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Whooooooooo jfjcjsvlavhxacjamvsmsvmbsmvsgkancavmavmssvmsmvvnvvnskgsjvsnvsvjakgs Waiting for years for someone to pick it up on 2 chap tease on some booty websitw View More
Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C1
7 months ago
Muhahaha View More
A Returnee Wants to Play VRMMO · C8
8 months ago
True the Cover shows a man that gives no fucks for the Universe, just enjoying his OPness and Women View More
Super Farmer · C31
10 months ago
WE still waitiing one more Day 😧 View More
Tales of Demons and Gods: Story of Red Moon Immortal (Hong Yue Xian) · C47
10 months ago

UnlimitedBladeWork: I don't mind having the farmer guy as shen yue's friend but i hate it when MC's teach people, it's such a waste of time for them.

Shen Yue Reborn · C7
10 months ago
Arigato :D View More
The Multiverse Wanderer · C10
1 year ago

System_Dex: 170 kg limit? I guess there won’t be any uprooting mountains or rivers I guess.

Merchant Emperor · C0
1 year ago
Reading Status: C6
Good tsun(lowkey) goddess and loco old man who be trolling said goddess and the Universe! 1414141414141414141141441414141415151515151515151511515161616161616161617171717717171717118181818 View More
The Narcissist Master and the previous Sword Goddess
1 year ago
Haha love the dou interaction , but is the old guy really handsome or he look like buddha? View More
The Narcissist Master and the previous Sword Goddess · C6
1 year ago
Someone please just use Luffy"s gum gum no fruit so we see some king kong ****!! View More
Multiverse System · C6
1 year ago
'Yes know Revenge' my yungins hahah View More
*paused or dropped*The legend of Hawk D Jabba · C0
1 year ago

DragonkingKyo: thanks for the chapter

Shiba Tatsuya:A second chance · C6
1 year ago
Oh Saiki was lit! 😎 View More

Ars3215Lki: Surprisingly Good.

I admit that I kinda didn't liked the first five chapter, but the following chapter really got my interest. Although the MC is a bit OP-ed but still his a bit balance with the unique personality. I could tell what anime this story got its reference from, Full Metal Panic.

That's why my expectations for this story is higher as well other fan of this anime.

Good Luck!

Adopted Soldier
1 year ago

cade2065: lol, yeah the chapter was super short.

Op System · C9
1 year ago

ArchieElite: If he’s popular though he’ll gather a lot of attention from the background characters.
So probably make him somewhat distant and cold (he has the skills for it anyway)

The World God Only Knows (Another Ending) · C10
1 year ago
Well kinda confused given he has Seven deadly sins physique he should be warrior or thief like 'Ban' who focuses on Martial arts. MAGE seems kinda weak. But if he was like Archer from fate series with no mastery in a single path View More
The World God Only Knows (Another Ending) · C7
1 year ago
Overall quite solid 👍 View More

Rahagi7: Yasss chihiro 💩, so we get harem ending 😎

The World God Only Knows (Another Ending) · C1
1 year ago
Yasss chihiro 💩, so we get harem ending 😎 View More
The World God Only Knows (Another Ending) · C1
1 year ago

Demonic_Lord: Do whatever, I don’t care. Give me stars, don’t give me stars... I don’t care. Well, I do care if you want to give me ideas, suggestions, and even correct me. Just don’t give me BS about how Mc is this and how Mc is that, without an actual reason

Alchemy Cheat
1 year ago
Tags should reference romance, dark mc, shameless mc, harem, comedy, system, reincarnation/transmigration, etc ... View More

Broughtwaorld: Thanks...what tags should I put up?

Gohan in Narutoverse: Sage Style · C0
1 year ago
Hey wanna ask is MC OP cause i like OP MC? View More

Seion: thank you man.... i'm really trying here.... and knowing i have you guys as support is enough for me, i'm happy for my current rank i hope it stays that way....

Bleach System Within Bleach
1 year ago

BrightestStar666: Haven't read this novel but am I the only one who thinks that the pic for the novel looks like Gintoki from Gintama? Then I read the title- Born as Naruto's Twin Brother. Lol, Idk if I am blind or not, just my opinion the guy looks like Gintoki, dude, you could've just gone to photoshop and remodelled Naruto a bit... No idea about the novel itself.

Tale of a Lazy Shinobi (Naruto' Brother edition)
1 year ago
Oooh Dragon Blood Warrior be throbbin! ;) View More

daoist_mahatma: The content has been deleted

*Dropped* Reborn as Naruto in Ninja World
1 year ago
Just really dislike the trope :( View More

OmnipotentDad: Yep, I do, why?

Supreme Martial System
1 year ago
Hey auth just wanna ask if u got stereotypical fatass friend View More

OmnipotentDad: Hello everyone, I am the author of this novel. I'm a newbie author that just started yesterday about 16hrs ago,

I`m expecting this novel to get to atleast 800+ chapters im currently struggling from making another novel as to avoid having my ideas divided, i wish you guys can support this novel of mine as I am still a newb


Supreme Martial System
1 year ago
Reading Status: C243
Hey yall, Now as of currently I'm at chapter 1208 of the raws and let me tell you like damn the f'ing book gets good. The five element mountain arc will go to chapter 500 I believe and then he begins his journey to conquer the four continents which lasts 300 chap. The characters do start develop and plot thickens which low key the System he has planned for him... Spoiler the lil village he resurrects isn't the focus he gets main Girl who is Related to the Immortal Realm GG. As for powers this boy gets hahaha oh my OP as **** which u can expect also the shamelessness continues strong, for the most part unpredictable. View More
Ultimate Scheming System
1 year ago

Simple_Dragon: Everything change when the fire nation atta... was attacked... Then the avatar master of 4 elements... wait what will he do now?

Ultimate Scheming System · C232
1 year ago
Yo can someone reply the power levels in this novel. Thx! View More
Ultimate Scheming System · C230
1 year ago
Either Lin is gonna put some Viagra in day boi or he gonna knockout Ye and pleasure that woman to the heavens! View More
The Strongest System · C101
2 years ago
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