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100% The Story Of San & Wil [ BL ] / Chapter 21: Chapter 19

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Chapter 21: Chapter 19

*Somewhere in Italy*

" From now on I will train you how to become Jann, " Said the mother to her daughter

" What does that mean, mother? "

" It means from now on you have to live like Jann not as Ary anymore " with slowly the mother stroked Ary's hair.

" But mother, why do I have to live like my twin sister? " Ary asked her mother whom she had not seen in decades

When her father was alive her father didn't like to mention about her mother so Ary didn't know how her mother's character was like.

Her father had only ever said that she had a twin sister and she lived with their mother in Thailand.

Ary barely knew about her mother and twin sister

Several times, Ary wanted to go back to Thailand to find them but her father didn't allow her to do so

Ary also wondered why her mother had never been looking for her all this time?

" Of course because San only loves Jann " Her mother answered

" But mother I can make San fall in love with me too "

Her mother chuckled and said

" Don't be stupid, if he can fall in love with other people, you think to yourself after Jann died, so many people in and out in San's life yet he never found someone "

Ary feels her mother's words made sense too if San could fall in love with someone else maybe he already had someone a long time ago.

It couldn't be her turn.

The mother saw her daughter digesting her words she sounded again

" San still can't forget about Jann " she stopped and slowly lifted Ary's chin then continued

" You should be grateful that you looks like Jann otherwise you think you will stand a chance to be close to him "

Don't know why but Ary felt a sadness rise in her heart.


Continue Wil Pov

San lifted my chin and was forced to face him. I can't guess his current expression my heart is still beating nonstop and getting louder every second. Since he brought himself so close to me I will take this opportunity to look at him more clearly

I didn't care anything around me I just silently stare at him from his eyelashes to his sharp nose and I stop at his pink thin lips.

If I kiss those lips what it feels like

The longer I stared at it I felt I was starting to lose my mind and a voice kept telling me

" kiss him, kiss him people you like so close to you if you don't take this opportunity then when again ? "

Then I saw his lips change shape like he was about said something

" I asked, you really ....—— "

I can no longer go against my will. I closed my eyes and brought my pouted lips to his

Because of my sudden action, San was forced to swallow back the words he wanted to say

And everything happens so quickly

When I parted my lips from San I found him staring at me in shock

San also let go of his hands that on my waist

I saw San didn't run away I slowly rested my forehead against his muscular chest and say

" My life is sad enough "

Love, money, family nothing is going well for me

I tried to be strong all this time. After my father went bankrupt, I went looking for a job from one company to another but no one wanted to hire me and because of my father's bankruptcy, my so-called friends show their true colors stay away from me as far as they can as If I'm the dirt they have to get rid of in their life. Even so, I still face my life with a smile.

Then my boyfriend broke up with me and married another woman because I was no longer of use to him. I was broken from the inside out. Once again, I face it all with a smile

And when my father finds out I'm gay because of my ex-bf's woman still I never thought of taking revenge on them

Since then my father started beating me because he couldn't accept his only son sexuality

I still don't hate him. I'm sure one day my father will change his view of me

Problems come one by one in my life again and again I faced it all with a smile because I believe one day it will be my turn to be happy

But ever since I fell in love with San and he couldn't return my feelings

I have started to lose faith that I will be happy

I felt I'm not as strong as before

In my life, I didn't do anything that hurt people just why can't life let go of me ?.

Now I just wish myself not to fall too deep. I'm really fed up with this life. If I could choose to be reborn I would choose to be a heartless person

Then all the problems I face now will never exist including my feelings that worthlessness in the eyes of others.


San didn't make a sound so I continued what was in my heart but not all

" I will pay off my debt and leave you. I will go to a place where you can't find me and at that time even though you cry and kneel in front of me asking me to return is also useless "

I'm not drunk but why do my words sound drunk?

Oh right, I've been drunk for a long time since falling in love with this guy.

" I won't let you Wil "

* End Of Wil Pov *

The next day Wil woke up very early to clean the house and wash clothes .

San is his boss now because he already

promised San that he would pay off his debt by cleaning his house , washing his clothes and making food for him everyday . In short , he is San's personal maid now .

