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Color? - TBATE: Abnormal One. - Chapter 24 by Jizzle_Bizzle full book limited free

Chapter 24: Color?

(POV Fenrar.)

It's been about a month and some change, since the Ball event, and I'm currently in the middle of training the Prince and the Princess.

(basically. A month and a week or so.)

"No, put your foot out a little wider Curtis, if you don't, you'll lose your footing and fall," I instructed, I then turned towards Kathyln and nodded.

"Good job, your form is pretty good," I told her, she smiled a bit before going back to focusing on her form. I just nodded with satisfaction. I was actually really impressed that they were able to keep up with my training regimen. It's not hard, but it's definitely boring.

"Alright enough of that. Start your meditation, and when you're done you're free to go." I said to the 2 siblings who were breathing heavily.

'Sheesh, it's cold..' I looked around and gazed at the trees that were blowing in the wind.

"Achoo!" A feminine-sounding sneeze drew my attention as I turned around and looked at Kathyln who was shivering a bit while meditating, I then looked towards Curtis and saw that he was perfectly fine.

'Maybe cause she's not wearing thick clothes?' I thought while gazing at Kathyln who was wearing a regular black shirt, and some black shorts that stopped just above her knees.

Curtis was wearing a red long sleeve, along with some black shorts that stopped just above his knees as well.

'Eh, whatever.'

"Kathyln, do you have a thicker shirt to put on?" She opened her eyes and looked at me before shaking her head.

I watched as she just closed her eyes while still shivering under the cold wind. I sighed before taking off my black hoodie and throwing it at her head. She opened her eyes wide before looking at me and the hoodie.

I was now wearing just a white long sleeve, with my usual black joggers, but my shoes were white this time.

"Put it on, it's cold and you're going to get sick if you try and meditate in this weather," I said while sitting down to start my meditation as well.

I felt her gaze linger on my figure for a bit before I felt it stop, I cracked my left eye a bit and saw that she was putting it on with a genuine smile.

'So she can smile huh... It doesn't look bad either..' I shook my head and focused back on my meditation.



(1 hour later. Kathyln POV.)

"Alright, that's enough for today, you're free to go but remember to meditate before bed." I heard Fenrar's voice and opened my eyes. I looked towards Curtis and he was just smiling a bit, seemingly satisfied with today's training session.

"Fenrar! How much longer till we awaken?" Curtis shouted with curiosity mixed with excitement, I was quite interested too.

"Em, in about a year, so you guy's should just focus on meditating even while I'm gone and go through the same things I've taught you right now. Kathyln once you awaken depending on what you awaken as, train the opposite more. So if you're an Augmenter then train your skills with Conjuring, and vice-versa. Same for you Curtis." Fenrar explained while stretching, he turned to walk away along with Curtis, and I was about to join them, but then I remembered that I was wearing his jacket.

"Fenrar! Here." I started taking off his weird jacket but a hand stopped me.

"Just keep it, I'll make a new one. You'll need it for days like this." He said with a small smile. Seeing his smile made me smile a bit as well, but before he could see it I turned my head away and responded.

"okay.. thanks." Fenrar then tapped my forehead with his fingers before smiling and walking away.

(Hehehehe Itachi style!)

I started smiling widely before walking behind them.


(Fenrar Pov.)

After talking with Kathyln and Curtis a bit longer, I took off towards my room and started meditating once again, but I was more so focusing on sorting the rest of my father's memories on the matter of Aether and the 2 extra stages of my mana core.

'Haaaah, this is going to take a while.. Why did this geezer have to live so long.' I thought with a small chuckle. I spent a few more minutes meditating and I heard a crack sound.

'Huh?' I looked around and noticed that nothing in the room changed so I went back to meditating and I heard it again, but this time I felt heart-wrenching pain.

"Argh!" I bit my tongue so I wouldn't scream, and started taking in deep slow breaths so I could calm my heart down.

'What the hell was that?!' I started meditating but this time I focused on my core and noticed that it was huge and had cracks all around it.

'Did I overfill it? Is that even possible though?' I studied it a bit more before it cracked once more, but this time there wasn't any pain. It continued to crack until it cracked and its shell fell off. I got excited and opened my eyes when I felt a rush of mana flow into my body before it disappeared. I smiled before sitting back down to meditate and focus on my mana core.

'Huh?' I was confused at what I was seeing. My mana core broke through, but it was still white, but this time it was bigger and brighter as well.

I opened my eyes with a frown and that's when I noticed a change.

'What are these?' I wondered while looking at the different colors of, orange, brown, green, and blue. I reached out towards the flow of colors and saw that it moved away from my hand...

'What's going on?' I tried to focus on the random colors before they suddenly flowed into my hand, and into my mana core, supplying it with mana.

My eyes opened wide as I stared at the flow of colors that I now realized was mana.

'I can see mana? But how? And how come my mana core 'broke through'? I thought the next stage for me was blue..' I was thinking on this matter for a while, but then I started feeling drowsy.

'Whatever, at least I can see mana I guess. Maybe I just became more sensitive to it? I mean I can feel it, and sense where it is. I can even feel where it gets stopped by the door.. huh.. neat.' I thought while dozing off on the bed.




Nah he just became more sensitive to it.

I feel like I'm forcing the interactions between Kathyln and Fenrar, but I feel like it's fine since it's not anything romantic since she wouldn't even know what love is at this age.. But yeah, I went with the classic. 'Give the girl your hoodie, and smile' tactic, and would ya look at that? Kathyln smiled! Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

HAHA, whatever.


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