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74.64% The Hunter That Returned From Hell / Chapter 53: Tragedy

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Chapter 53: Tragedy

Ji-Won had it worst she had to listen to all the offer that the guilds were making when she was feeling extremely exhausted, she somehow endured the hour long talks of all the recruiters. But she didn't show her emotion when she listened to the offers, she just acted neutral when she heard all the offers.

She knew even if the guilds portrayed their offer as best, they could, there would surely be loopholes in the contacts that the guild would later on use to exploit her. So, she didn't accept the offers even if it seemed the awesome from hearing. If she were to join a guild, she wanted to be sure that whatever she signed was loopholes free, so that the guilds won't have the opportunity to exploit her. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

After hearing all the offers, she had to admit she was pleasantly surprised that even huge guilds wanted to recruit her. She never saw that coming it was a huge shock to her. But even so she didn't want to blindly trust even these high-level guilds because she had heard cases where these guilds took advantage of new hunters with great potential.

"Thank you for the offers, I am too exhausted right now, so I would like to have some time to think over. There are too many great offers, I want to choose what's best for me. Please provide me with your contact numbers so that I can contact you after I choose the guild I want to join." Ji-Won said tactfully, she didn't want to provoke any of the powers present here so she decided to take contact info from everyone present.

After she requested the info from everyone, everyone had a glimmer of hope that she would join their guild. Even if some of them were disappointed by her decision, they didn't show their disappointment, they knew if they acted inappropriately, she wouldn't even consider to join their guild. These people present here received huge profits from recruiting hunters with high potential so no one wanted to lose out on the chance.

Even if she didn't have a guild in her mind that she wanted to join, she still took all the info and left the place. She went straight to their shop as she knew her parents would be in the shop today as it was a working day.

Ji-Won didn't live in slums area even though her parents weren't poor they weren't rich either, they lived in the area where the middle-class people lived. The area wasn't too poor neither was it rich.

When she was relatively close to her house, she saw the glasses of her parent's stone were all broken, her heart skipped a beat. The place where their store was located usually had cases of robbery and theft, when she saw the condition of the store, she hoped her parents were fine.

She ran to the store, when she was in front of the store, she stopped she wanted to see if anyone was around. The entire area was empty, it was very suspicious, but she didn't have time to think about that. She slowly made it inside the store.


When she finally made it inside the store, she felt as if someone had torn her heart out with bare hand while she stood there. She lost all the strength of her body, it felt as if she had lost control of all of her body parts, she couldn't move a muscle. She stood there watching a pair of goblins, as they were eating her parent's body. Her parents had a horrified expression on their face before they dies, her father's hands and head were torn apart by one of the goblin, there was a bone beside the goblin, it seemed that that was one of the hands of her father as the other one was still in the goblin's mouth.

The other goblin seemed to have tore her mother's belly and was chomping down her internal organs, seeing this she stood there petrified. Two drops of tear ran down her cheeks, moment later that fear turned into endless rage she wanted to turn those goblins into fine meat paste, she wanted to make them suffer.

The goblins finally realised that someone was behind them when they heard the sword falling, they turned around while still chomping down on their food. Ji-Won picked her sword up and they started fighting the goblins were level 10 but she didn't care she just wanted to see them dead.

They fought for about 30 minutes, Ji-Won could have killed them faster but that wouldn't have calmed her rage down, she was slowly chopping the goblins into pieces, all they could do was scream in pain as they slowly lost their body parts.

If people watched this they would have been horrified as Ji-Won was covered in goblin blood and the entire store was too. She looked like an mad person when she fought the goblins. She had lost all the senses when she fought the goblins all that was in her mind was kill.

She continued the fight until she had no strength left in her body, when the goblins died, they had horror written all over their eyes. They died a miserable death. Even after killing them Ji-Won wasn't satisfied, she crawled over to her parent's side as she started weeping. She didn't even have strength to life an arm after the intense fight.

A shadow suddenly came behind her Ji-Won's back, she was too weak to notice that, the shadow suddenly hit her in the head which made her slowly lose consciousness.

"Wow, it seems we are going to be extremely rich today. I never expected to come across this kind of beauty in this dump hole. We would surely get at least 100,000$ if we sold her in the market as a slave." Said the person who hit Ji-Won. One more guy came in to the store after him.

"Brad, don't you think it would be a waste if we don't taste the item first before selling?" asked the other guy with dissatisfaction.

"Shut the F**K up Chad, didn't you see how she fought those goblins? You think you are a match for her? With both our combined strength we could barely fight off both the goblins, she played with them like they were some kind of child. And also, if we sold her like this, she would be sold for 10 times more money in the market anyway, we won't need to use goblins to earn money for quite some time." Said the guy named Brad.

"It's true, it's so easy to fool the hunter's associating with these kinds of cheap tricks. Who would have thought? This wouldn't have been possible if we didn't get support from the Fighter guild." said the guy named chad.

They continued their talks and started to clean up all the evidence of them being here. But they made a severe mistake Ji-Won wasn't totally unconscious when they talked about this, she could still hear what they were talking about.

Ji-Won knew these guys they used to help around her parents in the shop and the neighbours they were orphaned brothers, they lived in this area. She also knew about the Fighter guild they were one of the small-time guilds in the area.

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