you. I came here to capture that Hanayuki."


I Immediately charge in and about to take his head from behind.

Assassin skill: Assassination slash!

Pithon immediately blocked it with his sword.

With the collide of our swords. The intense wind was created.

I use my power and sword power to attack him. Why? Why? He didn't even move an inch from the place his standing.

I distance myself and get prepared for another attack.

Assassin is a class that has the highest speed. Also, as an assassin, I want to finish my target in one attack or two.

I need to find an opening to kill this man.

This man is one of the guys the burned the townpeople and mostly Hikari.

They must pay.

Fire in my sword started to dramatically grow. Not only that, it includes my speed.

"Assassination slash!"

Pithon calmly blocks my sword with his sword in his right hand and then follows with a stab using the sword in his left hand.

I need more speed.

Pithon and I continue to exchange slashes.

But with differences in skill and experience. It's obvious who will win.

He is overpowering me.

He's using his right hand in defense while the left is in attack. His move is refined and it's so hard to find an opening.

"Is this all you got Assassin?"

Said Pithon and started attacking with his right sword. The sword glow in blue light.

That's charged magic.

Charge magic is an style of using magic to enhance your equipment. It's also used earlier when I used my assassination slash. It's not much different by enhancing your physical abilities with magic.

I plan to deflect the sword attack using my sword.


"How foolish? Having a weapon does mean I'm gonna attack with my sword."

Said Pithon as he kicked my stomach.

The damage I have taken makes my body feel numb for a second.

That makes me physically slow.

For Pithon, those few seconds are a chance to take my head.

"I can't die yet! Supersonic!"

I used a spell to make his action a little time lag.

"A stunning magic?"

I regain my physical speed and take the chance.

The blaze in my sword is stronger than ever. With intent to kill Pithon with my flames. I swing it in full power.

"Blazing assassination slash!"

The ground is smashed and some nearby facilities were destroyed.

"Crap, I didn't make it."

"That's attack is quite strong..."

Pithon gives a big smile and looks into my eyes.

I was shocked by the result of my hidden skill.

Pithon grab my hand and pulled me. He punched me right to my face.

He beat me up and then throw me to the ground.

"You have potential, I won't kill you if you consider joining my army."

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What is this man trying to say? After beating me, he wanted me to join his legacy. Is the psychological?

"Like hell that I will join that army of yours. I live to kill your damn general. I live to destroy red robe terrorists."

I said.

"With that state? Are you joking? No, you got to be joking right? There's no way you can kill general with that power of yours. General is beyond strong. That's why I follow his order."

Pithon said as he walked to me.

"I don't have a choice. I really hate this form of mine."

I said.

I started to have fangs and red eyes. My magical and physical abilities exceed human capabilities. My arms turned black.

"Assassin is this your true form? A form of a vampire. before I capture Hanayuki. Maybe playing with you is not that bad."

Said Pithon with excitement.

Pithon smiled and grab his two swords making a stance.

He probably knows that my ability is not that far from him anymore. This time he can also go all out.

The first strike of our swords make further damage to the abandoned district.

The second one makes the cloud in the sky in half.

"Tonight is really beautiful... Assassin entertains me more."

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