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Daoist_Rubeno: What the heck with translation in this chapter?
Marionetist? Bizzarro Sorcerer?

Where is Nimblewright Master and Arcane Sorcerer?!??!?

Lord of the Mysteries · C676
1 week ago

Abdgoogle: So that the reason why shuhang got slapped

Cultivation Chat Group · C639
2 months ago
Only if its made by CDPR or Larian Studios. View More

ronaldadrian: I'm will very supported if this novel become a RPG game. It will be verry good game because if a player can choose to become one of the member of the tarot club and have different story line character that's will be AWESOME..

Lord of the Mysteries · C515
2 months ago

Vampfan1: A Alchemist/Doaist could help to mitigate this by finding away to alter the Air Pressure around you (and so alter the Boiling Point) as you Alchemyed, would be good for getting the effect from more delicate or tougher ingredients, a bit like a Environmental Magical AoE Pressure Cooker that Dan increase or decrease the Boiling Point, maybe also find away to reduce or increase certain Atmospheric Gasses as well, like Oxygen, Nitrogen, ect, to try and get different reactions and reaction rates?

Cultivation Chat Group · C27
3 months ago

Pplnme: She might be Kong shis daughter sent to the future to bring Zhang Xuan to the past to teach her father how to face slap everything

Library of Heaven's Path · C1698
3 months ago

Dex2: Guys, did you know something I my interesting about The Fool tarot card, (even described in chapter 5), the Fool is followed by a puppy! There might just be an opportunity for Susie to join the Tarot club 🙆

On Googling, the card has --> the Sun <-- in the background and it says, at the moment the Fool is nothing but has great potential to become everything.

Apparently, the Fool is number 0 because he has no experience, no expectations and what I found most interesting - no past. (Now, I am not neither do I wish to be a card reader but it's interesting how the Fool card looks like)

Lord of the Mysteries · C458
3 months ago

Lvl1Bard: I wonder how Klein will explain this encouncer: "Mr Isengard Stenton, as you know I'm a most brilliant detective. So this evening I decided to use my incredible and totally legit detective superpowers to find the murderer with barely any clue. You're welcome."

Lord of the Mysteries · C321
4 months ago

StillerWanderer: Klein is lucky he wasn't cremated XD.

Lord of the Mysteries · C211
4 months ago

Darkdelusion: I have a feeling that susie will digest the potion faster than audrey. She is the chosen one

Lord of the Mysteries · C93
4 months ago

Abaddon: He works for EA, probably will charge LH for his reveal.

Monster Paradise · C1048
5 months ago
my ass, my ass, my ass is on fire... View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1576
5 months ago

MyLittleBrother: The content has been deleted

Dual Cultivation · C11
9 months ago

wuzard: so if FY and Bai end up together and Bai returns to his/her male body, wouldn't that make things very awkward, though I doubt FY even has a sexual preference

Reverend Insanity · C199
1 year ago

qididan: Dissecting live subjects (victims), experimenting with his soldiers' lives, Link is turning into Leylin (WOTMW)!

Advent of the Archmage · C519
1 year ago

GatRemagZ: It was at that moment, Ai Hui knew he F*CK Up!

The Avalon Of Five Elements · C355
1 year ago

Primordial: I really find it badass that the whole A1 unit left everything they built up during 3 years, wrecked the carefully laid out plans of the Elder guild and the Noble families, sabotaged the relationship of the 3 major factions JUST because a countryside boy with no background decided to hold a party

The Avalon Of Five Elements · C324
1 year ago

Gintoh: Cant wait till Ai Hui meets Bangwan again

The Avalon Of Five Elements · C322
1 year ago

Moridain: I bet she would spew blood if she found out this exact reaction played a large part of why he revealed himself so blatantly. :D

The Avalon Of Five Elements · C312
1 year ago

giieiim: When did bangwan become so likeable??????

The Avalon Of Five Elements · C291
1 year ago

Doomedname: Fire, Earth, Water, Air. Ai Hui and friends are living in harmony, until, the Midnight was activated.

The Avalon Of Five Elements · C208
1 year ago

Division: is anyone else imagining bangwan's obsession as kind of gay? xD he's always trying to prove himself to someone he purportedly hates, which is a trope that tons of romance storylines use...

The Avalon Of Five Elements · C100
1 year ago

mcreader7: Trap chapter! Even though it feels like the story is progressing, it’s a filler in between his slaughter.

True Martial World · C1548
1 year ago

sunbyul: If they dual cultivate now would that be considered 3some

True Martial World · C1548
1 year ago

MarkofWisdom: Comedic thought-LX turns around and it's someone else, then that Jojo meme pops up-"You expected LX? It was I, filler!"

True Martial World · C1544
1 year ago

DaoistBashful: DEATH FLAG

Release That Witch · C1152
1 year ago

rizky1777: Silicon cape, actually

Release That Witch · C1147
1 year ago

Haunter64: They gonna print tons of papers woth Grants photos saying "lol u gay"?

When A Mage Revolts · C703
1 year ago

DaoistFatGrandma: Finally a fulfilling chapter after so much bs

True Martial World · C1507
1 year ago

Randomguy56: wonder what everyone will think when he lectures on his beast taming technique upon visiting their headquarters. they will probably come to conclusion that all of ZX'x beast are masochist as well.

Library of Heaven's Path · C928
1 year ago

halkowu: First beast pummeling technique, now the Profound Principle Pummeling Procedure

Library of Heaven's Path · C928
1 year ago
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