Being a maid is his part time job since Wil knew it is impossible for him to pay off that damn 10 million bath just by being San's maid so he decided would take 80% of his salary to pay San since he neither smokes nor does shopping.

So he's not that extravagant

Besides, his mother now stay with her aunt on the island so he can send money to her mother later and about his father, Wil plans to go home to visit his father when he off work . No matter how mean his father was to him Wil still didn't have the heart to abandon his father.

Wil also had a thought that he should sell his condo to ease the debt.

After making sure the whole house was clean and had washed all the clothes, Wil went to the kitchen to make breakfast for San while waiting San to come down.

Because the effect of being alone in the kitchen brought him back to remember what happened last night between him and San

Slowly Wil touched his lips and slapped himself said angrily

" Are you seeking your own death , Wil ? how could you kiss your boss ? .. not only kissing him but also slapping him with your own hands "

*flashback* ( Wil Pov )

" I won't let you Wil " San said in a hoarse voice

These words again . Hearing that made me angry. I then raised my head and looked at San with an uncontrollable mood "Do K.San mean even though I have paid off my debt, you still won't let me go? "

San silently looked into my eyes and nodded

' Plak ' a sound was heard

I barely had a chance to think of my actions all I know is, I've raised my hand and landed it on San's cheek as hard as I could and I put out three words before walking away " You selfish bastard "

*end of flashback * ( End Of Wil Pov )

Last night , after slapping San Wil stayed up late couldn't even close his eyes plus his hand shaking all night how can he sleep peacefully?

Remembering that he had raised his hand and threw it on San's handsome face gave him goosebumps all over his body

He didn't even know how San's expression looks like at that time when he leaving San alone in the bathroom after slapping him.

" You really have guts huh, Wil ? " Wil back and forth in the kitchen alone for a second pulling his own hair a second later knocking his own head hoping last night was just a dream

And at that time, the sound of the bell rang stopped his dramatic movements.

Wil looked at the clock direction pointing 7:20am now he frowned and muttered " who came this early ? "

Wil walked towards the door and opened it he saw a young man who taller than him was putting a smile on his handsome face greeted " Good morning krub P'Wil "

Wil smiles and called " Nong Daw "

Daw brings his hand out which is hiding behind and holds a rose " For you P'Wil "

Wil looked at the rose held by Daw then back his gaze on Daw " For me ? "

" Krub " with a silly smile Daw answered

Even though Daw looks suspicious to Wil but in the end he still accepts the rose from him and said politely " Thank you na , let's get in "

Wil invited Daw in and somehow tripped his leg which almost made him fall down.

Daw who was behind Wil immediately grabbed Wil's hand which managed prevent Wil from falling but the result made Wil so close to him that he suspected he might have a heart attack at the moment.

San, who had finished taking a shower, was standing half naked in front of the mirror

His half-naked self reveals his well-built body with 6 pack abs and snake with lotus tattoo covering his back which perfectly hidden all this time.

San looks at himself in the mirror then touches his cheek that slapped by Wil last night and suddenly the corner of his mouth twitched into his cheek.

Looks like one slap from Wil made him lose his mind.

After finishing dressed up San in a good mood went downstairs and he couldn't wait to taste the breakfast made by Wil for him but who knows in halfway he saw a scene that totally changes his good mood .

San felt his whole body is burning he clenched his fists tightly as if he wanted to punch someone on the spot.

San gritted his teeth angrily and headed towards the two people who were standing very close to each other and pulled one of them to his side

The innocent Wil who did not realize San's presence felt himself being pulled by a very strong force from Daw's side.

Then, Wil found San gave a black look at Daw

" Daw , what are you doing here so early ? "

asked San in a tone that sounded displeased.

Daw curved his lips upwards remained calm dealing with his older brother and said

" I came with a message from grandma, and of course I came to visit P'San and .... " Daw stopped for a second and shifted his gaze to the person beside his brother

" P'Wil " Daw smile even more widely at Wil

On other hand, Wil's felt pain in his wrist as San's grip grew stronger .

Wil looked at San then looked at Daw he felt the atmosphere between these two brothers was not right and he wondered why ? .

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