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Chapter 47: Pills

The ranged attacker felt as if their heart would pop out of their body any seconds. As they saw Kang-Ho slaughtering his way through the close quarter fighting hunters their blood ran cold. After witnessing Kang-Ho's power even the level 50 mage was having trouble concealing his own fear.

Slaughtering some more of the hunters Kang-Ho finally made his way to the ranged attackers. Some of the other hunters were trying to attack Kang-Ho but Kang-Ho didn't attack them back he just dodged their attack and went towards one ranged attacker after another. It was almost as if Kang-Ho was playing games with them, he didn't even care about their existence all that mattered to him now was to kill all the range attackers. After they were played around by Kang-Ho and had enough if it, the ranged attackers tried to provoke him by saying some stuffs, but even that didn't budge Kang-Ho from his goal.

All they could do was to watch as Kang-ho started his one-sided slaughter of the Choi guild's ranged hunters. When Kang-Ho started his attack some of the ranged attackers tried to runoff but Kang-Ho didn't give them any chance to run, as he started to target those hunters that tried to run. Watching all of this the mage who was bosting morale earlier was now shivering in fear. He didn't get his class on his own rather he took the magic pill that helped hunters to gain a class, so he was not that good at using some the skills, the pill had a severe side effect on the consumer which was that it would cripple their growth by a lot and the people who consumed this medicine for their class would be weaker than the normal level 50 people.

He knew if Kang-Ho targeted him he would not have a choice but to die so he started attacking like a mad man, hoping to kill Kang-Ho before he reaches him. But in Choi guild he was not the only one who consumed the pill there were many hunters in the guild like him who consumed this pill to gain the power. They knew that they didn't have a chance to get class normally, so the pill was the only thing that could fulfil their dream.

Only the Choi guild that provided so many of these pills to their members with these kind of pill in the entire Busan. That was the reason why they were able to attract so many people to join their guild, and most of them who joined the guild had total loyalty towards the guild because they gifted them the pill for free. They didn't care what Choi guild did in the market, they didn't care if they were seen as evil. Choi guild had provided them with a chance in their life which they could never have done themselves. They saw Choi guild as a source of light in the dark world, they would d anything to protect it.

"We must not let the market fall in the hands of the enemy we will give our lives to protect what's ours." Yelled the mage as he continued his attack. His words were like fuel to the fire for the other guild members, it ignited their fighting spirit again. They all started to attack Kang-Ho like some mad people. They were determined to kill Kang-Ho today. Kang-Ho was troubled by the increased attacks, he had to dodged attacks more often which slowed him down. Kang-Ho decided to kill the mage fist after the change of the event, he wasn't invincible be could also die if they managed to attack him in the vitals. So, his first priority was now to kill the mage.

Kang-Ho turned towards the mage He wanted to finish him as fast as he could, so he started running towards him. The mage didn't feel scared this time rather he had already forfeited his life when he decided to say those words.

Kang-Ho closed in on him and beheaded the mage with one strike, which made the surrounding people shudder, Kang-Ho was killing level 50 people like he was chopping cabbage. They couldn't not believe the level 50 mage could be killed so easily. For them it was lie a nightmare, they had now all the hopes they had to defeat Kang-Ho.


"So, when can start the work?��� asked Kim-Chul to fatty they were still having the chat between the co-operation of the guilds.

"Whene…." Fatty was just going to answer to the question that Kim-Chul asked but they heard one louder bang. Even after the meeting started the noise continued but this was enough, they had been talking for a while now but the fight had not finished yet. They were getting irritated.

"What the h**k is going on didn't you say there is just one person that is causing the trouble? Od you think this is a joke? You need so much time to subdue just one guy?" Yelled Kim-Chul, he had had enough of this the noises were getting louder as time passed by, they couldn't have even had a peaceful meeting. This meeting was very important of the future of both the guilds so this meeting was also very important. But the noises were just unbearable.

"I will go and check on the situation." said one o the man present there as he excused himself out of the room.

This guy was become their headache. As he came out of the room, fatty and Kim-Chul continued their talk about the partnership. After the guy left to see the situation there were not many noises, the entire place was silent, this gave them a little relief.

But after just some seconds they heard loud bangs on the door of their cabin. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Is he gone mad why is he knocking the door like a mad man." Said the fatty. As he was annoyed by the noise after a moment of silence.

"Open and see who it is." Said Kim-Chul.

One of the men opened the door. Right when they opened the door, the man from earlier who went to check the situation barged in. fear was apparent in his eyes, his behaviour seemed like he had just seen ghost. Kim Chul was about to ask what happened, but before him the man said something which made them all stand up.

"There is a blood bath outside, the single guy killed almost all of our forces outside." said the man with a very shacky voice.

"This is a joke, right?" asked the fatty, the fatty had sweats on his forehead, he knew the power pf the Choi guild members stationed in this market very clearly, he couldn't believe one guy by himself could kill that many hunters in just some minutes. His head exploded with thousands of thoughts.

"You guys didn't provoke any high-ranking guilds, right?" asked fatty as he thought the explanation would be that the man came from high ranking guilds. he could never imagine someone form Busan could accomplish this.

"DO you have sh*t in your head? Yu know we don't even associate with the high-ranking guilds let alone provoke them. We don't have time to think who it is we need to kill the bas**rd immediately. He shouldn't leave the market today in one piece. Let's go!" yelled Kim-Chul.

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