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Should be like that cos the true creator was like that at the beginning taking all the essence from the elf kings and that wolf god and others that are shown in murals of the silver city. Also this should be cos even at sequence 0 it also gives one aspect of godhood like with the sheperd sequence it gives omnipotence or all powerful while the sequence which the hermit uses at sequence zero gives omnisense or all knowing so probably after reaching the sequence zero the next steps to wage war with the other neighbouring pathways and absorb it to get the sequence zero characteristics probably View More

Wytchlord: Just thought of something. An angel needs all the sequence one potions and a ritual to ascent to sequence zero and for some reason there exist neighboring pathways which are compatible with which you can switch should you wish to change your path.
Maybe the reason for this is that there exists an origin sequence above sequence zero which requires the compatible godhoods and their uniqueness plus a ritual. This could be another explanation why the true gods of compatible sequences are so hostile towards each other and give the possibility for there to be something that's truly above the gods and could be an original creator of this world. Anybody any thoughts on this?

Lord of the Mysteries · C804
2 weeks ago
Hey author just use the app grammarly to edit the chapters. Its free to use and sure as hell make it a lot better. Pls vote this comment up so the translator can see this and hopefully make the story better View More
The supreme sovereign system · C0
2 months ago
The inner circle got tons of stronger ppl probably since they know the caves got the stone no way theyll leave it be so better for him to exchange for rewards then let even those rewards go to someone else View More

DeadEye12: If i was in his situation, i would use my superior mental energy to subdue the weaker spiders, leave that blessed rock there and tell the spiders to get stronger and wait for him to come back

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C25
4 months ago
He aint looking at the small fries it seems😂 View More

Librosa: Well I mostly like his choice but what the heck with his logic of not choosing the saver technique meant for surprise Attack because of dragons won’t fall for it! Seriously? He can’t even beat the beginner mobs and he is thinking of fighting with bosses.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C8
4 months ago
Pediatrician tht specialize in newborn infants care View More

Ruth13: Can someone tell me what neonatology is about

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C322
5 months ago
We all know at the end of it these are just sotries and without unbelievable events happeing in a very fast pace most readers would loose interest as most aernt interested in the main character daily life and its very hard for most authors to write tht correctly without readers saying they just wasting words for more mpney and stuff. View More

SuperHippo: It truly makes you feel blessed to be able to find a novel like this. It's true that Volume 2 had its shortcomings (namely the aforementioned tight-packed events that leaves less rooms for readers to breathe). But dang it the climax is as great as ever if not better!!

Plus as been said, the Author had laid quite the strong foundation with this volume. I just know that every little built-up will be worth it in the end!

Lord of the Mysteries · C482
5 months ago
The last volume ends with him giving them a farewell as a clown and this volume ends with him ignoring them/ looking after them from afar as a faceless such contrast and good writing skills still find it so hard to believe tht a chinese guy wrote this since i dont see the usual chinese sterotypes in it at all View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C482
5 months ago
If the mc gonna use knife to throw then id believe its more probablw tht its enhanced by runes and made of material tht resist magic to prevent it from being repeld and having ability to penetrate magic as i think protego and those spells are physical object resistent since in dueling they use transfiguratiom to use animated rocks which are in principle same as the knifes since theyre being used to incapacitate View More
Harry Potter: Orphans Ascension · C0
5 months ago

Weirdo: Wait what? Did he just develop an mc halo complex? Who is he, to think that he would arouse dark lord attention, killing dragons, becoming MC? If I was there, I will definitely b1tch slap him and yell at him saying, "THIS IS F#CKING HARRY POTTER WORLD, HE IS THE MC, NOT YOU!!!! SO WHY THE F#CK DID YOU ACT LIKE YOU ARE ONE HELL OF A FREAKING GREAT MC THAT HAD BEEN TARGETED BY ARROGANT YOUNG MASTER, THEIR ELDER, AND THEIR ANCESTOR???!!!! ARE YOU A CHUNNI???!!!!! WAKE UP, F#CKER!!! "..

Harry Potter and the Thunderbird · C4
5 months ago
Thing is there aernt any in nighthawks as seer not popular pathway and i think cos they only the first i think and klein had to find the clown and magician on his own and maybe the mirror only responds to higher sequence ones and klein having the grey fog boosts him up 2 or 3 tiers as his spirituality is strong as seen by the way he goes around messing with gods with impunity View More

AethericKat: I wonder what's the link with the Mirror Arrodes and Mr. Fool's gray fog. Does it detect that although Klein's not at Sequence 0, he possess enough power and potential to be considered so? Can't be because of his pathway, else every time the Church worked with the Nighthawks there could've been a reaction.

