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Only charging 500 for a dish that costs 296??? Dude’s gunna go bankrupt real fast.... View More
A Stay-at-home Dad's Restaurant In An Alternate World · C9
4 months ago
Reading Status: C31
Supposedly the writing quality picks up after 50+ chapters... unfortunately I couldn’t get that far.

@Author, you should take some time review and rewrite your beginning. The story is moderately interesting, but is riddled with mistakes. Minor grammar issues aside (comma usage in particular), the inconsistent mechanics/plot holes and the improper tense usage might seem like niggling things, but they end up completely detracting from the overall quality and experience.

If I’m honest, the tense usage in the first chapter was bad enough I almost completely dropped the story then and there for fear of MTL. That definitely needs to be fixed as first impressions matter. Keep it simple, stick to one narrative tense; past or present. In the end though, it was that third or fourth time I noticed that you completely forgot/messed up details of your own story, that made me kind of not really want to continue reading it the next day. If I, the reader, feel like you, the creator, didn’t really care enough to keep your story straight, it ends up pretty damn discouraging. View More
Rise of The Undead Legion
4 months ago
Can I give negative powers stones that drop the rating? I’d be ok even if they cost 2x as much.... Heck... I might even be willing to do soul stones if they made sure the author didn’t get paid for this kind of crap... View More
Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C96
4 months ago
Magnitude 13 Earthquake.... I’m pretty sure the earth would basically split in half at 11 or 12.... View More
Battle Frenzy · C1
4 months ago
Their national education is pretty much slanted to teach the Chinese that the Japanese are to be disliked and hated.

It’s a decently similar thing to what happens in the US when history classes teach about British or the American actions during their period of colonization in which they gloss over the Native American massacres, or how for at least the last few decades, the US has pretty much had a bomb first, figure out a justification later stance towards the Middle East. Historical revisionism is not a rare thing.

In particular, resentment still exists over incidents like the Rape of Nanking because it was near enough that survivors of it and their children still exist. Combined with the hyper conservatism, nationalism, and anti-immigration sentiments that seem to be on the rise globally, more or less the exact same things are happening in the neighboring countries of Korea and Japan as well, and due to that close proximity, their historical disputes go back for millennia. View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C183
6 months ago
To be fair, he probably doesn’t remember it either, View More

amp323: A better option would be the girl from the library who's getting an MBA. Forgot her name...

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C85
6 months ago
To be fair, this guy didn’t have a Weibo account until a few weeks ago, and he only used it to respond to that blogger. so it’s not that much of a surprise if he forgets about it.

No matter how intelligent you are, if something’s not in your scope of awareness or field of concern, it’s hard to pay attention to or remember.

In fact, it’s a pretty common theme that the greatest of minds and figures among us, generally have just as great flaws when it comes to certain other things that are normally considered common sense. View More

Geraldrold: I find it stupid when "genius" characters forget that they are "genius" and dont realise that they have a large socialmedia following....

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C50
7 months ago
Reading Status: C133
Passable read and system. Things to watch out for:
Extreme racism and lazy filler/word count stretching.

How racist? At one point the MC literally describes a woman’s figure as having the sole defect of having western features... After an arc of explaining how Chinese genes are the best and how white people are racist Nazis...

How much filler? Author will repeat completely banal sentences multiple times across the beginning and end of chapters and will very often spend about three chapters to describe something that could have taken one.

I’ve read a lot of filler filled novels on here, but this is definitely amongst the tip of the top.

Read if you don’t mind skimming across most of the content. View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes
7 months ago
It only needs two to three hours to return to earth but it needed repeating two to three times across multiple chapters... Author sure is stretching his word count... View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C133
7 months ago

Erectin_A_River: Substituto Country of Darkness by USSR and Country of Light by the USA, and the Munn Kingdom for the CCP. This is soft propaganda. “Nothing wrong with totalitarianism, you people with democracies are hyppocrites.” is essentially the message here. Try the China Uncensored youtube channel.

