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49.29% The Hunter That Returned From Hell / Chapter 35: Danger

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Chapter 35: Danger

Kang-Ho used his newly learned skill which helped him to escape the eyes of the people. After witnessing that many people waiting outside of the dungeon he figured that, they came after finding out there was something different about the dungeon. although he didn't know what happened, but he figured that the situation was grave as there were many people gathered around the dungeon ready for the battle.

He wanted to know what caused the dungeon change but he was not that curious about at the moment. He figured he could ask about the dungeon when he went to the black-market to sell the monster cores he collected just now. Kang-Ho was now headed towards his house.


In a dark room there was a man sitting on his chair while listening to a song. The man looked like he was stressing about something. He was constantly mumbling to himself in an un-audible voice, but the man looked very serious. The man had pale skin, he looked like a dead body. The room was filled with really weird things like human skulls, bones and many other weird things. While the man was mumbling the phone suddenly started to ring, the man ignored the call at first, because it was a unknown number. He was uninterested on the call, but the phone once again started to ring.



"Wha…." Annoyed by the calls the man picked the phone, he was about to scold whoever was on the other end but he suddenly froze due to the voice he heard through the other side of the phone. Chills started running through his body after hearing the familiar voice. After the initial shock though he was quite excited after hearing the voice.

"Sir, I have been waiting for your call for over 6 months. I thought I was abandoned by his majesty." The man had tears in his eyes as he felt like he was finally talking to his long-lost lover. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"His majesty has a grand plan for everyone in his grand plan, his majesty will never abandon anyone of his followers. Kwon Hyun, are you ready for your sacrifice that his majesty has planned for you?" A mechanic voice replied from other side, he spoke with extreme pride when he spoke of his majesty.

Although Know Hyun never met with anyone related to his majesty, he had strong belief on the plans of his majesty. He admired his majesty, he wanted to sacrifice himself and his guild in the name of his majesty even though he didn't know who that was.

"We the follower of his majesty would never forget the sacrifice you are about to make in the name of his majesty. After we create a new world, we will teach the coming generations about your valour. We are sending all the necessary equipment necessary for you to carry out the plan, you will have to destroy entire Busan within one day after you receive the equipment. This is the sacrifice that his majesty demands for you." Said the mechanical voice, he spoke without any emotions in his voice while speaking about destroying the entire Busan.

Hearing this Know Hyung was jumping up and down with joy, he never felt more joy than this. Finally, this was his chance to shine, finally he could be of use to his majesty. More than anything he wanted to make sure the dream of his majesty came true. Although he won't be alive to see that dream come true, but he was still happy knowing he would contribute to the creation f the new world.

"Yes, sir I will carry out the order of his majesty with all my heart." Know Hyun said after controlling his emotions. Although he was still crying of joy.

"Remember you only have 1 day no more than that, Hunter's association should not get any wind of the operation on Busan, be as secretive as possible. If the hunter's association gets the wind of the situation, Busan would be filled with all the top guilds and all the top-level hunters in just an hour. Start the attack on the civilians only when there is 1 hour left. Keep thee mission as secret as possible." said the mechanical voice to Know Hyun.

Know Hyun listened to all the important things the voice had to say very carefully, for the sake of new world he couldn't make any mistakes in this perfect plan. For him every step of the plan was important. If he completed the mission with perfection there was even a chance he could survive. So, he was very serious about the plan.

"Do not even let the people closest to you know about the plan until the execution day. That way you could prevent any unforeseen circumstances. His majesty will be eagerly waiting for the news of the destruction of Busan. This is a very important part of plan make sure it doesn't fail. According to our intel, there aren't any guild in Busan that can pose a threat to our plan. Even the hunter's association doesn't have much of man power located in the Busan. You have just 20% chance of failing the mission. Wiping out Busan would be a major blow to the hunter association's credibility, this could cause the big guilds to lose trust from the hunter's association. The big guilds who are unhappy with hunter association might come to support us in the end." Said the mechanic voice. You could feel that everything the voice was saying was true and serious.

"One more thing we have an info that the son of an influential figure from Hunter's association is currently present in Busan. We still have no idea who it is or whose son it is we just found out about this yesterday. If we could take him down along with the city, this could cause hunter association 2 times the pain as it would suffer." Said the mechanic voice with a laugh.

Hearing this Know Hyun was even more happy, this was like cherry on top of a cake. This situation was perfect. In one move they can prove their strength to the world along with it they could deal a heavy blow by killing the son of the influential figure. They couldn't wish for more suitable situation for their plan to take place, it was like the heavens were looking over them. While thinking about that he was on the phone, he shouted loudly.

"Yes, thank you god for looking over us." Said the Know Hyun.

"Don't forget that this can even make your mission more difficult, as that man wouldn't be alone if he was a son of influential person. He would at all times be surveyed upon the association would keep their eyes on him and on the movement of the city. They would make sure that the person doesn't face any trouble in Busan. Make sure your guild members don't go around killing people until the fated day. I don't want any people from hunter's association coming after your guild members. Kill any trouble makers if you have to. Remember Busan is in a very sensitive state right now because of the son of the influential person, the association would be in alert mode all the time." Said the mechanical voice.

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