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Chapter 33: Unrest



Suddenly Moon Jung's phone started ringing. When he picked up the phone to see who was calling, it turned out to be his father's call. Moon Jung started to panic. He was always scared whenever his father called, most of the time it was because his father wanted him come back for some work he didn't want to do. His father would always dump all boring jobs to him.

After thinking of an excuse which he could make to his father, Moon Jung finally picked the phone up. He calmed himself down.

"Father?" he asked after calming himself down.

"Where are you right now?" asked his father.

"I am in Busan remember I am going to a mass dungeon with a friend, I told you." Said Moon Jung, he started sweating. He didn't want to miss this mass dungeon; from the secret report he had heard the dungeon was bigger than 3 cities combined. That was three times the normal size of a level 3 mass dungeon. This was a once in a lifetime deal, he couldn't miss going to this special dungeon. He would regret it forever.

Thinking about that, Moon Jung steeled his heart. He would fight his father, for the chance to enter the dungeon. There was one other option he could tell his father that the dungeon was special, but if he did that his father would claim the dungeon for himself. His father would only let people under him enter the dungeon, he wouldn't even let Moon Jung's friends who told him about the dungeon enter the dungeon. So, for Moon Jung this was not an option. He didn't want to betray the trust of his friends who informed him about the oddity of the Mass Dungeon.

"I know that, have you visited Yi family?" asked his father. After hearing his father Moon Jung sighed in relief. At least he could enter the Mass Dungeon without a problem. After hearing the question, he finally remembered that his father had sent a gift for Kang-Ho's father. Last time he forgot to deliver the gift.

"Ah, yes I went there yesterday but I forgot to take the gift." Said Moon Jung.

"Are you dumb? I told you to deliver the gift immediately after reaching Busan." Yelled his father. Moon Jung panicked after hearing his father screamed at him.

"Sorry, I will go immediately and deliver the gift." Said Moon Jung, he had no choice, he didn't want to be called back to Seoul.

"Go, now!" Yelled his father again, then hung up the phone.

After sighing of relief, Moon Jung started to get dressed. He was relaxing at home when his father called, he was still little hungover from last night.


On the other side inside the Choi guild, Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

"Go call the Yeo Shik and Yeo Shin. They are twin brother from the second hunting division. Make sure that you don't alert the moles inside the guild." said a man who was clearly one of the top-ranking officers of Choi guild to his assistant. His name was Pak Kyung, as written on the name plate on the table.

"Yes, sir!" said the assistant, as she bowed and left the room.

After some time two men in their 30's entered the room. After entering they bowed towards Pak Kung.

"I have a mission for you, you need to kill 3 civilians." Said Pak Kyung.

The duo was surprised for a moment, even sweating a little. They knew that this want a request, they would have to do this mission after hearing the that, or else the guild would take care of them. They would be a security risk for the guild after listening to the request, so the guild would silence them immediately. But still they couldn't help but feel a little scared, on one hand if they did this job, they would be hunted by the hunter's association ad on the other hand if they refused, they would be chased by their own guild. Neither options were desirable, as they would lose their life in the end.

They started to panic after thinking for a while, they were suddenly placed between a rock and a hard place. They wanted to just live their life peacefully but now they didn't have any options. This was the worst day of their life.

"Don't worry too much, the targets are living in the slums, we have managed to gather some non-hunters too. They would attack the restaurant of the target; you guys will be hiding in the midst of the crowd. Your job is to make sure that the targets are killed that's all. We have checked the perimeters carefully, there are no signs of any hunter association's puppet in that slum. You just need to be careful and not use too much powers there. There is only 1% chance of the hunter association finding you out as a culprit." Said Pak Kyung after seeing them panic after hearing about the mission. He understood their concerns, the risks of the job were extremely high.

"As for the compensation, the guild master himself is willing to give you guys 2 bottle of breakthrough potions. Seeing that you guys are 49 level and struggling to get a class, the guild master is willing to give you the precious breakthrough potion. Just imagine what you guys would be able to achieve after gaining a class. This is a once in a lifetime offer, if you reject this you would regret this for the rest of your life." Said Pak Kyung, he was very serious on the point that this mission was very important and the rewards were also attractive.

The duo was a little worried after hearing about the reward they would receive from the job. If they just had to kill 3 poor people from slums, the guild wouldn't provide, that big of a reward. The breakthrough potion was a kind of potion which could help them both achieve a class. These kinds of potions were very expensive and limited in numbers. You can count the people who can create these potions with your hand.

That's the main reason why the duo was very surprised. They couldn't believe what they were hearing. There were no free meals in this world, you couldn't expect anyone to help you for nothing. They both contemplated about the mission. After some time of thinking, the worried look in their face were gone as if they never existed. They just had sinister smile present in their faces right now. They looked very creepy from up closely.

"We will do it." Said Yeo Shik and Shin simultaneously, after hearing about hearing about the rewards they could not help themselves and agreed to the mission. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for them. What Pak Kyung said earlier about, they would regret it if they didn't accept the mission was very true. It has been 1 year since they became level 49. They couldn't breakthrough even now. If they had the help of the break through potion, they could finally break the chain that were holding them down. Yes, they would suffer a little side effect but that was still worth it, if they became level 50.

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