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100% Terra Online / Chapter 17: Chapter 16

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Chapter 17: Chapter 16


"You look troubled" Tusker says to me as he gnaws the bones of one of the larger species of Trolls. "We have been gods for some time now but apart from overpowering my spells I don't seem to have any divine abilities" I say as I watch the now bustling city below me from the top of the palace.

"Have you tried speaking to Orion" Tusker asks. "No I don't even know if I can speak with him" I reply. "you can speak to him; I have been speaking to the soul I merged with for a week now I thought you knew" Tusker says as he finishes his meal."I didn't, how do you speak to them anyway" I ask.

"it's simple really just imagine speaking to them and a connection to them will be established" he replies" I am going for a stretch will be back later"." Try to avoid causing too much chaos we don't want the other gods coming for us yet" I tell him with a smile as he ascends into the sky. "As if what we have been doing through the time we evolved isn't too much already" Tuskers voice resounds in my mind.

Checking to see if Tusker was correct on how to communicate with the souls we merged with I send a probe into my mind that is now virtually a planet, "Orion are you there" I ask. Waiting for what seems like hours but probably didn't reach a minute I feel the planet vibrating as I thought comes from it. "so you have finally decided to talk to me" the voice says. "Who are you" I ask.

"what type of question is that apart from me the mighty Orion king of the dragon gods have you merged with any souls lately" the voice asks in a tone that seems like that a parent uses to scold a child. "sorry didn't know that you would dwell in my mind" I answer."Stop apologizing you are the dragon god king and dragons do not apologize to anyone, doing so was what gave the others the chance to wipe us out" Orion says in an angry voice.

"That's true is the most powerful beings in the mortal and immortal world so what is the word to use" I say as I think of a word to say "wretched" Orion finishes for me. "Well I will tell you the story of our demise on three conditions" Orion says. "and what would that be" I ask."I will give you training goals and hints to complete those goals, every time you complete a goal then I will tell you a part of our history" he says.

"What are the other conditions" I ask not wanting to enter the agreement with only half of the requirements known. "Indeed that would be foolish" Orion replies reading my thoughts. "Do not fight with any champion sent by the gods rather create your own champions and have them fight each other, the other condition is that you find people or creatures that are loyal to you to gift the souls of my brothers and sisters" Orion finishes.

"I can understand the making of more gods a little but I don't understand the part about not fighting the champions sent by the other gods" I say to my new partner. "Before our fall there was a pact stopping gods from fighting with mortals" Orion answers."I still don't understand the fact that you want me to follow a pact made with enemies" I say with a frown.

"It's not the people that we made the pact with but who enforces the pacts that makes me behave like this" Orion explains "the pact is enforced by the three elder gods and in terms of power just one of them is enough to wipe out the dragon gods when we were at our prime".

"That's a lot of power, if that is all then we have an agreement" I tell my new tenant.


"How is your stay" I ask the sisters in the cell of the dungeon below the castle. "one day we will get out of here then we will see if you can still act as you do" the elf wearing the magic nullifier says as she strokes the head of her sister on her lap.

"I am not going to be stupid enough to kill you so till the end of the game or as the npc say the end of days you will stay here" I say to her with a smirk." my lord the council awaits" a guard says as he walks up to me. "See you later" I say to the elf as I leave them to enjoy their home.

Walking through tunnels into the hallways of the castle I make my way to the council room where my so called advisors are waiting for me.

"Lord Hayden, I still don't know why you haven't executed those girls in your custody" Tamon a three hundred years old elf says as I sit at the head of the table. Looking at Tamon I notice that he is not wearing the gift I gave to him. "You all know that I and those in custody are both children of the elder goddess Gaia, remember that we have to be killed three times to become truly dead" I say to the elf.

"Yes and what has this to do with killing them for their crimes" he asks. "what he means is that as long as they haven't died two time when we execute them they will just reincarnate at some other part of the continent" Sera an elf woman answers the question.

"That is the reason we don't want them wandering around getting stronger while they think of revenge after we kill them so they can stay in the dungeons till they rot" I finish. "On to other matters there have been sightings of a monster army moving in from the north" I announce to the council.

"These have been confirmed with our scouts reporting that the army numbering into the hundreds of thousands" Oloff the commander of the city army states. "We will have to call for a council of states" I comment thinking of the guild report.

Finishing with all other matters I make my way to the royal chambers where I log out.


Looking around me I can't help but smile as the guild I and my sister created is now celebrating our victory over some goblins. "You don't look too happy" I say to my sister as I watch her look at our comrades without a hint of happiness. "We lost thirty members that were players ten of whom that was their last life" she replies with a sad smile.

"Don't be bothered yet, we still have to finish this game then we can divide the prize money" I tell her as I walk to the person in charge of the finances of the guild."

"Prince what is the status money wise" I ask. "we are good for two months by then the fortress should have been renovated and we would have an economy here but we will still have to hunt for bounties for a while" the red haired replies.

"Good we need the funds if we want to compete with the big guilds" I comment.


Closing my eyes I send out my senses feeling everything in a ten meter radius around me. "How is this different from what I could do before my ascension" I ask Orion. "Just shut up and keep increasing the radius" he replies. "Grumpy old dragon" I mutter as the radius increases.

Fifty meters

One hundred meters

Two hundred meters…

In less than a minute I can spread my senses in five thousand kilometers around me. 'Wow so much life' I think as I can actually differentiate the different energies I can sense. "What is that large presence I can feel" I ask. "That feels like another god though that should be impossible" Orion replies.

