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100% The Hunter That Returned From Hell / Chapter 71: Horror

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Chapter 71: Horror

After dodging the first shot Kang-Ho didn't stop his body he instantly moved his body to avoid the fireball from the mage beside Kim Min-Soo. Right after Kang-Ho dodged the attack though what followed was constant firing of arrows. The arrows were extremely fast and accurate. Although Kang-Ho tried his best to dodge all the attacks from the duo, the place he was at was not so good for his movements, after dodging most of the attacks Kang-Ho was unable to dodge one of the arrows which pierced his leg.

Although the speed of the arrow was extremely fast the arrow still didn't manage to pierce through his leg, it seemed that the reason behind arrow being fast was because the arrow was too light. Kang-Ho didn't waste time and took the arrow out of his leg, from the looks of it the wound didn't seem that threatening, even so Kang-Ho still drank a healing potion. Holding the arrow in his hand he understood just how light the arrow was, it seemed to increase his attack speed Kim Min-Soo gave up on his damage. That explained why Kim Min-Soo's attacks focused only on his vital points, it seemed that Kim Min-Soo must have trained his skills in using a bow to an extreme level.

Kang-Ho through the arrow and braced himself for collision with the melee hunters.

"ATTACK!" one of the hunters carrying sword yelled as he ran towards Kang-Ho, the sword in the hand of the man was ready to strike Kang-Ho at any moment. After coming close, the man swung his sword towards Kang-Ho. The man used all the strength on his body to make this attack, veins were popping out of the man's arms as he swung his sword. The man seemed like he wanted to finish Kang-Ho's life in just one attack. Kang-Ho didn't have to do much, he lifted his hand and blocked the sword that was heading towards his head using his dagger.

After Kang-Ho blocked the attack he quickly stored the dagger he was holding on his free hand. After emptying one of his hand Kang-Ho swiftly grabbed the man by his neck, all of this happened so fast that man didn't even know what just happened. Kang-Ho lifted the man by his neck and saw the man's eyes he clearly saw the surprise and horror written all over his face, it felt like his eyes were asking 'How is this possible?'. Kang-Ho didn't stare just after having a glance accidently, Kang-Ho lifted the man by his neck. Kang-Ho moved the man's body as a rag doll, his body swayed back and forth. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Kang-Ho was using the body as his shield against the barrage of the arrows that Kim Min-Soo just show. While Kang-Ho was fighting the melee hunters Kim Min-Soo once again increased his attack speed, while Kang-Ho was fighting all the melee hunters gathered around him, he couldn't keep track of every attacks Kim Min-Soo made so it was getting difficult for him to fight. If Kim Min-Soo was not enough, there was even a mage wo attacked Kang-Ho constantly. All the attacks that was heading towards him from those two were extremely fast and accurate, so Kang-Ho decided to use one of the hunters as his own shield.

Kang-Ho's gamble worked for a while, but after some time as a result of carrying a body on his one hand Kang-Ho's mobility was affected. After some time, Kang-Ho was having trouble to deal with the hunters that were surrounding him from all of the sides. Kang-Ho's body was full of small wounds from the attacks that Kang-Ho couldn't block, although the wounds were not that deep Kang-Ho was still losing lot of blood from the wounds on his body. After his attempts of blocking the arrows using a body failed, Kang-Ho Threw the body away.

"Keep going!" screamed Kim Min-Soo seeing the development on the battlefield he was extremely happy; from the place he was standing he couldn't see how leather the wounds on Kang-Ho's body were but he could clearly see the blood flowing out of his body from the wounds. From the amount of blood that was oozing out of Kang-Ho's body, Kim Min-Soo guessed that the wounds were lethal which made his extremely happy.

"If we continue on like this, we would be able to finish the masked guy in no time. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA" the mage beside Kim Min-Soo said maniacally. In their eyes it seemed like Kang-Ho was just about to fall down to the ground and die. They laughed for a while and then continued their attacks, this time they were more lethal than the last time.

Kang-Ho's body was full of wounds but he didn't feel much pain, Kang-Ho still had the attack strength and agility in his body. After failing the attempt of blocking the arrows, Kang-Ho just had a brilliant idea on his mind after seeing arrows and magic spells coming towards him. Kang-Ho made use of his agile body, this time he didn't grab one of the hunters to protect himself rather he adjusted his body and hid behind the hunters, after making sure he was out of Kim Min-Soo's sight he quickly moved between the crowd. Kang-Ho was moving as fast as he could, this way Kang-Ho managed to dodge the attacks.

Kang-Ho continued to dodge the enemy attacks in this way for quite some time, he was successful in this tactic. Whenever the duo would shoot their attacks towards him, he would use the same maneuver to dodge the incoming attacks from the duo. This irritated the both of them a lot.

"F**k where is that rat running to whenever we attack him? After receiving all of those wounds why isn't that rat dead yet?" Kim Min-Soo asked to himself after failing to land a hit on Kang-Ho for quite some time. If missing the target wasn't enough all of their attack straight landed on their own troop as well. Kim Min-Soo was so frustrated right now that he wanted to bash his own head on a wall somewhere, he was quickly losing patience.

"S…..Sir, I think we have a very big problem on our hands. It seems they weren't able to hold the Crow guild back they are here with full force. We are going to have a very big trouble in our hands Chu Kong is bringing the elites of his guild, it seems were are surrounded from the both sides." said the mage anxiously, while Kim Min-Soo was busy finding and attacking Kang-Ho the mage seemed to have been looking at the condition on the battlefield. While they were busy attacking Kang-Ho it seemed that Chu Kong had managed to bypass the troops they sent to stop them.

"What? What do you mean? How is that even possible? are you kidding me?" asked Kim Min-Soo back with a surprised tone, from his questions it seemed like he didn't believe what mage was saying, but if one were to look at his face they would know what he was feeling right now.

There was absolute horror all over Kim Min-Soo's face, even before he could turn around and confirm if the report was true, his face couldn't hide the fear of the possibility of that event happening.

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