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Chapter 55: Wolf

After wearing the mask, the girl saw the sword that the bodyguard leader was using she liked the sword so she picked it up and left the scene. The girl was impressed by the sword so she took it. after that she one by one searched the dead people's pocket for some money.

She would need some money to enter dungeon, she knew if she wanted to get her revenge, she had to get strong first. She got quite a bit of loot from the people there, especially the fat guy he was totally loaded. After she was done, she left the scene she didn't want to linger around that place longer.

On the other hand, Kang-Ho was making his way to the other market, the weather was also nice, it was just perfect for a blood bath. The sky was becoming dark, the darker it got the more advantage he would have.

Today after seeing the girl Kang-Ho was suddenly reminded of the hell, specifically the even that happened just 1 week after he arrived at that place.


It was night time in the hell, you could hear loud howls and sounds of running, the night was especially scary because of the howls. If any normal people heard this kind of howl, they would lose the power to move. Kang-Ho was now used to these kinds of howl he wasn't that affected by it. but when he first arrived, he could not sleep because of these noises he was too scared.

Normally Kang-Ho didn't dare to venture out of the cave he found by chance after dark. He usually finished his work before dark and went inside the cave. The cave's entrance was little too small, he could barely get in but the inside was quite spacious. The inside was quite bit it was bigger than a normal room.

Because of the cave's small entrance, the predators outside didn't really care about the cave. This was the best place for Kang-Ho to hide. This place kept him safe from the dangers outside.

'If I could have food delivered inside the cave, I would never leave the cave' Kang-Ho always thought in the morning when he got hungry. He was too scared of the predators outside. they were huge a normal wolf was even bigger than a bear found on earth. What kind of logic was that?

But fortunately, these kinds of predators only roamed in the dark. Night time was the best time for them to hunt as they would become faster in the dark.

Kang-Ho knew if these kinds of predators were to run behind his back, he wouldn't even notice them, he had witnessed many of the monsters with his own eyes running around in the night through his cave hole. Whenever they passed by, they made no noise at all it was as if they didn't wave any weight. It almost seemed like they floated in the air.

The place he was living right now mostly had these kinds of wolves, it was as if they ruled the place, at night that is. Normally he would see many different kinds of animals in the morning but he could only see these wolves at night. Find authorized novels in Webnovel, faster updates, better experience, Please click <a href=""></a> for visiting.

Tonight Kang-Ho was too hungry he didn't find food in the morning, he clenched his stomach and slept hoping he would find something to eat the next day.

In the morning next day Kang-Ho woke up early, as he was too hungry. The sun was yet to come up he decided to go out in search of food. He wasn't worried about the wolves as they would disappear by this time after having their meal.

He made his way through the jungle in search for food. He searched for about for food about 3 hours after not finding anything, he was disappointed but suddenly he found a plant he ate some days ago. These plants were the favourite food of the rabbit with huge fangs he encountered when he came here first. Seeing them eat that he figured that the plants didn't contain poison, so he tried the plant and surprisingly they were delicious so today he decided to eat the plant.

After eating these plants, Kang-Ho didn't know why but he felt satisfied, he couldn't quite explain the feeling he got after eating these plants. Ever since he came to this place something was happening to his body which he couldn't explain, he felt as if his strength, speed, senses everything were rising along with that he could also feel things he never felt before, like something was flowing through his body, something different, something he couldn't touch nor see he could just feel it.

Whenever he killed something, he would feel his strength growing, it felt like he was growing crazy. How can someone's strength grow by just killing something? He felt like he had some brain issue, when he thought that his strength was increasing by killing.

The forest was eerily quiet today as he couldn't find a single animal today, he thought that the wolfs might have hunted a lot of the animals yesterday night. He hoped he could get his hands on some meat before night, he didn't think he would get the energy needed for daily work by just eating some plants.

Kang-Ho quickly came to the only river near his cave, ever since he came here Kang-Ho didn't venture far from his cave. He didn't want to risk his life as he had seen the wolves, he didn't even want to know predators waited outside of this area. He could at least get food in this area. He felt extremely safe in this place as he had never seen the wolves roaming out in the morning.

The thought as long as he stayed inside the cave in the night, he could survive the place. After coming to the river side, Kang-Ho found some dried-up wood and dried bushes, he started o light the fire up. While he was on earth, he loved camping so he taught himself how to light fire with stones or other medieval ways.

Surprisingly when Kang-Ho when arrived in the place he was completely naked as if his clothes were left back on earth. He was depressed for quite some time but, he was used to staying in jungles so it wasn't too difficult for him to adapt to the situation. he wanted to return to his family, so he could never give up, he thought. Kang-Ho was very determined he would never give up; he would never bow down to anyone. That was the kind of guy he was.

After starting the fire, Kang-Ho boiled the water in some kind of cup made up of stone, he had accidently come across the cup he took it he knew it would come in handy. He first washed the plant and started to boil it; he didn't want to get sick so he boiled it first to kill any germs present in the plant.

Whenever he would boil this plant, the plant would give off a very nice smell, he loved the smell. Sometimes the smell would attract some nearby animals, he was hoping something would come his way today too, he was ready with his dagger. Right then he hears rustle from the other side of the river.

'F**K why did it have to come from there I can't get to it, I want meat' he thought, he was disappointed as he never went to other side of the river, he didn't want to risk it.

Right then he saw a head pop out of the bushes, it was a wolf.

"F**K!" he yelped.

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