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Chapter 44: Visiting The Market

Kang-Ho knew what Won-Soo was trying to do but he didn't really care about what may happen to him if he was chased down by so many hunters, the only thing he cared about was to destroy the entire Choi guild through and through. He didn't care if he had to fight Busan or the world as the consequence, he would do it anyway. They had dared to attack his family, he didn't care if he killed innocent people in as a consequence, he was not a hero. He would go to any length necessary to protect his family.

Kang-Ho listened to all the details that Won-Soo had to say about the Choi-Guild. From what he learned from Won-Soo it seemed that Choi guild was also involved in many types of activities that the hunter association couldn't tolerate like trafficking of normal humans, forced prostitution, etc. He mentioned that the presence of hunter association didn't mean much in Busan, the hunters deployed here by the hunter's association were just too weak to interfere in their affairs. Some of the hunter association's managing staffs present in Busan were paid huge sums to keep their secret in wraps, so the main branch had no Idea what was going on here in Busan.


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After getting all the information he needed to hunt these markets ran by the Choi guild, Kang-Ho had no use of Won-Soo so he swiftly beheaded him. Won-Soo had provided him very important key pieces of information, so Kang-Ho decided to kill him instantly as a reward. After he was done killing them, he got rid of the blood on his daggers and sheathed it, after that he wore a mask. He was going to a market, it was sure that there would be a lot of people, so he didn't want them to take his photos while he killed destroyed the market, he didn't care about his life but rather he worried about his family. He didn't want his enemy to attack his family to take revenge on him. His family's safety came first for him. His family was the only weakness he had.


After Kang-Ho was ready, he used his stealth skill and began heading toward the market. It didn't take too long for Kang-Ho to reach the suburbs where the market was located. When he reached there, most of the people present in the market were wearing mask to cover their face.

As Kang-Ho made his way towards the middle of the market Kang-Ho saw many disgusting things, like some people were auctioning a female that looked half dead from the injuries on her body. But the eye of that girl told a totally different story, it seemed like the eyes of the girl were filled of flames of revenge, she wanted to devour everyone present at the auction.

"Welcome everyone, today we have a premium product for the auction, she is a vir*in, I saved the best product for the last. This is the final item of the auction, although she may seem dirty and full of wounds trust me, once you cleaned and healed her up you would have yourself a very pretty vir*in beauty. She is even a level 10 hunter we had to sacrifice some of our men to subdue this bit*h. The starting bis will be 100,000$ and only the increment of 1000$ shall be counted." Said the auctioneer and began the auction.

Kang-Ho was watching the dark side of the human society in front of his eyes, but he didn't really care. After living in a place like Hell, he believed that only the survivors could call themselves strong, and only the strong had the right to survive, he believed that even if he saved a "innocent" person from a "Bad" Person, that "innocent" person would still be killed\exploited by some other "Bad" person later in his\her life. That's how the world worked if you don't fight for your own rights, don't expect anyone else to do it for them. At the end of the day Kang-Ho didn't believe in the concept of there being "Good" and "Bad" in the world, at the end of the day they were all predators looking to devour each other for their own selfish reasons and to survive, the one who survives is held as strong and gets to dictate the narrative of the story.

So, he wouldn't go and help someone who can't help themselves. He didn't care what the situation was. He didn't wait there for much long as he had much better things to do. From the crowd he made his way to the headquarter where Choi guild's hunters were stationed. From what Won-Soo mentioned all most of the business here were Choi guild's only few of them were run by other guilds. He also mentioned the fact that most of the high-level guilds had many ways of income which could bring them fortune so most of them didn't care about running these kinds of illegal businesses, they mostly focused on building their reputation to attract more hunters. That's the reason why low-level guilds like Choi guilds had the monopoly over these kinds of illegal businesses.

After some time, Kang-Ho finally arrived at the building mentioned by Won-Soo. The building was located in the dirtiest part of the town, you could see rotting dead body floating in a sewage, the whole place stank of rotting dead body. The place was truly disgusting, the place was surrounded by many different buildings, the place was very dark.

'I need to finish this quickly.' Kang-ho thought as he was not the fan of disgusting place like this.

He entered the building, inside he saw a group of masked men playing cards. Kang-ho was not discreet while entering the building, he was well aware of the strength of the people.

"Who are you? This place is off limit, didn't you see a dead body outside? That was a warning sign for anyone looking to trespass, don't blame us for being ruthless." Said one of the guys as all of them took their weapons out, the whole place was reeking of alcohol, most of them were so drunk they could barely stand. The only person that wasn't drunk was the guy that spoke up when Kang-Ho entered. Kang-ho didn't bother answering to them. They were just guards guarding the building so he decided to make it quick. he took his daggers out of his storage ring.

"What a nice day a storage ring came to me by itself. Hey guys I am calling the dibs on the ring." Said one of the drunk guys.

"Shut up! If you don't want to die by my hands go take care of the bastard, I don't have time to play with kids." Said the guy who spoke first.

"Yes Sir!" yelled the drunk guy as he ran towards Kang-Ho.

Kang-ho stood there while watching the drunk guy trying to run to him, the guy was so drunk he couldn't even run properly.










The man came close to Kang-Ho and swung his sword, Kang-Ho just blocked the attack as it wasn't too powerful. After blocking the guy Kang-Ho swung his dagger at the guy multiple times, after he was done slicing, the parts of his body fell to the ground and the entire area was covered in pool of blood.

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