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Author: Meredit_Yuri

4.3 (29 ratings)

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I am reborn as a minor character and the mother of the main character, the deposed ruler Leriana Ashford.

My husband's younger brother will stage a rebellion against him, and only my young children will manage to escape. And the unfortunate Queen Leriane faces a bleak end. According to the plot, my heroine will sacrifice her life during the rebellion to save her children.

Except she won't! Dying at twenty-seven is too soon for me and I'm going to change the tragic plot of this novella.

I was lucky enough to be reborn ten years before the events of the novel began. At a time when the future King Philip and his brother Razor had just fallen in love with me at the Royal Academy, and their fight for me led to a feud. To survive - I decided not to become queen and live a quiet life with my father the Duke. And in order to rid myself of these two, I had to go to extreme measures.

I decided to start dating the daughter of the cursed Duke, who is feared and hated by the entire academy.

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    LV 1 Badge

    Been waiting for a new update on Webtoon (kelan ka pala mag update sa Webtoon author?)

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    Love it, love the webtoon as well. Just wish the translation was localized a bit more, sometimes gendered pronouns are used for inanimate objects and some turns of phrase send me to google for context.

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    LV 12 Badge

    Great read and fantastic story telling up until chapter 48, MC suddenly becomes incredibly stupid, through out the first volume MC changes her future and recognises it, not only that she makes promises to never betray FL and shows to be developing feelings for FL, however 3 chapters later after seeing a new future on her current path she betrays FL even though she knows why the future she saw happened. MC should have instead allied her and FL houses, and used the first princes self destruction to boost second princes power and support, so when the the first prince comes into power (if he still could at that point as he should be a national embarrassment at this point) his demand for MC to marry him will have no support from his supporters as they would deem hostile action against MC’s family political suicide at best. I’m sorry to say that I dropped this book due to actions of MC which I find incomprehensible. But I wish the author the best for the book’s future

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    Best isekai I've ever read, love the charaters (except phillipe), love the world they are in, love that the main charater doesn't know what's happening despite reading the source material cause I hate them in isekais.

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    A Compelling Novel with Missed Opportunities in Story Development The novel under review, set in a vividly imagined medieval world, presents a gripping storyline and well-developed characters that make for an overall enjoyable reading experience. However, it is not without its flaws. The story development takes an unfortunate turn at the end of the first volume, as pivotal decisions made by the author on behalf of the characters seem to lack coherence and emotional resonance. One such decision involves the treatment of Rachel, a crucial character in the narrative. The choice to abandon her and label her as a monster, as dictated by the author, is not only heart-wrenching but also conflicts with the promise made to her and her father. This betrayal not only shatters Rachel's trust but also seems to be an unnecessary plot device that detracts from the emotional impact of the story. An alternative path that the protagonist could have considered would have been to take Rachel with them when escaping from the clutches of the crown prince. This course of action might have prevented the devastating consequences that followed, such as Rachel losing one of her flower petals and a significant amount of life. Additionally, the choice to betray Rachel has far-reaching implications, as it strains the relationship between two influential families and potentially the imperial family as well. The King might choose to side with Leriana's father, a close friend. This alliance is likely to start a feud with Rachel's father over the broken promise, further intensifying the conflict surrounding their families, which could lead to much bloodshed, as they control half the military of the empire. While the novel's overall quality is commendable, the storyline at the end of the first volume, and subsequently all volumes thereafter, could have benefitted from more thoughtful development by the author. By exploring alternative paths for the characters and maintaining consistency in their actions, the narrative would have been more engaging and emotionally satisfying. Nonetheless, readers who appreciate intricate plotlines and rich character development will still find much to enjoy in this fascinating tale. The novel leaves us questioning the author's choices, but eager to see how the story unfolds in subsequent volumes. Total score 3.4, because all criteria except story development are good. Suggested Revision: A simple solution to address this issue could be to alter the protagonist's actions towards Rachel. Instead of explicitly calling her a monster, the protagonist could choose to leave without saying anything. As a result, the events surrounding the loss of Rachel's flower petal could unfold differently. For instance, Rachel might feel betrayed because the protagonist left without an explanation, or someone else could spread lies about the protagonist's reasons for leaving, leading to a more reasonable portrayal of the protagonist's actions. This adjustment could strengthen the emotional resonance of the story and maintain the protagonist's integrity.

