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She Is General's Wife

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Author: Bai Yan

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<p><strong>The female doctor, Yi Qing, had transmigrated to become an exiled Shu girl, had brought along an unknown father as a burden, and had been forced into marriage by her mother, how could this be a tragic word?</strong></p><p>When Yi Qing heard that the revered 'Hades' General Xiao Jinghan had sacrificed his life for his country, he immediately fished out a life-saving straw, "I am Xiao Jinghan's widow. My son is Xiao Jinghan's."</p><p>Raising the steamed buns and hooking up with the pretty boy, she was like a fox that was faking its tiger's might as she massacred in every direction. Unexpectedly, the maidservant came back to report in panic, "Madam, the general is alive again!"</p><p>Xiao Jinghan said sinisterly: "Madam? "Son?"</p><p>Yi Qing said, "General, spare me!"</p>

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    LV 15 Badge

    Don’t read this kind of translation if you don’t want your english to get worse I can’t even make head or tail about this story that how bad the translation quality was.

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    The storyline seemed to be good. But I found it so hard to follow due to the bad English editing. This should have gone through a more thorough proof reading. 😞

    View 0 Replies

    gave 5 stars to updating because it's already completed. the rest is 1 star because it can't be zero. the English is so bad, so bad, that it's impossible to pick anything useful. you absolutely can't tell what is going on.

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    LV 12 Badge

    Is this original or translation? The english is bad. I prefer to read the raw if it is translation. Anyone know the raw if it is translation???????????

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    I couldn’ t get past chapter two as the English translation for this book is horrible and you can’t follow what is going on at all. This book needs some heavy editing

    View 0 Replies

    Lazy, sloppy, nonsense translation that goes way beyond simple pronoun errors. This is a grammatical quagmire of poor writing. No way would I recommend wasting your time on it, let alone any coins for locked chapters. I wouldn’t even read it for free 😵‍💫

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    , ...... ,,,,,, .,, .,.,,..,.,.., ., .

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    Author Bai Yan