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Chapter 45: Kill

After witnessing their friend being killed in such a horrific manner, one of the guards there started vomiting. All of them took some steps back, one of the guards took his phone out, it seemed like he was about to call someone for help. Kang-Ho on the other hand didn't stand there for their attack as he knew they would be hesitating after seeing how easily he killed one of their friends. So, Kang-ho ran towards the one who was trying to call someone.


One swing was all it took for Kang-Ho to behead the guard. After seeing this everyone lost their wits, they knew even if they attacked Kang-Ho together they won't be able to do much damage to him as he was too strong. They could barely keep their eyes on Kang-Ho as he was moving too fast for their eyes to catchup. So, they turned around and tried to escape. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

But in front of Kang-Ho they couldn't make it too far as they were too slow. Right when they tried to run Kang-Ho used hi full speed to chase them one by one and kill them. At the end no one could even make it fast the door of the building. All the bodies were scattered around the floor. Kang-Ho swung his dagger and got rid of the blood on the dagger, then made his way towards the upper floor of the building.

He made it to the second floor but the floor was completely empty, third and fourth floor were empty as well. When he arrived at 5th floor, he finally heard voices. He was told by Won-Soo that there should be about 300 Choi-Guild members present here at all times so he was surprised as there were only about 20 members present here. He guessed the number by hearing the footsteps voices and other noises. So, he wanted to gather information as to where others were gone. Kang-ho activated his skill void walk by concentrating on his mans. And made his way to the fifth floor. As he expected there were only 22 people inside the floor, he checked with his passive skill and found out that most of them were level 25 hunters.

'There were supposed to be at least 200 level 50 hunters from what I had heard' Kang-Ho thought.

"Hey, I think we should go to the market too, I think they might need our help if they start fighting." Said one of the masked men.

"You think you could help them? With your insignificant power? Don't make me laugh. You would be killed in an instant. Just Shut up and do your work. They would be back with the good news at any moment." Said one of the masked man who was resting on a sofa when others were working on their desk, it seemed that he was in charge right now.

"What do we gain from this partnership? Why are the core members so happy about the partnership?" asked the masked guy who was working.

"With this collaboration we would get access to 2 more cities. And we the strength f our guild will increase by a lot." Said the man resting on the sofa.

Kang-Ho listened in on the conversation and it seemed that most of the members had gone to a location to sign an agreement with different small guilds from 2 different cities. They didn't talk about where they went to, so Kang-Ho decided to attack and ask for himself.


He appeared behind one of the working masked man and swung his dagger and managed to kill him in one swing. He couldn't even handle his one attack. Seeing this everyone in the room were shocked, they couldn't believe that one of their guild members would be killed in front of their own eyes and they couldn't even do anything about it. They all grabbed their weapon and backed up they came behind the man who was resting behind the sofa.

"Which guild sent you to cause trouble? How much did they pay you? Whatever they paid we will pay the double. Just tell us what you need and we would forget what happened." Although he said such words Kang-Ho could feel his killing intent. He just wanted to kill Kang-Ho but he didn't have choice, as Kang-Ho attacked them when they were most vulnerable. So, he tried to woo Kang-Ho with money. Kang-Ho had successfully evaded his senses as well so he didn't have the confidence to face Kang-Ho.

Kang-Ho didn't reply to the offer given by the man, he checked the level of the man it turned out he was level 50 and his name was Ko Min-Chul. Kang-Ho ran toward them, seeing that Kang-Ho was in no mood to talk they gripped their weapon were ready for the clash.

When Kang-Ho finally reached the group Ko Min-Chun initiated the first attack, Kang-Ho dodged the attack quickly and ignored the guy. He wanted to clear all the low-level people first so that he could talk to the boss in private.

Kang-Ho jumped towards the rest of them and stared killing rest of them with a single swing. some of them tried to run but they were the first one Knag-Ho targeted.

"F**Ker what do you want? Why are you here?" yelled Min-Chul in frustration, he had to watch his men die Infront of his eye as he could do nothing. All the time he tried to attack Kang-Ho, he dodged his attack easily and went to do whatever he was doing. Min-Chul felt this helpless for the first time in his life.

Kang-Ho didn't answer to the yelling Min-Chul as he continued to kill others one by one. By the end Min-Chul gave up on attacking Kang-Ho and was on his knees with a horrified look in his face. There were some headless and brutally butchered body all around him. He just prayed to god to spare his life. Kang-Ho killed the last remaining hunter and turned towards Min-Chul.

"Where can I find the others?" asked Kang-Ho.

"They are in the market doing deal with some guilds." said the Min-Chul.

"Where in the market?" asked Kang-Ho, he was happy that he wouldn't have to go too far to find them.

"In the middle of the market there is an auction place, go there opposite to the auction place there is a restaurant you can find theme there having a meeting. Please don't kill me…." Said Min-Chul, and begged Knag-Ho.

Kang-Ho on the other hand found what he was looking for, so he didn't have any more use, so Kang-Ho swung his dagger and killed Min-Chul.

After he was done in the place, he made his way back towards the centre of the market where he saw the auction house. After sometime he finally reached the place. And found a restaurant opposite to the auction place. The restaurant was guarded by 4 level 25 guards. He walked towards the restaurant.

"What business do you have? Go somewhere else the restaurant is close for customer for now." said one of the guards, as he pointed his sphere toward Kang-ho.

Kang-Ho didn't back away instead he took his dagger out of his ring and directly attacked the man. Kang-Ho swung his sword once and beheaded the man with just one strike, the guard couldn't even react.

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