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Chapter 48: Humiliation

This made Kim-Chul extremely angry, he couldn't believe someone could just walk in in their territory and kill most of their forces in just a span of 30 minutes. He had never heard of this kind of situation, the other explanation here was that someone from high-level guild came here and killed their members, he couldn't believe this explanation as well as he was one of the inner core members of the guild and he knew most of the ins and outs of the guild. he knew that they had never offended any great powers, he also knew about the distance that Choi guild went to please high-level guilds. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Whenever Choi guild came across a high-level equipment, they would always send them to one of the high-level guilds to please them. The guild master would do anything to please the high-level guilds. So, someone attacking from some high-level guild was impossible. The guild that Choi guild supplied with high-level things protected them from other high-level guilds.

Not many knew the fact, that the high-level guild was the one who protected them from the hunter association. This was the most guarded secret only known by selected few. Of course, they paid some of the corrupt officials for that too but they could never guarantee protection from the association. Only the high-level guild could ensure their safety.

He was the one who ran all the markets, so it was obvious he would know about this fact. Right now, he wanted to call guild master to inform him but he thought to make the call after he captures the culprit of kill him. the rage inside him was boiling, he wanted to kill the culprit.

This was one of the most important day for the guild, if the deal he was in process of making was successful, they could expand their influence in the region. He didn't want anyone to ruin that, while he made his way out of the guild, he was thinking about capturing the culprit and torture till his death. He wanted to know who wanted to challenge their hegemony in the region. After so much thinking the conclusion he came to was this incident was orchestrated by one of their rival guilds they must have paid the expert to cause trouble here.

Just as he was thinking about the guild that could be responsible, they finally made it out of the restaurant. When Kim-Chul saw what had happened outside the restaurant his expression changed rapidly.

First, he had an astonished look in his face second, he was had rage apparent on his face and lastly after controlling his emotion he had a serious look. He couldn't believe the scene he had just seen.


Kang-Ho killed all the Choi guild member present outside of the restaurant, it didn't take him that long to finish them as most of them didn't even had a class. As for the ones who had a class, they were extremely weak even they couldn't last longer that one to two strikes from Kang-Ho.

Killing them was very easy for Kang-Ho he didn't even break a sweat. When he was about to finish the last guy form the group the restaurant door finally opened. He saw Kim-Chul standing there, using his skill he found out that Kim-Chul was actually level 60. It seemed he did come to the right place after all. All of the people beside Kim-Chul were level 50.

"Stop" Kim-Chul yelled with a demanding voice. When he saw Kang-Ho was about to kill the one of his men he couldn't help but yell. He was responsible for the people working in the market so he couldn't let anyone die anyone in front of his eyes.

Kang-Ho didn't stop his movement after hearing Kim-Chul, he just turned towards Kim-Chul. The hunter that was Infront of Kang-Ho thought he would be saved when he saw Kim-Chul yell. He was extremely happy he knew Kang-Ho wouldn't dare to offend Kim-Chul as he was one of the core members of the guild.

But soon his happiness turned into horror, Kang-Ho just turned towards Kim-Chul's direction he didn't stop his attack. Kang-Ho still swung his dagger and beheaded the guy immediately. Kang-Ho killed the man while he stared towards Kim-Chul, almost as if he was mocking the guy.

Kim-Chul first thought his yell intimidated Kang-Ho, but when he saw him kill the man in front of the guy, he couldn't almost believe in his eyes. This guy entered their territory and even dared to provoke him the one who oversaw everything here.

"WHAT ARE YOU FOOLS WAITING FOR? GO KILL THE BAS**RD NOW. ATTACK!" yelled Kim-Chul as he had never seen a guy like this, who would provoke them in their own territory they had been ruling over this land for past 1 year, how could Kim-Chul let this matter go.

If they let this guy live after this incident Choi guild would be turned to a laughing stock for the entirety of Busan, this would be most embarrassing thing for them to be mocked within their territory.

Kim-Chul could never let this happen, not while he was alive, he would never spare someone who played with the dignity of their guild. Kim-Chul decided to skin this bas**rd alive and hang him in front of the market. That would be a very clear message for their rivals, Choi guild was not a pushover.

Right after Kim-Chul yelled all the members of the guild ran towards Kang-Ho to surround him from all the side. They were trying to block Kang-Ho's escape route, Kang-Ho didn't do anything as he stood there as they did that. Kang-Ho didn't really feel threatened by their numbers.

But Kang-Ho would never be careless in such fights, he would be cautious while fighting them. He let them block him because if he really came into trouble, he could easily make a way for himself to escape.

After they completely blocked Kang-Ho's escape route, they waited for further instruction from Kim-Chul, they had seen what Kang-Ho did to the others, so they were also a little worried and afraid to face Kang-Ho.

They knew attacking without a plan was suicidal, they couldn't be careful to face such an opponent.

"THE F**K ARE YOU WAITING FOR I SAID ATTACK AND KILL THE BAS**RD RIGHT NOW!" yelled Kim-Chul once more. He had completely lost his Kimd to rage when Kang-Ho provoked him earlier. He had never been humiliated like that in his entire life, everyone he met always either feared him or admired him. He now just wanted to kill Kang-Ho. Normally; he would think things through before acting but right now he was totally consumed by rage.

After yelling Kim-Chul himself dashed towards Kang-Ho, after seeing his men hesitating in front of Kang-Ho he decided to be the first one to attack him and show his people that Kang-Ho was just a pest.

He quickly made his way towards Kang-Ho, but before he could reach him, his men finally started their assault. After seeing their boss wanted the guy dead, they stopped hesitating as they believed in their boss completely. If their boss said they could kill the guy they would kill him, without worrying for their life. Seeing this Kim-Chul was finally satisfied, as he had smile in his face and killing intent in his eyes.

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