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Tournament? - TBATE: Abnormal One. - Chapter 25 by Jizzle_Bizzle full book limited free

Chapter 25: Tournament?

(POV Fenrar.)

"Wake up Fenrar... Fenrar!" I was jolted awake by a feminine voice, I looked around and saw that Kathyln was standing in the doorway, along with Curtis.

"What?" I asked, still a bit drowsy. Rubbing my eyes, I stood up and put on my shirt, since I didn't have one on.

"Ahem, b-breakfast is ready so you need to hurry up." I heard Kathyln say before she walked away in a hurry. I looked towards Curtis and asked.

"What was that about?" He looked at me before sighing and shaking his head.

"You didn't have a shirt on, we saw all your scars... AH, whatever just hurry up, breakfast was ready about 10 minutes ago, it's probably cold by now.." He said with a dejected sigh, I just chuckled before running into the bathroom to wash my face brush my teeth and take a quick shower.

I walked down the big spiral stairs and made my way to the breakfast table. When I got there I saw a shy Kathyln looking down at her food, not even trying to make eye contact with me.

Priscila saw this and only smiled, Blaine didn't think much of it, he just saw it as a good thing.

I sat down and started eating without saying a word. Everyone was used to this so they didn't say anything either, but Blaine spoke up.

"Fenrar, there is a tournament starting today and I want you to participate in it." I looked up at him with an expression that demanded an answer, he nodded and just kept talking.

"This tournament is for choosing pillars that would be known as the strongest throughout the alliance of the 3 kingdoms." I just nodded because I realized what he was talking about.

'So, he wants me to be a lance... I don't see why not but since I don't need an artifact then I would be an extra basically..' I looked up to Blaine and spoke.

"Sure, I don't see why not, if I were to marry your daughter I would need some type of presence or prestige." Blaine and Priscila nodded, while Curtis wasn't even listening, he was just eating his food humming a random song that sucks.

I looked up to Kathyln and she seemed to be doing better, but she still wouldn't make eye contact,

'It's not even that bad though... It's just some scars. Eh, whatever I need to sort through those memories. From what I've learned so far is that, while I'm physically stronger than literally every human, my physical ability is lagging behind Vritra's and other dragons. That much is to be expected though, I never learned how to fully train my body since the things my father had me do aren't helping me much anymore..'

I was pulled out of my thoughts when I heard Blaine speak.

"Well good, the Tournament is tomorrow so be prepared." I just nodded and cleaned up my dishes before going outside.



'Haaaah, so to be able to awaken the full potential of my bloodline I would need to be able to run mana throughout every single cell in my body, basically reinforcing the whole thing out of mana. That means I need to figure out how to get mana to flow without going through the mana veins..' I sat down on a big boulder-like rock that was surrounded by green lush trees.

I looked around and smiled.

'Feels good to at least see some type of color, even though most of it's still grey..' I shook my head and began sifting through memories of my fathers to try and get hints.

'Huh? What's this?' I stopped at a memory of my father looking in a mirror, and his eyes were bright red, the red was like that of a ruby that shined with a dangerous glint.

'T-That's pretty scary... Wait? Will my eyes look like that?' I thought hopefully. I pushed those thoughts to the back of my head, before searching through the rest of his memories about Aether, and the rest of what he knows about Overhaul.

'Aether can boost it? But how? I know that it's kinda like Arthurs destruction rune, just more controlled. But how strong would that be with a boost of Aether?' Just thinking about it made me crack a wide smirk...

I continued to meditate for a little longer, I soon stopped because I felt that If I did it anymore I would end up overfilling it, and bursting it.

'Seems like after that initial breakthrough there isn't anything afterward.. but then how do I achieve light blue? Haaaah... so many things to think about, I should be fine with just an aether core right?' I shook my head to get rid of these thoughts and let out another sigh.

"You sound like an old man Fenrar." I looked down towards the girly voice I heard and smirked.

"That just means I'm smart." She shook her head before walking closer towards me.

'She's still wearing that hoodie? Isn't it hot today? I'm not even wearing mine..'

I looked at her before speaking.

"Hey, Kathyln isn't it a little hot to be wearing that hoodie?" She tilted her head in confusion, so I elaborated.

"The thing you're wearing is called a hoodie. It's something I made as you know." She nodded her head before looking down at it.

"I like it, it's the first gift I got from someone that didn't hold ulterior motives, and that made me feel really happy." She explained with a small smile on her face.

(WTV, they some smart kids.)

I looked at her wide-eyed for a few seconds, and her seeing that frowned.

"What? Why do you look so surprised?" I just shook my head before chuckling and look up at the sky.

"Nothing, it's just that you don't have many friends do you?" I glanced at her from the corner of my eye and saw that she froze for a second before sighing.

"I guess you could say that, but I don't care. I have my brother and my family to speak to, so it's not all that bad." I just nodded and didn't answer, and soon enough the area was encased in silence. Seeing as to how none of us were going to continue the conversation, I spoke.

