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Chapter 14: Goblins

"Are you fu**ing trying to kill us both?" asked the masked female to the masked man angrily.

"But that guy cleared a dungeon that takes 4 hours for a team of well-equipped hunters in just 1 hour and 30 something minutes. Who could believe that?" Said the mask wearing man like he was being wronged.

"That's exactly my point, maybe he is a high rank hunter what have you done if you offended him? What if he attacked you? Could you have survived an attack from a high rank hunter?" asked the masked female in raised voice.

"But what would a high rank hunter do in a place like Busan?" asked the masked man in an intimidated voice.

"Why do you care? Just be happy that she was not like other high rank hunters. You just escaped a disaster because of me, don't expect me to apologize for you from next time." Said the masked woman in an annoyed tone.

"Yes, sorry that won't happen again." The masked man bowed and apologized to the masked female.

"Enough, now go call the miner team." Said the masked female.

"Yes" replied the masked man.


Meanwhile, Kang-ho had no idea that he was being mistook as a high rank hunter. He made it to the next dungeon and enter the portal after greeting the guards from the black-market.

He wondered what kind of creature he would run into this time.

[Welcome to Goblin's cave]

He hated the cave type dungeon, he didn't like gloomy atmosphere, but....

'This cave is beautiful' thought Kang-ho.

This cave was different the cave was filled energy stone making it shine. The beauty of the cave was breath-taking.

Kang-ho didn't stay there for much long and started moving deeper into the cave. Not long after he came across two goblins.


Level: 25

Hp: 9000

Very protective of its habitat]

The goblins were 4 ft in height, their skin was green, long pointy ears. One carried sword and other carried a bow.

After making sure there were no other goblins roaming in the area, he ambushed the goblin carrying the bow. With the sudden the goblin panicked and tried to shoot an arrow towards Kang-ho, but he skilfully turned the goblin's hand moving the bow towards the other goblin with his left hand and with is free right hand he stabbed the goblin on the left of his belly. With the sudden pain the goblin released the arrow without realising that the bow was aimed straight towards his friend.



The arrow shot towards the other goblin and hit him on the back which surprised him, the pain caused him to shreek in extreme pain. The goblin turned his back to see who it was and saw Kang-ho so he ran to attack him.

He didn't let the bow carrying goblin to catch a breath as he started stabbing him repeatedly and he did, the goblin started to lose strength in his body. Kang-ho stopped stabbing him took his dagger close to the goblins' throat and made an arc with his dagger. The blood of the goblin started to splash all over the place.

'F**k! I just bought this shirt just today' Kang-ho cursed inwardly. The shirt costed him a lot. He felt pained from the waste of money. First it was the tear because of swift claw and now this.

'If mom finds out about this, she would kill him' he thought.

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While the bow carrying goblin fell to the ground lifelessly the other goblin attacked him from behind. Kang-Ho was already prepared and blocked the attack. And counter attacked the goblin with other hand with a stab. The goblin felt extreme pain so it tried to take some steps backward, but as he was doing so Kang-ho made an attack to goblin's leg with a kick which made the goblin stumble. Without wasting the opportunity Kang-ho pounced at the goblin and started to swing his dagger nonstop. The goblin was rendered with countless cuts all over its body.

The goblin didn't last long and fell to the ground lifelessly.


He levelled up once.

After picking up the monster cores, he moved along the cave. After a little while he encountered 4 more goblins two bow carrying and two swords carrying. Without wasting any time, he went and attacked the bow carrying goblins.




It didn't take him long to take care of those 4 goblins. He took their cores and went deeper inside the cave. After a while he came to an area where there were 6 goblins but the one at the back sitting in a throne had a robe covering his entire body. He had an old wood stick in his hand and one book on other.


Level: 38

Hp: 9000

Very protective of its habitat]

[Goblin mage

Level: 50

Hp: 25,000

Fire mage, Extremely powerful fire attacks]

'This is going to be boring' said Kang-ho he hated mages. Speed was arch enemy of mages because they had a low defensive ability.

He waited there for a little while to observe a little If there was any hidden danger. After not finding one he launched a sneak attack towards the mage goblin. He was successful in the sneak attack, as he bypassed the goblins protected him.

Kang-ho went straight to the mage and started his rain of attacks without a stop.


The mage made a pain filled shreek which made the goblins with sword gaze towards him. They saw Kang-ho attacking the mage which enraged the goblins, they started running towards Kang-ho.


They made their attack towards Kang-ho but he quickly side stepped and dodged the attacks from the goblins. Kang-ho was satisfies with the sneak attack he launched on the mage, now he planned to kill off the goblins first.

He made attacked the goblins and they started fighting, but the goblin couldn't make a single cut on Kang-ho's body he blocked all their attacks.


Right then the mage fired a fireball. Kang-ho dodged the attack but the goblins were not so lucky one of them lost one of his leg. The mage didn't care even if his own attacked damaged his own ally he just wanted to kill Kang-ho.

Kang-ho again started to fight the goblins again amid of the raining fire balls. He managed to kill all the goblins after some time. after doing so he focused on the mage. The mage without his protector against Kang-ho was helpless as it died in no time.




He levelled up 5 times.

He collected the cores. He now had a total of 23 class 1 magic cores. Surprisingly the mage dropped one Level 1 major healing potion. He stored everything in his ring.

"Status" he said.

[Name: Yi Kang-Ho

Age: 20

Level: 40

Class: None


Strength: 205 Dexterity: 205

Agility:205 Defence: 205

Mana: 205

Attack: (1,025+50)

Magic attack: 1,025


Health: 2,050

Stamina: 2,050]

[Congratulation on clearing the Goblin's Cave in 1 hour 15 minutes.]

[Do you want to exit the dungeon?]

"Yes" said Kang-Ho.

He came outside of the dungeon.

"Sir, do you need us to call a healer?" asked the short-masked man.

"Call the miner to clear the energy core and take it to Black-market I will come tomorrow for the money." Said Kang-ho as it was already mid-night.

"But-" the short man was going to say something but was pulled back by the other tall guy.

"I apologize, sir I will call the miners immediately." Said the tall guy apologetically.

"Go and call the miners." Yelled the tall guy towards the short guy. The short guy ran to make the call.

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