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57.14% TAKEN (a path of certitude) / Chapter 8: Chapter Eight

Chapter Eight - TAKEN (a path of certitude) - Chapter 8 by Felicia_Olojo full book limited free

Chapter 8: Chapter Eight

    Lycans are just like werewolves in so many ways; they feed on meat, they are stronger than humans, they have two sides i.ehuman side and werewolf side, they are both seen as beasts and most importantly they are the arch enemies of vampires but one thing that is not known to humans is that though werewolves and lycans may be similar, lycans are definitely stronger. They are stronger and more muscular than werewolves, who are weaker. Werewolves feed on mostly humans but lycans can feed on both human and Vampires. They are known to be more cannibalistic than any other beast even werewolves.

Lycans are faster, stronger, sharper and more built in so many ways if not all. They display inhuman physical strength, endurance, reflexes and agility even comparable to their vampire counterparts. Theses traits still apply to them even in human form but they are more stronger in wolf form as they can break through concrete walls and are able to sense vampires in close proximity to themselves. They have less fur than wolves but it'll be hard to pierce through their skin. The fact that they have less fur than werewolves, doesn't mean they can't subdue cold mostly because they are warm blooded and have higher blood temperatures than werewolves. Werewolves are killed by piercing their chest or head with silver while lycans can only be killed if their spine is severed from the body. Though, lycans are despicted as being highly allergic to silver, even their eyes are sensitive to any glare of light off a silver surface.

Despite their regenerative abilities, lycans can die from severe physical trauma without silver such as decapitation or destruction of the heart.

  Normally, during the full moon, werewolves change to their true form which is something they cannot control because of the power of the moon. Lycans can control their transformation on full moon because they are stronger and with their strength, it's more easier for them to control their wolf. The moon only affects and forcibly tranform a lycan that had not yet learned to control their transformation and when they need the moon's influence to change when weakened. They also have the ability to go a long time without transforming which is something werewolves find hard to do.

As with all immortals, Lycans become stronger and more powerful with age, both physically and socially. Some factors can still affect their strength like feeding. A well fed lycan will recover from and injury faster than a lycan who has not fed for some time but it also depends on the severity of the wounds.

Lycans also display the ability to share memories through their bite, possibly through the virus affecting their brain and nerves which makes their tissues and fluids obtain bio-organic signals. They also mostly develop un-understandable rage but as they age, it'll be easier for them to channel and control it.

    The most scariest thing to me about lycans that I learnt while growing up is that, lycans can also transform humans to lycans through bites or blood transfusion. This is the main reason why most people and even werewolves are in search of lycans, is to either get a bite, blood or torture them using the three main tools; silver chains, silver knife and moon collars. Though, turning a human into a lycan can be dangerous because not all humans are strong enough for the virus so they'll die, people still want to be lycans.

Another thing is, it is known that vampire bites and blood can induce a deadly infection to both lycans and werewolves. However, it's still unknown why lycans are unaffected when feeding off of vampires. Another special thing about lycans is the colour of their eyes, it can be yellow, it can be asphalt blue, it can be orange and it can be red. There are lycans with greens eyes, but according to history, they were wiped away from the face of the earth by the moon goddess herself. According to what I have heard, they were wiped away because, they were gifted with a special kind of power which makes there strength and authority to surpass any other creature but they misused it. They are born with a tattoo in the form of a moon that appears as black on their human skin but shines bright through their white fur when transformed. In short, they call them 'Bomani', meaning warrior in Egyptian language.

    Now that I think of it, transforming might not be s good idea.

"Why is it so hard now?" I ask myself and lay on the ground, piercing my fingers into my palms

"You don't have to transform if you don't want to" Lucannanion whispers to me

"I need to go in there" I say "somehow, I don't know why, I am connected to whatever is in there. And I don't think my mind and my wolf will be at rest if I don't go in there"

Finally, they all agree after a lot of contemplations and Lucannanion deciding to follow me in. On my way to the entrance of the house, something tells me not to knock nor go through there so I carefully walk to the back.