"Well, I'm about to start training, so you should go back inside." I jumped off the rock and started walking towards the giant circle of grass, I looked around and saw that she didn't leave but was just watching, I didn't mind so I just continued doing what I was doing.

'Alright well, I guess I should test how sturdy and quick I could restructure the earth..'

I breathed in a big breath of air, before letting it all out and channeling energy to the bottom of my right foot.

Familiar blackish lightning started dancing on my foot before transferring to the earth.


The earth around me started shaking before a giant stone and dirt castle was formed, but this time it was way bigger than it was in the elven kingdom, about 2x bigger.

I started counting the seconds it took to form it fully before sighing.

'15 seconds.. that's too slow. I don't even know how sturdy it is yet, and I still need to get it to form faster.' Keeping those thoughts in the back of my mind, I walked up to the front wall of the castle and pushed my hand on it, before incasing the wall with overhaul.

I watched as the lightning danced around the surface of the wall, and nodded.

'It's bad. Like a lot worse than I thought it would be, maybe I should just use overhaul during sparring matches and fighting mana beasts. That would probably sharpen my skill and strengthen the ability a bit.' I then used.

[Obliterate.] And watched as the castle exploded into small rocks of dirt and stone. I walked back to my original place before repeating what I did before, over and over again.

And soon enough day time passed and night time came.

"Haaaah.. this is a lot harder than I thought, if I want this to be sturdier I need to focus more on that aspect while losing the aspect of speed. That's what I need to fix but I can't process both of those things at the same time.." I was so busy muttering my observation that I didn't notice Curtis sneaking up on me.

"Fenrar! Come inside already! But clean up the yard first!" He yelled in my ear, successfully waking me up from my daze. I clicked my tongue while rubbing my ears.

"Tch, don't do that again you idiot, that hurt," I complained, and Curtis just laughed it off while rubbing the back of his head.

I turned towards the mess that I made of the yard before sighing and using Overhaul once more to clean up the yard.

After making sure everything was back in place I walked back into the castle and was met with a frowning Priscila and a worried Blaine.

"Uh, what?" Priscila furrowed her brows even more before asking.

"Where's Kathy?" I was confused cause I thought she would come back in after seeing that I wasn't going to stop anytime soon. I stared at Priscila a bit longer before sighing.

"Haah, I'll go get her, I thought you two would come and get her after noticing that she wasn't back in the house after all those hours.." I turned to walk away ignoring the distressed sigh of both Priscila and Blaine.

I left the castle and went back to the yard and looked in the direction I last saw Kathyln and noticed she was asleep on the rock with birds sitting around her, I stared for a bit before shaking my head and going to get her.

I walked up to her and doing so scared the birds that were near her, but she didn't wake up.

"Hey, Kathyln wake up," I said while shaking her. She turned over before groaning. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Noo, 5 more minutes.." I sighed seeing this before I spoke once more.

"If you don't get up I'll take you myself." My words fell on deaf ears as she still didn't wake up, I stared at her with my mouth open before closing it and sighing once more.

"Fine, seems little miss princess is too helpless to be able to walk to her bed." I walked over to her and picked her up in a princess carry, successfully making her wake up. She snapped her head in my direction before speaking.

"W-what are you doing?!" I didn't look at her and continued walking to the castle before answering.

"I'm giving the princess a princess carry, don't tell me you would rather walk? If so I'll gladly put you down." I glanced at her and noticed that her face started going red, she opened her mouth to speak but no words escaped. I smirked seeing this.

"Oh, do you perhaps like me carrying you like this?" I glanced back down and noticed she turned even redder before she tried to escape my arms, I started laughing before I held her tighter than before and spoke.

"Just stay there, you'll most likely be sick tomorrow seeing as to how you slept outside all day, so just accept my act of kindness." She kept struggling a little longer but then just relented and relaxed.

Seeing this I chuckled a bit, I saw the entrance to the castle not too far away and started speeding up.

Once I got there Priscila looked at Kathyln who ended up falling asleep again in my arms before sighing and smiling.

"Thanks for getting her Fenrar, and I apologize for snapping at you earlier." I just shrugged my shoulders before walking into the room and setting Kathyln down on the couch. I turned towards Blaine and spoke.

"Well, she's most likely going to wake up sick tomorrow since she decided to sleep outside, so just give her some hot soup or something. Anyways 'YAWN' I'm beat, so I'm going to head to bed." I waved over my back as I started walking towards the stairs.



I didn't really like this chapter, because once again this felt like something was missing or something was wrong. I couldn't figure out what was wrong though, so yeah. Anyways I'm going the Lance route but he won't skip Xyrus as he will still go but he won't participate in the classes as much except for a few.

Got complaints? Cool, think about em and then think abt em some more.

Prolly won't be any more chapters today unless I feel the urge to write a chapter, so that's why this chapter was a bit longer than usual.



Jizzle_Bizzle Jizzle_Bizzle

Spacing prolly looks weird, but that's because I tried out grammarly, and it made the spacing like that... my bad if it looks wack asf

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