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    I was enjoying the read up until chapter 48, although I was sure MC was mentally retarted long before that, but i still enjoyed it and was anticipating how the story will further unfold. Only to be hit in the face with a poorly thought out ‘twist’. This story could have been something great. One of the most disappointing reads thus far, mostly because I was actually looking forward for what lay ahead. Anyway, I don’t recommend reading this and wasting your time like I did.

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    Author you really need a proofread for this good novel. She to he, herself to himself. Other than the part of proofreading the novel is very good Author please read the comment once a while and edit the problem that comments are saying. Please update it after solving the issues.

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    I’ll say one thing, I’ve never spent any amount of funds towards reading a novel, after reading up to chapter 53, this novel has overtaken me so much emotionally and mentally, I immediately spent any funds necessary in order to unlock it in its entirety for me to read. One of the best novels I’ve read in quite a bit of time. Keep up the good work, this novel is magnificent in every aspect! [img=update]

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    Good ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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    LV 13 Badge

    I’ m sorry but this story is really mid . The beginning of the story was pretty good so I bought the rest of thr chapters legit it was so boring to read , the pacing is really slow overall the story isn’t bad but it’ no where good in my opinion

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    I love it. one of the best yuri novels I've ever read.

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    Ok, I am still stuck at the synopsis. The title "Seduce the hero's mother" implies that the MC's goal is to seduce the hero's mother. The first line "I am reborn as a minor character and the mother of the main character, the deposed ruler Leriana Ashford." says, MC is the hero's mother. This line" Queen Leriane faces a bleak end. According to the plot, my heroine will sacrifice her life during the rebellion to save her children." implies heroine= Queen Leriane. And this line "Except she won't! Dying at twenty-seven is too soon for me and I'm going to change the tragic plot of this novella." implies, heroine= Queen Leriane= MC. So, MC goal is to seduce the hero's mother, while being the hero's mother and also being the hero's wife? I think I got that right... Pls help me out, I'm kinda bad at english but this doesn't make sense to me at all....

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    I will not read past volume 1. However volume 1 as a self contained story (ignoring the last few chapters) was so good and genuinely funny that I still have to give high praise.

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    So read a little bit ahead on the chapter titles I am some of the beginnings of those chapters and boy when the main character describes in that first chapter on how the novel the East Chi is based on that she read took on a different path that no one expected in such well that is very very true. Spoilers ahead of you don’t want to know So when main character leaves off with the prince, it’s two different country as we know, but in the time she somehow gets to where the Windsors are, and during the time she has to break something off her connection to Rachel and her family and Miguel manners first kind of is that that whole relationship development with Rachel is gone because author decides to give her a romance with the common girl. My opinion, it feels like the author decided to do the truth, because she didn’t know how to write continuously with Rachel as the main love while getting to some of the different plot points in her book, such as meeting the Windsors, even though they’re the enemies of her, Rachel’s family, and I guess this is what the illusion alluded to twists and plots the most Raiders don’t take one mentioning the sky world book that the main character fell into

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    So far best book i've read :) Very interesting world and characters.

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    LV 15 Badge

    cant wait for more. we will all be waiting

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    Beautiful just beautiful I’m honored to read a book this good even though it made throw my phone and fall off my bed in excitement

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    There were some plot holes and miss gender overall, the story was pretty good. The writing was pretty nice

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    Good story premise and decent grammar and sentax

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    Great Story, even though there are some writing errors (or translation errors, idk) like sometimes the characters were misgendered (like female characters were referred as men). But overall, I really have enjoyed the experience!

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    Author Meredit_Yuri