Lord of the Mysteries · C445
5 months ago
Wud love to see the perfect tongue knowning the recipe and ingredients used on taste, fire control skill having better skills when using fire to do stuff like bbq and cooking on open flame, some skills for gastronomy cooking, motivational skill caused by swearing like how gordon ramsay does it View More
Chef System - My Second Life! · C13
6 months ago
Just combine the parents chapter into one please cos we reading it three times from three of their perspective and its just retarded to read it 3 times😂😂😂 View More
Chef System - My Second Life! · C12
6 months ago
Would love to see more usage of his sand techniques like a sand mist, teracotta army made of sand, animals made out of sand tht can scout like hounds and using the sand as micro weapons to get inside enemies bodies to kill or paralyse them would be awesome
Also wud love to see characters like pakura and other maybe oc ronin ect come back and serve gaara. View More
Gaara · C21
6 months ago
No wand holster or smth of tht sort View More
Reincarnation: Draco Malfoy · C42
6 months ago
Thing with the racist thing abt chinese novel is tht the chinese government moniters these novels and if they are not in line with the ideology the novels get censored so they are forced to put in some of those racist stuff. And for the rest they just do that to appeal to chinese readers View More

thewayofKABOOMMMMM: So guys I asked about this story from one of my discord friends
And he spoiled quite a bit for me
And after learning those tidbits this is what I would like to say
This story is great , so good that you might wanna drop all your prejudice about Chinese wn
I will strongly recommend reading till ch 50
Cause that's surely gonna hook you up
World background is awesome
Mc is very decent
For example : he looks at the bigger picture
He isn't gonna be the second monkey king
He wants to use that as foundation to exceed his limits
Can't recommend this enough
This might be the new thing at webnovel
**: about the troupe which readers might refer to us "racist"
Well Chinese demography is authors bread and butter so give him a pass on that
There is no "racism" till hundreds of chapters
Oh btw those silly Chinese troupes
Author did them deliberately , knowing how public reacts to them
There are reasons

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C24
7 months ago
It does sound dumb but this type of thing is a rip off from real life. Doesnt this oddly resemble the rise of napolean people in anarchy and nobles grtting killed. Though the king was also killed unlinke here where the king grew in power. Also even nobles also have nationalism and soldiers under might rebel if they join the enemy states as after decades of killing each other there shud be anomosity between them so even thou it sounds dumb its the reality😂😂 View More

Lonely_daoist: this is dumb. a dumb move. an insult to all strategist.

all this plan is full of holes. even one just one low noble pledge alliegance to one of the enemy kingdom can bring this whole situation to full chaos. this will bring a great war that will pull thousands and thousands of lives. Those nobles is painted as greedy and selfish, so an event like treason and abandondment will happen in 60% to 80%. this dumb MC. The best move is centralization. not this dumb move. make the king grant high position to his loyal retainers heck the king can even create a new position in the kingsom. and 3 generals, 3. the king has 3 generals. use them, they aren't royal gaurds. they are Generals who has thousands of soldiers. don't tell me the kingdom don't put most of their taxes to the soldiers, determining that they are sorrounded by enemies.

the war will only bring tradegy? That anarchy is one of the most tradegy that can hapoen in a kingdom. didn't it just said. the bandits are roaming. murder is happening, I doubt only noble ladies are getting r@ped. This strategy is the worst because as it said anarchy brings chaos. and chaos bring death and suffering.

the MC is hypocrite and dumb.

Age of Adventure · C12
8 months ago
Whyd u use the word legal twice doesnt make sense in those two senses about bus and language being legal. View More
Be happy with sports · C2
8 months ago
What times the new chapters be release View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C10
8 months ago
Whts the link View More

japex: Im reading the raw... 400+ chapters so expect that this novel is slow release... Haha😂😂😂😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C10
8 months ago
What happened tp the disquise making his body taller and face change and he still got recognised smh so many plot holes and useless dialogue from cannon folders and tht servant girl of his View More
Divine Brilliance · C73
8 months ago
Not random as its saying that the other guy is supporting the zhong shi for being king so conflict arising cos of tht View More

Rawr_Kitten: .... mc plot armor ensures mc miust be randomly hated for no reason so he can face slap someone to proves he better

Divine Brilliance · C24
8 months ago
Wouldve been a good idea to kick him for the sect as he s hates that sect very much ans is only there to steal the techniques and quit once hes got them😂😂 View More

Wlsnbilyb: "Nearly chasing away one of the greatest talents our sect has ever seen, even after they used the token?! Kick out that idiot recruiter!" - if anyone in sect leadership has a brain

Divine Brilliance · C24
8 months ago

Odorico: Chinese as always being a bad loser...

Monster Pet Evolution · C258
9 months ago

faimherb: Haha Klein is a fool, of course his destiny is to be a clown next 🤣

Lord of the Mysteries · C75
12 months ago
Isnt this last nights chap where this mornings one😂 View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C66
12 months ago
If he doesnt go back in time and save pops adios to this story even thou some say the plot was too rushed it feels v realistic cos life doesnt give you time to pre prepare in most scenarios unlike xinxia stories with their plotarmours tht helps them throught it😂 View More
Silver Overlord · C86
1 year ago
Hey isnt the ministry trace for magic usage on wards only with them not knowing about magic casted fron their parents and accidental magic View More
Taking on the Magical World · C11
1 year ago
Refund View More
Godfather Of Champions · C258
1 year ago
I think that we re missing a chapter in which tang en had him named dun or the author notes in which the author explained about him changing the name due to ppl being confused View More
Godfather Of Champions · C197
1 year ago
Woow obly now i knw tht there a lotta goody twoshoe ppl reading this novel. Giving the gem back wont do **** as it would either rot in storage or someone wud steal it or corruption
Its way better for him to sell it and try to buy company shares View More
Treasure Hunt Tycoon · C654
1 year ago
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