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Aye, here I thought it would be jeremy! View More

Criztal: Yeah

Quick transmigration of the villianess · C125
3 months ago
Ah, are we in the harem zone now? 🤭 Jeremy looks to be the ML to me, but Hannah dont feel anything to him yet, labeling Jeremy as annoying one. While she do feel something to Matthew though not clearly stated. It can be feelings like that of a brother or something. View More
Quick transmigration of the villianess · C79
3 months ago
Ahh coz she gone to the bad side already. View More

annorafeliz: The FL is really cunning😣😣😣😣
And why she is acting like a white lotus if I really remember correctly she hate li shiying because she do not like a white lotus.

The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C494
3 months ago
Agree! She's quite shameless and self righteous at that. 💁 View More

breakerrxx: Does she not feel bad or ashamed that she’s using someone else’s money? After all the talk about not respecting others.... she isn’t really respecting him regardless of her Mary Sue powers

The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C64
3 months ago
Ying'er?! Ying'er ur face! View More
The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C37
3 months ago
Aye, you (aozhen) think too much.. she does treat u like a stranger with or without erasing her memory. This is the best example that we mustn't give help to stranger w/o thinking or we might find ourselves in jeopardy or in this case erased memories. Helping is good but what if the one u helped raped/ do u bad in return? No gain but too much loss. View More
The Dragon Prince's Wife is a Translator · C32
4 months ago
Aa.. I can't find any rationality in this novel yet.💁 View More
Quick! The empress ran away again! · C7
4 months ago
Yes! You should tremble in fear!! Ho.ho.ho. View More
Jun Jiuling · C221
4 months ago
Aaahh what a Two-faced! chengyu, Selling meng to miss Jun.. (cute) View More
Jun Jiuling · C219
4 months ago
Aa.. I feel you..I can't see chengyu as male lead. More like younger brother. Unless he shed all the weakness and be a dark horse. on the other hand, I don't want any man puffing into thin air, then snatch miss jun's heart just like that.. aye, hard🤦hard.. View More

Lillia24: I know what you mean but it still irks me that chengyu cheated on her. Maybe we'll get an even better guy show up later that ends up being the main guy!

Jun Jiuling · C186
4 months ago
Aa.. another hidden knife is about to unleash.. and the old madam even point out where to cut.. if I was in the novel, my back is already drenched with cold sweat.😅 View More
Jun Jiuling · C178
4 months ago
Not just that! Soldiers was even involved in chengyu's father ambushed(speculation).. for sure there is much bigger plot.

What kind of enmity does that shopkeeper have against fang family! Doesn't look like, just because of money. View More

ImmortalPanda: Well, we still don't know the reason why the shopkeeper betray the fang. I hope something big revealed.

Jun Jiuling · C172
4 months ago
Right! No class at all.. and to insinuate miss jun is taking advantage of him. Scoff! Excuse me? Who the hell r u! View More

tugs: I really don't like the new guy.

Jun Jiuling · C165
4 months ago
Yes! We are already at this point(150~ chapter?) and the questions still unanswered but another questions appeared, and getting stacked. 🤔 should I say the author sure knows how to wet the appetite of the reader? Aa, but too much mystery w/o answer can be boring too. View More

imsodone: I have so many questions right now, I don't even know what to start asking. This novel is so mysterious to the point it confuses the readers. Its too good to drop tho.

Jun Jiuling · C150
4 months ago
And I must say! I do too, not like him at all. If ever he (chengyu) happens to be the ML .. I'll definitely cry out of indignation🤭) his favorable meter has gone down low. Unsalvagable..

Aa.. where is my OP male lead? View More

Ru_Zisi: Its great that Miss Jun didn't has anything to do with FC, I not quite like him...

Thanks for the chapter, wish you a good day!

Jun Jiuling · C150
4 months ago
Aye.. He's too afraid of miss jun, even to the point he used the servant thinking he slapped miss jun's face.. (shakes head,💁🤦) if the dark hand behind the scene found out u (chengyu) is almost cured and go sabotage everything don't u dare come crying! View More
Jun Jiuling · C134
4 months ago

Division: pear in chinese is called "li." it has a homophobe that means leave, separate, depart; MC giving the pear is symbolic of their goodbye.

Jun Jiuling · C118
4 months ago
Ohhhhhh.. how fitting! Thanks for the knowledge 😊 View More

Division: pear in chinese is called "li." it has a homophobe that means leave, separate, depart; MC giving the pear is symbolic of their goodbye.

Jun Jiuling · C118
4 months ago
"pity there was no fate for them"
Yes, yes, the two of u has no fate. Let's leave it at that. Let's find someone strong & with power to contend with the enemy. (clap, clap, GO!) View More
Jun Jiuling · C118
4 months ago
A servant who dares to be rude to her superior is somewhat amazing, should I say she knows no fear.. Though I love the fact that she (liu'er) is a servant only for miss jun and for miss jun alone.. she has loyalty & affection so I don't mind her malicious words as long as its not against FL? 🤭 View More

DOHere: LOL, "If you dare hit me, I dare hit you". Liu’er is too funny.
She's right though. everyone in this world is equal, servants are humans just like you

Jun Jiuling · C116
4 months ago
"heaven is helping him" so he(ning yunzhao) said! Seriously this guy sure think too much! Too much nonsense.. 🤭 is he the male lead? View More
Jun Jiuling · C115
4 months ago
Cousin is a jade man.. That tenth son ning(?) Is also a jade man.. will all of them turn out to be jade? I need intensive description and flowery adjectives.. View More
Jun Jiuling · C52
4 months ago
Definitely princess jiuling.. base on the title. 🤭
But what I can't w8 to know is,who is her enemy than knowing who is the male lead.. View More

rodaanne: She's princess jiuling?
Oh, do you mean her background? Yeah! So mysterious!

Jun Jiuling · C48
4 months ago
🤔This guy better be not the male lead or this will be a lost cost! Her enemy w/c I assumed are royal family.. if she was paired up with this kind of guy without power,with this kind of family.. Let's drop dead. 😑 View More
Jun Jiuling · C45
4 months ago
So many haters of liu'er .. Actually, as a servant I'm pretty amaze she's still alive.. 🤭 throwing all that insult to the young master, not respectful to the old lady and not getting punished is amazing in itself. Though I too want to slap that vicious mouth of hers. View More
Jun Jiuling · C30
4 months ago
Wew.. Such eloquence.. Should learn from this! Insulting someone without using vulgar words.. actually, this kind of talking full of riddles make my head hurt but I strangely drown to it. More headache inducing words. GO!😅✊ View More
Jun Jiuling · C6
4 months ago
Yes! Let's kill him.. acting all lofty and arrogant while cheating our FL.. WHAT GIVES HIM THE RIGHT! I wish the fl would gain some brains and just drop him off already. View More


The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses · C20
4 months ago
What a tear jerker scene😭!
Too sad for the previous wei yiyi.. He(jiangyu) don't deserve the previous wei yiyi, much less the current wei yiyi! View More
The Employed Empress · C126
4 months ago
Agree! His favourable meter is going downhill.. View More

Loveleen_Sabharwal: I hate Male Leads like Zeyan here as we can't love them even if they dote on FL too much later on ....

Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive · C12
4 months ago
Correct .. Let's not expect big things for someone who acts lofty yet stupidly believing rumours without verification.. rape huh!? Thus makes my blood boil.. View More

iluvcofeee: So allthis happened in China. She left China. And he the big shot in China don't find out the past ?! Never worried about her ? Directly condemned her ? Kudos. But then of course what I am expecting from a rapist with a god complex !

Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive · C8
4 months ago
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