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Exp-Sect · C7
1 month ago

Powerhungry: I like this one better than the other, and I just hope you make bulma and Goku fall in love with each other, also 18 and some forbidden Angel love with Vados, please!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dragon Ball: Altered Time EX
1 month ago
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Waking Up As a Spaceship!? What’s a Ship Girl Supposed To Do Now?! · C7
1 month ago
Waking Up As a Spaceship!? What’s a Ship Girl Supposed To Do Now?! · C3
1 month ago
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C4
7 months ago

Noisy: Why leia of all people and young leia seems useless ..

Star Wars Twists of Fate · C29
1 year ago

Yztif: Actually, India is not a good choice at all when compared to Mexico. India is a nuclear power nation. Obviously, America and many powerful nations include China been keeping close eyes on India. Compare to Mexico, I would say America would be more careful if new power arises in India because that new power also controls nuclear weapons. They would check in details to see if new power have stable mind enough to have control of nuclear weapon(they do not want another North Korea). While, if Michael develops his power in Mexico, American government might take it as new mafia boss in town and pay less attention to it(compare to India case). By the time the American government knows what is going on, Michael should already stabilize his power then. If he does it in India, not only American will do a deep investigation on him, many other powerful nations would do so too, especially China(they used to have border fight with each other and still at each other neck). From the get-go, he won't have peace there. This is my point of view, as a reader, after reading this chapter.

Supreme Emperor System · C70
1 year ago

merun: They accepted it so readily. I figured he would have to lie his way through, saying they were triplets or some sht

Dimension System · C75
1 year ago

Jagath: I have to say i really am enjoying the story. It does seem like the MC flaunts the systems abilities more and more but no one seems to bat an eye at it. I thought he was trying to hide the system.

Dimension System · C73
1 year ago

Frish09: Since it seems like the MC gonna have a colony of ant after this event, I suggest that MC crossbreed ant into one that can explode in command. This will serve as a grenade or a sacrificial bomb. Fun fact there’s actually an ant specie that when threatened will explode, Google it.

Dimension System · C73
1 year ago

AlphonseDarkshield: Though doesn’t he have to wait a few days at least for the plants to grow...

Dimension System · C68
1 year ago

Archena: 1 star because author think readers are idiots. So he make MC a fking dense stupid moron as if he is mocking the readers. MC won't understand how much talented and powerful he is. In later chapters, people will be awed by his talents, but he doesn't understand what people are saying to him, he thinks people are making mistakes so he don't listen them. He don't take the benifits he would recieve and complain how he is poor. he is so poor that even after earning in millions he won't leave the initial 150 dollar house. he don't neeed comfort, protection or fear of house robbery. He just always remain poor because he spent them on experiment.

The Card Apprentice
1 year ago

rynnix: The novel starts off quite interesting. As is typical with the trend of transmigration stories, MC doesn't think twice about being teleported to another world- that's completely ok, actually. His transmigration and his immediate assimilation into the world can be excused, despite the fact that he came from a world of familiar smartphones and not a world with a jumbled mix of advanced "ring" systems, ancient relics, and wacky monsters.

That one point. That is excusable. However, much like credit card debt, you cannot declare bankruptcy the second time.

It would appear as though the author definitively planned out the first 20 or so chapters of the story- it feels pretty realistic, and the MC's wits show through in a manner that engages the reader, despite his crippling handicap. Ever present in the background was his impending death, as his lifespan was essentially crippled to around 3 months.

Then, the warning signs begin to show.

His cheat skill, a sort of system, activates and immediately catapults him to importance by granting him the ability to summon monsters he kills, which the translator terms "Imperial Censure". There is no explanation on how this role fits into society, simply that the role is "exclusive" and represents "high status".

What else does it do? Allow him to copy skills, for one. Instantly, MC is a comprehension genius. The author's lazy writing starts to show through here, around the assessment arc.

MC enters desert. Desert has sand monsters. Fight sand monster, summon sand monster. Mutated?! Joy!

The above is literally how the world building in this novel works. Author throws out a random location, describes it with a line or two, and then focuses back on MC.

This could be remedied if the MC was adequately fleshed out, but that doesn't occur, either. The whole reason the MC is joining the assessment is because his system would've deserted him otherwise, because apparently the transmigration, monster, and OP system tropes weren't enough- the author needs a quest aspect as well.

What else happens? MC meets possibly the most overpowered character in the entire story (literally a surviving half god) and his blood somehow managed to revive her. Then, she instantly heals his crippled lifespan. He subsequently proceeds to learn an Epic skill from watching her brew tea. Afterwards, he returns to the assessment like nothing happened.

Yeah. However, I digress.

Overall, the author attempts to demonstrate the MC's prowess at the expense of world building and other characters. Bai Yan, the main antagonist, was initially portrayed as aloof- he stated he wouldn't kill the MC because the MC was week. Flash forward 2 days and Bai Yan now picks fights whenever MC says anything. In public. What?

MC apparently is the only one with brains as well. With an impending monster horde, there's no way for everyone to escape. What should they do?

MC suggests rather plainly that they could group up and fight- author throws in some random locations to make MC seem smarter, and everyone reacts as if MC is a genius. He's really not. Even his power is borrowed. And what he does have came from plot armor. He's essentially a vessel that is given "personality" by the secret seeds of wish fulfillment within our hearts- nothing more.

If you value world building and character development, don't read this. If you're willing to turn off your brain and become one of the numerous other side characters that fawn over the MC, then I guess you could give it a shot.

*Translation and editing are both really basic. I do not profess to be competely adept at grammar, but as a native, the choppy sentences are quite numerous. Additionally, the word choice is extremely bland and basic.

On the flip side, I guess there's at least a semblance of uniformity across the mundane story, cardboard MC, and uninteresting descriptions. I hope the irony of this praise is not lost to you.

Monster Paradise
1 year ago
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The War That Transcends Timelines! · C15
1 year ago
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Jervvs: The content has been blocked

Immortal Mortal
2 years ago
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