"What are you doing?" Lucannanion asks as he follows

"I don't know, I just don't feel going through the front door seems like a good idea" I say and Lucannanion agrees by nodding. The back of the house is filled with so many house things which proves that, Natasha literally lives here. Just as Lucannanion was about to open the unlocked backdoor, we both stop at the same time because of a smell. I follow the smell, and it takes me to a black trash bag that is kept neatly on the ground.

"I don't want to believe that I just smelt blood" Lucannanion says from behind me. Walking closer to the bag, the blood smell gets stronger and stronger but I ignore it and untie the bag.

"Oh my God" I whisper. Lucannanion rushes closer to me to get a look and he says the same thing.

    Inside the trash is about three clothes covered in blood. Lucannanion uses a stick to search the inside of it, till we find something that ruined my whole day and my whole thought of her. Did she really do that? I ask myself. The world is filled with so many people with different behaviours, characteristics and intentions, that even though you've had thousands of experiences, something or someone will still definitely surprise you.

"At least we have an idea of what could be inside" Lucannanion says then throws the stick away and ties the bag. He turns around and sees me standing or frozen on a spot with a pained expression and walks up to me and places his hands on my shoulders

"You okay?" He asks

"That was someone's finger and not just anyone, a little finger" I say while looking at his eyes and he rubs my shoulder as a way to calm me

"One thing is for sure, whoever the person is, the blood smells like that of a wolf" he says "if you still want to go in, we have to do that now and fast"

As much as I want to turn my back and leave with hatred and anger, someone could be dying in there and it's drawing me so leaving isn't the best option.

"Let's go in" I say

"You sure? You know you don't have to if you can't handle it" Lucannanion says looking at me and I nod "okay but I'll be in front"

"I'm not a baby you know" I say

"I know" he says and gently opens the door

Obviously, the first place we walk into, is the kitchen that had almost everything a person needs to live. We kept walking till we got to a corridor that had three doors on each side, making it six rooms in total but only one caught my attention. I move closer to the door and place my ears on it, though I smell blood, I can only concentrate on the sound of the heartbeat.

"Do you think we should go in?" I whisper to Lucannanion

"Probably" he says. The door was surprisingly unlocked so I widened it to enter. The first thing I see is a table that had something wrapped in clothes on it. Lucannanion goes to unwrap it and his expression turns sour.

"What's that?" I ask him

"Tools for torture" he says "they're meant for lycans"

"I expected that" I say

"What?" He asks

"Long story" I reply and keep following the sound of the heart beat

"Oh my God" I exclaim and run close to the little boy I just found who is probably at the age of eleven. His shirtless body is covered in blood and cuts which also reaks of silver. His hands were held up with chains on both sides. I was about to touch it, when Lucannanion stops me.

"It's silver, let me do  it" he says and rips the chains off in a single breath. I catch the boy easily and rest him on my lap. Thankfully, his pulse is still there and his heart is beating just fine but he has definitely lost a lot of blood.

"We need to get him to a hospital" I say "help me put him on my back"

"No, no hospital. Please" the boy says weakly holding my hand

"Uh okay" I say

"The blood will stain your clothes" Lucannanion says

"Just do it" I say

After Lucannanion puts the boy on my back and covers him with a jacket, we hear Luciana shouting so I peep through the window and see Natalie, Natasha and Luciana having a big argument.

"We need to go now" Lucannanion says and we both rush to the door "you go. I'll handle the girls"

"Are you sure?" I ask and he nods before shooing me. On my way home, I remember reading something about engaging an injured person in a conversation to keep them from closing their eyes and sleeping which could lead to them dying.

