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Really like this novel, it's fun and the idea of his teacher in his own body is interesting. The only thing is the erratic release of chapters. Keep the good work!! View More
Blood Creed · C57
1 month ago
Good chapter but you can’t say « there charriage » and must say «  their carriage » View More
Harry Potter: Path of Magic · C12
10 months ago

DesolateNightSky: I'm gonna shamelessly review my own novel with five stars. As to why, well, because it's my novel lol.

Well, anyways, thanks for the support guys, and also for the ones who liked the previous version. But I do not plan to remake the previous version and leave it the way it is. If I do ever continue it, it may be in another series and not this novel. There will be two worlds of Ability Wielders if I do continue or re-continue it.

Anyways, thanks for the readers and those who supports my novel. I promise I won't remake a new version of Ability Wielders again and not stray from this path.

Ability Wielders
11 months ago
Same as previous chapter View More
Daoist Master of Qing Xuan · C161
11 months ago

TheKabu: You asked me to review it so I went ahead and opened the 1st chapter. I couldn't go past the 2nd. The lack of any kind of punctuation, capitalization, and mass of grammar errors is... offputting... mildly saying. You have to work on those.

No matter how frequent updates are, no matter how well background is established, no matter how good is the story and characters if the writing quality is 0.5/5 it won't be an enjoyable read. You got vocabulary but nothing else in the writing department.

By fact that you are 'shamelessly' asking others to read and review it I presume you are ready for 'honest' reviews. Not like those of carebears before me. Also seeing this standing at 5.0 is annoying me so hard 1.0 from me to even this even a little bit.

True Cultivation Heaven
11 months ago

RedKaizer: Author here!!!
this novel is a fantasy of mine when start reading Warlock of Magus World. I can proud to said that I am earlier batch to read WMW back then..

From The Wizard World to Warlock of Magus Words and then Age of Adept, now I presents to you the The Legendary Mage..!
Same template

Your encouragement is required

The Legendary Mage
12 months ago

LegendaryMG: exp

Monster Paradise · C715
1 year ago

BroodingMonk: Repeated chapter!!!! Is it a SCAM....

Monster Paradise · C715
1 year ago

AAAHHH: i feel hurt...

Monster Paradise · C715
1 year ago

ghhbbbbvff: I'll see u in court

Monster Paradise · C715
1 year ago

Arnavpuri13: do a mass release to compensate

Monster Paradise · C715
1 year ago

Shigun: repeated chapter...

Monster Paradise · C715
1 year ago

LegendaryMG: REFUND!!!!!!

Monster Paradise · C715
1 year ago
Reading Status: C11
I like this Novel and would like more chapter because this novel is very interesting and extravagant, the characters are good and is Easy to understand and good to follow View More
Supreme Attainment
1 year ago
Damn we canot éven watch add to read this chapter. This us really difficult to accept and can be a cause of giving up QI View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C1006
1 year ago
I would like to Know at when the next chapter ? I enjoy very Much this novel.
Please let me know thx. View More
A Sorcerer's Journey · C74
1 year ago
Yeah you ´re right i think so too View More

thedarkmaster: I think wentian will just escape into his sects diamension with city in tow and go like **** you all.

Ancient Godly Monarch · C792
2 years ago
Fucking great View More
Ancient Godly Monarch · C792
2 years ago
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