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Chapter 11: Black Market

Next morning Kang-Ho woke up early and made breakfast for his parents. Last day he came back too late at night, so he didn't get a proper chance to talk to his parents about him being a hunter. So, today he planned to talk while having breakfast.

The breakfast was ready, the family sat together to have breakfast.

"Mom, I need to tell you guys something" said Kang-ho.

"Yes?" said Ha-Neul.

"I became a hunter yesterday. You guys were asleep yesterday when I got here so didn't get a chance to tell you then." Said Kang-Ho.

"Really?" asked Ha-Neul after being surprised.

"Yes mom, here look my hunter's id" said Kang-ho as he took his id out.

"Well you are my son after all" said Yi Man-Young with a smirk on his face.

"YEAAA….My big brother is a hunter. I will tell this to everyone at my school." Hwa -young was extremely happy as she yelled and celebrated.

"Big brother you will have to bring me a lot of chocolates when you come home today" said his sister.

"This is a very good news we should all celebrate today; I will cook your favourite food today. Come back home early this afternoon." Said Ha-Neul happily.

"Yes mother." Said Kang-Ho.

They talked some more as they finished their breakfast. After they were done eating Kang-Ho said his goodbyes, and made his way towards the city.

Today he planned to visit the Black market. He made it to the city then he followed the direction that Kim Dong-Gu gave him and came across one dark alleyway he went in there and wore the mask.

These days even if people wore masks it wasn't anything odd, in fact most of the people that were walking in this part of the area were wearing mask. It was best way to ensure your safety if you didn't have any backer. In this lawless world they didn't have anyone to protect them, they could only protect themselves.

After some time, he made it to the Black Market, it wasn't very different from normal market the only difference was everyone were wearing masks, even the shop owners were wearing masks. On the way he saw many things that were being sold he didn't stop in any of the shops he just made his way through the crowd. Only when he was in front of a huge building did he stop moving. The building had total of 10 floors. According to kim dong-gu this was the headquarter of the Busan black market and this was the place which controlled entire black market of Busan.

He went inside the building and soon was greeted by a female with the mask on.

"How may I be of help to you sir?" asked the woman.

"I would like to sell monster cores." Said Kang-ho.

"Alright can I have your Black-market card?" asked the woman.

"I don't have one." Said kang-ho.

"Alright, come with me inside I will provide you with one." Said the woman.

They made their way inside. After some walking he came in front of a reception. The woman talked to the person on the reception, and after they were done talking, she bought a black colour card with her.

"Here you go sir, you can complete your transaction in black market with this card. After you are done you can also transfer the money to your hunter's id through a safe channel." Said the woman.

"Alright, I would like to sell 26 class 0 and 6 class 1 monster cores." Said kang-ho.

"Please come with me sir" said the woman and took him to a private room where these types of transactions were held.

After they arrived at the room both sat on the sofa opposite to each other.

"Can you let me check the authenticity of the cores?" asked the woman. Checking the authenticity of the products were a must do in the black market.

"Sure" said kang-ho as he dropped the cores from his ring on the table.

The woman started with her inspections and after some time of checking, she found out that it was the real deal.

"The normal price for these cores would be 86,000$ but as you are selling it on the black market 1% of it will go to the black market as compensation for using our services. So, in the end you will get 85,140$. Is there anything you would like to buy sir?" asked the woman.

"Yes, one hunter's mobile, the one with black market app. And I would also like to book 2 level 1 dungeons for today." Said kang-ho, yesterday kim dong-gu also told him that black market also had an app with features like hunter's associations.

"Please, give me minute I will be right back with your requested items." Said the woman and left.

Kang-ho planned to clear both the dungeons today as he didn't have anything else to do.

After some moments the woman came back carrying a box on her hand.

"Here sir is your phone its cost is in total 10,000$ and for the 2 dungeon's booking fees its 15,000$ each so your grand total will be 40,000$." Said the woman.

"Please give me your black-market card so that I can complete your transaction." Said the woman.

Kang-ho handed her the card and she took the card inserted it in a device which looked like the credit card machine and did her thing. After some moments she handed him the card. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Here's your card, I have deposited 45,140$ in the card. You can manage your balance through the black-market app that's in your mobile." Said the woman.

"One more thing, the dungeons that you booked will be in your position foe 2 days if you don't clear the dungeon by that time your rights will be revoked and the dungeon will go to someone else. There won't be any refund no matter what situation you were in." Said the woman.

Kang-Ho nodded and acknowledged what the woman said, he checked his black-market balance. After he was sure everything was ok, he stood up and made his way to the door.

"Please visit us again." said the woman from the back.

After he was done with all the things, he had to do in the black market he didn't waste his time there anymore. He went straight to a secluded area and took his mask off. Then he transferred the money which he received from black market to his own account. After he was done, he went towards a mall, he desperately needed some change of clothes. He bought a lot of clothes for himself and also for his family. He in total spent 15,000$ on clothing's. After he was done shopping he was headed home. Mom told him today to come back early to celebrate his becoming hunter.

He planned to go to the dungeon he booked at night to clear them, it would be safer that way. He wondered what would the dungeon be like, he had heard the dungeons from level one above had its own environment. Also, the dungeons starting from level one were not like the tutorial dungeon they didn't have any modes in them.

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