"Are you okay?" I ask the boy

"No. Pains. Everywhere. Food" he says

"How long have you been there?" I ask

"I don't know" he says

"What's your name?" I ask

"Paris" he says

"Nice name you got there" I say

"Where are taking me?" He struggles to ask

"Since you don't want the hospital, I decided to take you to my place" I say

"Please don't hurt me" he says

"I won't"

"That's what she said" he says probably referring to Natasha. I finally get home and open the door only to see an elderly woman dusting the couch. She seems like she wasn't expecting me to be back by now. Is she the person living with me? I ask myself then remember the boy on my back and rush to the guest room. After placing him on the bed, the woman I met downstairs comes in with a bowl of water and a towel.

"I'll help him clean his wounds" she says and moves closer to Paris to start cleaning his body

"Do you live here?' I ask her

"Not everyday but yes" she replies

"Why didn't I know?" I ask

"Your father commanded me not to show my face until I want to" she says and finish cleaning his body "all done"

I couldn't look at his body because of the lashes and cuts. I go to the bathroom to get tablets for the pains and the silver in his system.

"Are you a fan of drugs?" I ask him and he shakes his head "me neither but you have no choice. It's for the pain"

The woman comes into the room again, but this time with a cup off water that I was just about to go get.

"Can I sleep before I eat?" Paris asks weakly after taking the drugs "I'm really tired"

I was about to reply him with a no when the woman stops me by replying

"Yes you can" she says and I look at her in shock "But first I need to treat you"

"Okay" replies Paris Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

The woman gestures for me to follow her in which I hesitated but I did. She leads me to the bathroom and pulls out a white duffle bag from the cabinet.

"I kept it here just in case of emergency" she says and brings out a needle followed by a bag of something liquid

"So you're like going to give him food through his blood stream" I say and dhe nods

She takes everything back into the room and places it on the bed.

"What's that?" He says in fear

"It's okay, you're okay. Instead of giving you food, you'll have this for now" I say moving to his side

"You haven't had food nor water for days so your throat will be too tight and sour for a while" the woman says "then you'll keep drinking tea or any liquid food till you're ready for normal food"

"Okay" he says. Minutes later, everything was already set, Paris had already drank his tea, the woman whose name I finally know, has left for her place and now I'm sitting on the guest room bed cuddling Paris as he sleeps because that's what he wants which I am surprisingly comfortable with.

    Paris thankfully has slept off and turned to the other side so I stand up to remove the finished drip from his arm and move to my room. I take my bath and change for the night, just when I receive a text from Lucannanion saying he is outside. I open the door hoping to see only him but all three of them walk in with steam on their heads. I wonder what happened, I say in my head.

"I hate her so much" Luciana exclaims

"I know how annoyed you must be b..."

"Very, very annoying" Luciana interrupts me

"But there's a sleeping boy upstairs so you might want keep your voice down" I say, completing my sentence

"Oh yeah how is he doing?" Lucannanion asks

"Better" I say then turn to look at Natalie who is now sitting, lost in her thoughts

"You good?" I ask pulling her out of her thoughts

"Just tired" she replies. I gesture for her to follow me to take her to the room where she'll be staying from now on

After showing Natalie her room, I walk out and close the door giving her privacy only to see Lucannanion and Luciana standing at the doorway of where Paris is.

"He's so small and cute, why would anyone want to hurt him" Luciana says

"He's a lycan" I say

"I really feel like ripping her head off" Luciana says

"Hey, what's that" Lucannanion says, walking closer to the bed and pointing to a bandaged part of Paris' arm where the mark is supposed to be "there must have been something important for the cut to be this deep"

"The mark" I say feeling boiling fury in my veins

"Mark? What mark?" Luciana asks

"The Bomani mark" I hear Natalie say from behind me. Like I said, lycan warriors have a special mark behind their shoulder blade but now, Paris' own is now replaced with a deep cut. If I ever said that I am so angry with Natasha, I don't think I was this angry because a large battle line has been drawn between Natasha and I.

Felicia_Olojo Felicia_Olojo

"Be your brother's keeper"

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