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??? why say that on my comment View More

Roarrrrr: The content has been deleted

Reborn as Naruto's Twin Brother · C8
1 week ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Grimoire View More
The King's Avatar · C1
1 week ago

dazii: Dream spirit where you don't need to be awake to control, manipulate anyone leading to the state of altering reality

A Lazy Man's Adventure · C2
2 weeks ago

Kyoang: Smh..... This guy with his wishes.....

Your wishes are bad!!!

My wishes for example are:

1. A cultivation method where as I only need to sleep to cultivate.

2. Where as the longer I dream, the more experience I get with fighting and such.

3. That I can stop time

4. A system guide equiped with convinient stuff such as appraisal/map

5. Each of my dreams takes 10.000 years to complete and the time will add to my spirit rings.
(10.000 years = 1 dream = 12 hour of sleep? Sort of)

6. Able to choose a specific spirit ring every time I am eligable to add one. (I can choose for example: Supreme thunder demon spirit ring)

7. Sleep traps: If I am asleep a defensive mechanism will activate where nobody can hurt me and will receive their own attacks back by 5 times the damage.

A Lazy Man's Adventure · C2
2 weeks ago

ForeverFrozen: exp~👍

exp~? · C8
4 weeks ago
exp~👍 View More

Shemiramis: exp~👍

exp~? · C8
4 weeks ago
power of plot armor strikes again View More

Verse: Mental Abacus is a meditation technique?

Castle of Black Iron · C24
1 month ago

Westcoast_Qilin: Two of those plant seeds are toxic to humans, that old lady is trying to kill you!

Castle of Black Iron · C23
1 month ago

IA3047: At this point I'm starting to think that the ccp is paying off webnovel to keep this story free as propoganda material.

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C292
1 month ago
dont know if people notice but alot of overwatch references in here thatz what hanzo says when he ults (he uses bow and arrows) View More

Cloudstrife: Hahahahahahaha
That line..... Ryujin no ......... Hahahahahahaha
This novel is one hell of a novel

Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C122
2 months ago

subarashii: No harem this website is plagued with harems and I really just wanna read a good story without a harem

Reborn In Kuroko no Basketball · C1
2 months ago
i want him to be a merc like deadpool or anti hero View More

In_Human: I really hope he is in the good side and becomes a hero.

Marvel Virus · C2
2 months ago
is he gonna take meruem body the guy is like very op View More
Endless Adventure · C8
2 months ago
dont do herem just focus on plot View More
Marvel knowledge in DC · C7
2 months ago

ForeverFrozen: u know franklin richards is immortal right

Marvel knowledge in DC · C2
2 months ago
u know franklin richards is immortal right View More
Marvel knowledge in DC · C2
2 months ago
mab not map ??? View More
Marvel King · C5
2 months ago
not in world war 1 they should not noy even dial up yet View More

adrian_perez: Wait a minute? They already have internet? 🤔🤔

Marvel King · C4
2 months ago
yep and i dont like the goverment much in this book if i had a op power like sunshine they kind seem controling 😳😳😳 View More
I Am The Lion, I Am The Sunshine (A My Hero Academia & 7 Deadly Sins Fan fiction) · C6
2 months ago
no he does not need it View More
I Am The Lion, I Am The Sunshine (A My Hero Academia & 7 Deadly Sins Fan fiction) · C0
3 months ago
i can load all the other chapters tho View More

Kosueki: I thought it was my internet problem... Wew.. Turn out is broken?

Fate/Problem child in dxd · C1
3 months ago

Matras: xp

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C193
3 months ago
same View More

CrimsonFcker: I can't see chp1 help please

Fate/Problem child in dxd · C1
3 months ago

parzivalkdg99: Me too😭

Fate/Problem child in dxd · C1
3 months ago
if it goes premium im reading this else where View More

LestatMajere: T'is the night before Premium I guess

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C181
3 months ago
ya but it would never work or it would cost alot of money and alot of work and time cuz they would allways get jealous of each other View More

leonel551: Aaaa the difficulty of trying to build a harem in modern times! Lol even if there are only two how do you explain it or do it, the answer is shamelessness! Having straight out admit it this way it will be easier no?

A New Wolf in Twilight · C21
3 months ago
i wanna read more 😍😍😍 View More
Becoming Immortal · C11
3 months ago
a stat based on dex i would have pick the luck that and tried a luck build i think it would be crazy op View More
A Pro Gamer in Young Justice · C1
3 months ago
lots of overwatch stuff in here there hinting at hahaha 😘😘😘 View More
Kar98K Upon Touchdown! · C121
3 months ago
feel bad for him his only wish is to get taller but instead he got smaller 😅😅😅😅 View More

Chained001: Never give up Flowing Light!!!

Monster Pet Evolution · C480
3 months ago
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