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Chapter 34: Gift

"Mom, I am hungry." Hwa-Young said to her mother.

"The food is almost done, just give me 5 minutes. Stop eating all those candies." Said her mom who was cooking.

Hwa-Young ran away from the kitchen very quickly, she didn't want her mom to scold her. She knew if she stood there any moment longer, she would be in trouble.



"Hwa-Young, can you open the door and see who it is? I am a little busy." Yelled her mom.

After hearing her mom's shout Hwa-Young went to open the door. She wondered who it was. She hoped for the person on the door to be Kang-Ho, she was very bored playing by herself. She wanted to go out and play with her big brother.

Hwa-Young opened the door full of expectation, but she was very disappointed after seeing who the person was. It was her brother's friend.

"Who is it?" asked her mother from inside the kitchen.

"It's brother's friend." Yelled the little girl.

Her mom came to greet Moon Jung, after they went to the living room. Inside the living room, Yi Man-Young was reading the newspaper while drinking tea. They didn't open the restaurant today so everyone where in the house.

Moon Jung greeted him, after the greeting, Moon Jung handed Man-Young the gift his father sent him to deliver. Man-Young took the gift and opened the gift.

Inside the bag there was one bottle of Spirit wine, he knew that his father and Man-Young loved the wine. His father sometimes came to Busan just to meet with Man-Young and have some drinks. They were best of friends.

However, wine was not the only thing inside the bag. Man-Young took a envelop out, it seemed to be a letter. Moon Jung knew that his father only wrote a letter if the topic was very urgent. Man-Young didn't open the letter, he decided to read it later. Moon Jung wondered what was so important, for his father to write a letter. He decided he should ask his father after he returned home.

After he delivered the gift, Moon Jung stuck around for a while. Ha-Neul went to cook, Moon Jung and Man-Young started discussing about things going around the world. Ha-Neul had invited Moon Jung to stick around for the dinner.

After sometime, they ate the meal. Moon Jung felt the food was very tasty. He liked the food very much. Moon Jung was ready to take his leave, he had some more work to do. He thanked the Yi family for their hospitality, and just when he wanted to leave, they heard loud noises coming from outside. they went outside to see what was going on.

"Get the hell out of this place. We don't want people like you ruining our society." Yelled one of the guys in the crown, aiming towards man-Young. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

There were a lot of people surrounding Man-Young's house, and yelling for them to leave the place. Moon Jung and Man-Young wondered what was going on, but no one from the crowd answered their question. The crowd just repeated the same words. After some time, the crowd started to become violent. They started throwing rocks towards the house, Ha-Neul and Hwa-Young wanted to check what was going on outside, but they were sent back inside by Man-Young.

To Moon Jung this situation seemed very suspicious. The people didn't really have any reason to attack the house but, nothing Moon Jung or Man-Young said managed to calm them down. They just became more violent; it was as if someone was behind this plot.


One of the members from the Black Market was inspecting the dungeon portal, right then the portal started giving off light. It seemed like the dungeon was finally unlocking after this long time.

"The dungeon was finally opening." Yelled the man in happiness, at least the dungeon break won't happen now if the hunting team had a little time to clear the dungeon before the time runs out.

Everyone around the portal became highly alerted, they took their weapons in their hands. They knew there was still a little bit of time before the dungeon break occurred, but you could never be too careful when it came to their life.

Everyone took some steps back form the portal. They didn't know what was exiting the place. Whatever it may be, no one wanted to be the first to come in contact with whatever that was exiting the dungeon. But after seeing what came out of the portal, breathing of everyone present there stopped for a moment. They couldn't believe what they were seeing. There was a man standing there with multiple wounds all over his body, his face was covered with mask. But one this everyone felt when they saw him was chills, chills ran down everyone's body. Looking at the man with so many wounds people would think that the man was weak, but everyone on the site knew how dangerous the man was.

Kang-Ho was at first surprised when he saw so many people gathered in front of the portal, everyone wielding weapon. Kang-Ho didn't feel any killing intent directed towards him from the people around the portal, so he didn't bother to stop and talk to them. Kang-Ho moved really fast before they could react Kang-Ho ran and used his class skill.

"Ah….." someone tried to talk to Kang-Ho, but couldn't finish his sentence as the man disappeared. The man was dumb folded, he started looking towards different direction in search of Kang-Ho, but was disappointed. He couldn't find any trace of Kang-Ho, not only him everyone who were gathered in front of the portal, were clueless about where Kang-Ho disappeared.

Even the influential and powerful peoples the managers of both the guilds were dumb folded by what transpired just now.

"Who was that guy, I could feel even if we all attacked together, we could have not taken down that person. We would have been killed instantly." Said Jin Kyu, he was shocked and scared when he saw Kang-Ho. He had never felt this much of power before in his life.

"I don't know." Said the manager from Black-Market, even she was dumb folded by what had happened.

They were in a shock state for a little while more, no one could talk for the while. After sometime people started discussing about Kang-Ho.

"Hey, do you think that guy was from large guilds of the capital?" asked one short guy to another guy while looking towards the direction that Kang-Ho disappeared.

"Don't know, maybe." The other guy replied in confusion.

"Do you really think that guy was from capital?" asked the short man.

"You think there is someone who that that much of power in Busan?" asked the man to the short guy.

The short guy was silent this time he had no reply for this question. There was no way someone would come to Busan from capital for dungeon. If that was true, then that meant there was a very strong guy in the Busan. They couldn't afford to mess with this guy with unknown identity.

"Call the miners and tell them to finish this dungeon fast." Said the black-market manager. She didn't want to get on the bad side of Kang-Ho.

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