Summoning the Holy Sword · C61
8 months ago
No... it actually kind of makes sense...

it’s like there’s a high school student in a poor school, who habitually was in detention and got bad grades for never doing their homework, but suddenly in their final year they scored 95th percentile on all their final exams/SATs. And then they decide they want to try to apply to a good school.

And then there’s this teacher or principal who looks at them, and knows they’ve always been a trouble maker, and decides that no matter how well they tested, they’re still trash, coming from a trash school, and all they’ll ever be is trash, so they may as well not take up the slot of a “good” student, and goes out of their way to torpedo them and write negative letters of recommendations to anywhere that student applies to.

This happens in real life—it actually more or less happened to my friend—so it’s not too much of a stretch to believe in a story.

On top of that, from his perspective, a guy with a 1.5 vitality stat when he’s probably at 40+ and most university kids are hinted at being at like 10+, is basically nothing. View More

DreadWolf84: Somehow this kid has figured out our MC is worth investing in, yet not one ***** or the Butler has figured it out? They wouldn’t be insisting on sending him to the factory in the first place...the complete lack of all logic in the ***** thinking in this story is really starting to get grating. Came for the cultivation system, love that part of this, but it’s being drowned by the rest of the story.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C44
8 months ago
Clearly you haven’t read very far. Dude starts full on creeping on her, obsessing over how thin and soft her feet and legs are, getting excited about cutting class so he can go to her school and watch her during P.E., making sexually teasing remarks, playing with th idea of kissing her/more, etc. This is NOT about how she *will* look, this is about her *now*.

Beyond that, MULTIPLE characters comment on how they assumed that MC and the little girl being a romantic thing was not a possibility given thier difference in ages, and her age in particular (e.g. his grandma, Class President, the school advisor)

Even the main character himself has a moment where he realizes: “wait.. when I was in 8th grade, she was in 3rd... this is f’ing weird...”

Even to the logic of the book, this is not anywhere near normal.

An age gap is fine. Even the engagement itself is understandable given the circumstances, but what is not is having those kind of thoughts towards a girl who is basically mentally a 11 year old (she’s far less mature than her actual age and it’s specifically pointed out that even at 15 she’s only vaguely aware of sexual matters; meanwhile he’s full on creeping on her at times)...

For everyone saying “what’s underage”, in China, where this is taking place, the MINIMUM age for marriage is 22 (males), and 20 (female). It is considered taboo to have a high school sweetheart, and some schools will go as far as to expell kids for it if they are caught.

I’ll be honest, I read this being somewhat optimistic, not realizing it was a harem, and then just got slowly more and more grossed out as I realized how many perverted scenes the author was trying to sneak in. View More

Cloux: When she is described as sexy it is talking about how she will look not how she looks at the time. Also the age gap between the the mc and his fiancee may seem big at first but in 5-10 years it wont be that big of a deal. Lots of married people have an age gap of a few years and somtimes more.

Dragon King's Son-In-Law
8 months ago

Ame: I droped this as soon as I read the kid character being described as sexy. This is pedo bait for lolicons who are into grooming. In fact, I expect the rest of this novel to a bunch of pedo pandering. This is not the kind of content I want to see on webnovel.

Dragon King's Son-In-Law
8 months ago

dustyruss: It boggles the mind how this novel isnt ranked higher-up.

Kingdom's Bloodline · C108
1 year ago
A few hundred chapters later they mention that they intentionally made it so you had type to teammates so the audience would be able to visibly distinguish and read each teams communications in real time.

It’s still dumb. View More

dansen: Yeah, the rules got changed because of Huang Shaotian. Not being able to voice chat with your teammates is dumb though.