"It feels like it's coming towards us" I say as the feeling becomes stronger with each passing second. "Let's wait if the god has a fight on its mind we run, we can't fight with someone that has been a god for over millennia" Orion advises.

In twenty seconds the god can be seen in the horizon and the shape from this far out is that of a humanoid. Soon the god in front of me and I have to say I am surprised by the appearance. In front of me is an old man wearing what can only be described as a rag, from his bald head to the wrinkled face scared body and tattered shoes I could pass this guy on the road and think he was a beggar.

"What do you want with me" I ask. Smiling at me the man replies "is that how you great your elders" as he exerts what Orion has told me before 'Divine Presence' .I have to say for the face time facing this type of pressure I did poorly. With each breath I take I can feel myself becoming weaker. "Wake up you fool we have to flee" a faint voice yells in my mind.

Regaining a little of my strength I push all the mana I can into my legs I flee the area. "Where do you think you are going to" a voice behind me yells as I run away. Turning back I see the man is now wearing armor with a large war hammer strapped to his back as he chases me. Running to the city of lizard men some kilometers away I quickly move to the room holding the souls of the gods. "Why are you leading me here" I ask Orion.

"Only those dragon gods allow can enter here now matter the strength of a god no one apart from the elder gods can enter here" Orion replies as I enter the void holding the other souls of dragon gods.


"This brat wants to hide here hmm" I say as I look down on the disgusting lizards that dare to copy the form of humans. "You there what are you doing "one of the lizards says to me as others of his kind begin pointing at me."You all are things that shouldn't have been made" I mutter looking at the creature."Final judgment" I whisper as a white orb forms in my hand and drops into the city.

Once the orb reaches the city it detonates incinerating everything in a ten kilometer radius. "Hide all you want but I will find you as soon as you show yourself in the world" I roar just as I am about to go. "Who gives you the right to make so much noise human rat" a voice says.

Following the voice I see a black blur coming close to me.

Recognizing the shape as that of a dragon I punch the dragon's snout just as it reaches me sending it into the crater that was once the hovel for its brethren. "Know your place lizard" I say to the dragon as my war hammer appears in my hand.

Charging at the now dazed dragon I slam my hammer into its snout shattering its skull and spreading its brain all over the ground. "Piece of filth" I spit at the corpse as I fly away from the area.


"What the heck was that" I ask remembering the overwhelming pressure from the god. "From the armor and his manners that should be the human god of war" Orion answers."I thought you said gods couldn't fight except through champions, avatars and whatnot" I sigh.

"That was during my time thousands of years ago; though for things to have changed to this point I fear the worst" Orion comments. "Can you tell me these fears of yours" I ask. "Not yet I don't want to say that which may not be true" he replies.

"I can't feel his presence anymore so he should be gone…hopefully" I say as I leave the void and return to the world only to be standing in what seems to be a crater. "He destroyed the city" I whisper.

"Yes he did" a voice says. Looking for the source of the voice I find myself staring at an elven child though the presence the elf is giving off is more than that of the previous god. "What do you want" I ask with a sigh knowing escaping will do nothing but add to the list of gods that want to kill me.

"I want you to restore the balance" the elf says as the world fades away into a white background. "What do you mean by restore the balance" I ask. "Walk with me" the child replies as a garden appears around us.

"Five hundred thousand years ago, a hundred thousand years before the dragon gods demise a human god, elf god and a dwarf god formed an alliance and found a loophole to the no fights pact. "Creating poison that was lethal to gods they began killing lesser gods of creatures like the ogres and were animals absorbing their powers to grow stronger" the child says as we walk through the garden.

"After a while they turned to other gods of their own races, and then before the elder gods could do anything they did what was thought to be impossible since the creation of this world". "They killed an elder god didn't they" I whisper in shock. "Yes they did" the child replied.

"Contrary to beliefs of there being four or five elder gods there were only two at the creation of the world before they created other gods lesser than them in strength but still gods in their own rights. Killing an elder god brought balance to the edge and the remaining elder god tried to have a child that would have the powers of its sibling that was killed as it still lacked the strength to kill its own creation" the child explains as she picks up a rose.

"But something must have gone wrong if I am here" I deduce. "You are tight, creating something as strong as itself weaken the elder god enough for the gods to kill it leaving me the last of the elder gods and in a way an orphan" she finishes crushing the rose in her fist.

"What do I gain by doing this request of yours" I ask."I have nothing to give you, I am not as strong as either of my parents and they were killed so I won't come to the world as much though I will help you in your journey when I can and you have to fight these gods as they won't rest until you are dead as you signify a new race of gods" the child says.

"Well get me back home then I will see what I can do" I say to her and moments later the scene changes to that of the crater. Biding the goddess goodbye I look around the crater and notice Tusker sleeping on the ground. 'Guess he was waiting for me when he saw the destruction' I think as I move towards my partner.

"Tusker we have to move before something comes here" I say as I reach the body of my friend. "Stop sleeping" I say as I poke the dragon with my finger only for him to roll over and I see his skull smashed to bits.

"He killed him" I whisper as the sight of Tusker's dead body burns into my mind. "When I find that guy I going to kill him slowly" I growl. "Yes but first you have to become stronger than you are then form a guild like the others do but this will be a guild of gods" Orion says as I burn the corpse of my friend and leave the area.

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