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No one could predict that you could get your lifespan back in the future tho.

It would be a huge bet View More

BobbyWibowo: What about lifespan in exchange for more series from the future? Basically, instead of waiting for the series to be written during your original lifespan, you can read them all within your reduced lifespan. Some people may actually consider this, if you remember how boring it is to wait for updates, lul.

Trafford's Trading Club · C7
2 months ago

She's a background supporting character ! View More

Zacc: Has anyone noticed that Gao Moumou's girlfriend Yayi has literally never spoken throughout the entire novel? Is she illusory or just mute?

Cultivation Chat Group · C665
2 months ago

Mister_Zed: Future Enemy: "I will let you feel the pain of ten thousand cuts!"
Shuhang: "okay"
Enemy: "...what?"
Shuhang: "I have a technique that wounds me whenever I use it just like that, thousands of cuts are nothing to me now"
Enemy Cultivator: "Little friend Daoist... are you alright?"

Cultivation Chat Group · C642
3 months ago
Lady Onion was fated with this cultivation Technique... View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C628
3 months ago
Seems like an hazardous link.

Schrödinger's experiments was about paradox and the inability to truly judge the state of an object unless seen by one's eye View More

DandyBoi: I think because luck is about probability.

Pet King · C15
3 months ago

YueZise: “Wang Lu, in your opinion, what is the purpose of the Immortal Cultivation?”
“To bully other people and hurl insult at them?”
“Great minds think alike indeed!”

Sigh... This series...

Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain · C29
4 months ago
Before binge watching the chaptet I kept on the side, I had a 1500+ stones. And now I have 463 stones.... I might go read some new series for a while instead of catching up on hold ones... View More

Khem: I'm both looking forward to ZhangYe's livestream and am afraid of the examples he referenced...what is he planning? I'm not sure how to feel right now

Thanks for the chapter

I’m Really a Superstar · C1271
1 year ago

DGAFGOD: "The reason why I'm saying this is not because I want to get more spirit stones for Legge. I just wanted to tell him this. Legge, it's been hard on you."

Thank you 🙇🏻

I’m Really a Superstar · C1268
1 year ago
Dude it's just a running joke. No one is seriously asking Legge for overtime. Only egoistic idiots would do that.
Just go along with the joke ! View More

Soq: People, don't ask Legge to work overtime, he already is doing his best translating I'm really a superstar everyday so we can be satisified... My comment will probably die in an avalanche of others, but I still want to say, Legge if you are tired/bored take a break, we won't be mad. Thanks for daily update and your hard work! With you since +300th chapter!

I’m Really a Superstar · C1267
1 year ago

FaceSmackingSect: I liked the transition but still want more face smacking. Like moving I am a Singer to the same time slot of Sing! again.
ᕙ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ᕗ

I’m Really a Superstar · C1238
1 year ago

0tuRaNiKamuZu: Guys, we're gonna see ZY's face in this app soon. 😂😂

I’m Really a Superstar · C1238
1 year ago

0tuRaNiKamuZu: At the very least.. I want to hear Legge say "Oh I forgot to mention, there will be mass chapter release at the end of the week." Come on Legge, don't get outdone by ZY. 😂😂

I’m Really a Superstar · C1235
1 year ago
Welp I caught up from the free chapter from a long pause... now its spending time !
Hope my 1k+ are enough... View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1201
1 year ago
This is the only series that make me go "Yeeeah" when I see the character getting arrested... View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1192
1 year ago
"The first extreme was Zhang Yuanqi's friends. She had the greatest network of friends in the entertainment circle!

The other extreme was Zhang Ye's foes. He also had the greatest number of enemies in the entertainment circle!"

They are so alike ! View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1182
1 year ago
"It was as though everyone really enjoyed watching Zhang Ye cross over into all the various types of professions!"
That's basically the second reason of this novel popularity. With Face-Smaking being the first. View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1174
1 year ago
The fairest police in the world !
They still didn't forget how dangerous he is...
At this point only murder would make them act against him ! View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1170
1 year ago
"Zhang Ye? Isn't that the Go player?"
Finally his weird multi-profession habits is reaching other countries !
Now even more fans are going to scold his bull****'s career ! View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1165
1 year ago
"Because I'm his mother!"
This family I swear ! They are going to kill me one day ! View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1164
1 year ago
"Alright, I will get it to you by the afternoon."
"But it's already afternoon."
"I know," View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1161
1 year ago
"Did Professor Zhang turn on the 'hogging the headlines' mode again?"
He did it again ! View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1160
1 year ago
"Don't mention money. That could hurt our friendship!"
"Don't mention friendship. That would hurt my money!"
I love those two. View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1156
1 year ago
Zhang Ye lost. So It's time for Face-Smaking Zhang Ye to enter the game ! View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1127
1 year ago
The content has been deleted
I’m Really a Superstar · C1127
1 year ago
What a godly move. No world champion could ever do that ! View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1126
1 year ago
Zhang no Go ! View More
I’m Really a Superstar · C1095
1 year ago

CloverLin_: Ah.. forgive me for asking.. just wondering.. how on earth are they gonna put make up if they're wearing a mask? They put make up on the mask? 😕

Thanks for the chap... is there more premium chap today? I'll still got alot of SS that's near expiration 😆

I’m Really a Superstar · C1074
1 year ago

AwDodong: How are they giving make up to the contestants they have their mask on?! I really dont understand!!!

I’m Really a Superstar · C1074
1 year ago

BigZhamadaoBro: Dear Legge
As this novel is on the premium list , I have to tell something to you
I work as full time healthcare worker, and parttime novel writer for webnovel website in my country
My contracted webnovel site has this Novel licensed from QiDian also. And because I am a writer so I has free access for some of novel.
I read many chinese novel.
In my country there are established style for chinese translation into my language and I prefer my language translation more than English translation
But your translation is superb!
This is first Chinese novel that has my language translate but I prefer English translation.

I will support this novel in Legge version despite I have to pay for premium Spirit stone

Best regards

I’m Really a Superstar · C1070
1 year ago

AloofDaoist: Is it just me but this grand finale doesn't really feel that grand

I’m Really a Superstar · C1070
1 year ago
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