The King's Avatar · C822
1 year ago

Panda_Daoist: Extremely disappointed that the author completely skipped the birthday and only used it as a segway to the next incident. Author is missing opportunities to really develop the character and his relationships in this story.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C711
1 year ago

Eternal2145: How does he know what happens when the assassins fail if they have never failed?🤔🤔😞

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C711
1 year ago
This... was a complete and total waste of a chapter, View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C705
1 year ago
Nah, it actually makes perfect sense that he would avoid using it because he knows that The Underground explicitly started targeting him because of the flam (which is why he started using Black Flames identity instead ). I more or less give the author a pass on this one (except that time when he was trapped in the cave thing with only core members who already knew he was both identities)

HOWEVER, that does not at all explain why he keeps using his other obviously exclusive and flashy a heck skills like the lightning fire triple slash thing, View More

Tastytomes: The only explanation that makes any remote sense is that he avoided their use as a means of self improvement. Otherwise its complete idiocy

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C507
1 year ago
If you’ve played a ******** grinding game with brutal death penalties where the only people who really played the game were mostly maladjusted geeks who could only escape to the internet...

Sadly, that kind of behavior wasn’t unheard of. A bit extreme for sure, but some people took themselves waaaaaaaay too seriously. View More

kumadam: Do people really rage that much in gaming worlds? At most people will report and ask other to do the same while spreading the words at most right? Not everyone is mentally challenged enough to be like the people in this kind of novel right? Well I sure am glad that I didn’t meet that kind of people yet, I’ve dealt with a few that talk trash but non that curses like this dude. It’s a pity we’ll always meet people like that in this sort of novel when there are literally millions of people playing those games..

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C20
1 year ago
A completely game breaking item that alters stat growth... alright.. confirmed.. straight up stealing from Rebirth of the Thief who Roamed the World... View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C17
1 year ago
I’m calling BS on the leveling speed.
As someone who’s been doing MMORPGs since EveQuest, I remember the days when the starter levels were a massive grind (I’m thinking of you FFXI... like 45 minutes to go from level 2 to 3 on a white mage) and even *they* were never anywhere near as bad as 6 hours for a starter level.

Common sense says: If you want a massive player base, don’t bore them the heck away before they have a chance to enjoy the game.

That was actually EXACTLY what WoW did right and what was behind their meteoric rise and dominance.

They intelligently realized that they could put out free trials and if they make the early levels nearly as easy as possible, making sure players got lots of loot and rewards and the feeling like they were dominating everything, they’ll have so much fun that by the time they have to fork out cash, they’ll already have become long since addicted to the game.

I don’t believe that 30 years after WoW, someone would be stupid enough to screw themselves over in a game like that.

Even games like Darksouls make adjustments for beginner difficulty. View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C4
1 year ago

Alkiran: Man... Servant boy, bi curious boy, fatty, restaurant girl, dumb dog, and now dumb girl dog.... Dude goes through more sidekicks than Batman

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain · C172
1 year ago

Alkiran: I'm someone who's all for lore and cut his teeth on overly convoluted and verbose fantasy sagas like the WoT and Sword of Truth... but even i definitely felt my eyes glaze over for about 70% of this chapter.

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C67
1 year ago

Alkiran: Frustrating. Woke up, read a chapter. Cliff.

Turned in for the night, read a chapter. Continuation of the same cliff.

Why would you back to back cliff people?

Library of Heaven's Path · C243
1 year ago

Alkiran: Wait... so how old is this MC? 10 years old?

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C2
1 year ago

Alkiran: I mean... I Really Am A Superstar is up to like fifteen-hundred chapters+...

If you think about it... shameless and thick-skinned are the two words that they both seem to love most.

Library of Heaven's Path · C362
1 year ago

Alkiran: Wait... is that girl literally complaining about having to memorize the names of a bunch of guys who literally have their names written on their backs?

Also... If you can't memorize the rules... wtf you doing commentating on a sport? Everyone else has to build themselves up doing that **** for free, basically out of passion (knows irl broadcast majors who work in sports). Clearly the author's out of touch with sports, let alone broadcast journalism <.<

I’m Really a Superstar · C852
1 year ago

Alkiran: Wait... so how old is this MC? 10 years old?

Forty Millenniums of Cultivation · C2
1 year ago

Alkiran: I mean... I Really Am A Superstar is up to like fifteen-hundred chapters+...

If you think about it... shameless and thick-skinned are the two words that they both seem to love most.

Library of Heaven's Path · C362
1 year ago
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