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Jon is like lucifer or somethin View More

Iskandor: However shameless I may be I must request for more chapters... this book is just too damn good

Dragonborn Saga · C496
1 week ago
Wtf dude. If the book was all about selecting what you wanna read you should write one yourself.
The autor is doing a wonderfull work and even chapters that do not have much action are really far from boring. View More

JPNovelFan: Merry Christmas but incredibly disappointed that 1.2 chapters were wasted on some Bs extinct kingdom that doesn’t even matter. Should’ve been more about Lith. Fkin hate side stories that don’t matter. Waste of my damn coins and fast passes. Bunch of bull sh!t honestly. I want my fast passes back.

Supreme Magus · C353
3 weeks ago
I agree,did him at least asked for permission? View More

Denzel_theking: Dude that's not cool I have no problem with you putting fanfic from sites like fanfic.net and etc. But it isn't okay to steal someone translation

Hail The King!
4 weeks ago

Denzel_theking: Dude that's not cool I have no problem with you putting fanfic from sites like fanfic.net and etc. But it isn't okay to steal someone translation

Hail The King!
4 weeks ago

scarlett1414: A peaceful death surrounded by those you love. The best death, but sniff Nana ç_ç

Congratz for the end of the 4° Book and Congratulations on participating in the award ceremony in China for best Original Authors of Webnovel!

Supreme Magus · C345
4 weeks ago
That is what i always sought in a novel,a story that resembles real life in the relationship aspect,you done it perfectly. In the majority ovels the first love is the "one" but irl this often do not happen,life take its turns and bring people together or tear them apart.
This novel truly deserves being on top. View More
Supreme Magus · C328
1 month ago

TheSingular: Goddamn, first you lull us with those "filler-like" chapters, then you throw down a bomb like this, and then leave us hanging down a cliff...
Well played, author, well played...

Supreme Magus · C303
1 month ago
I think that for it to be possible they would have to kill one of their own,get the core,tinker with it then transform one of their own in a pet and this pet would reproduce,i think that should more or less like this,remember that anthony could only change his species cuz the ants already had a trait of reproducing without the aid of the dungeon,a.k.a the queen,he didn't tinker with the cores of dead ants,and was even against it as grant core wasn't used. View More

Davidep: Stupid question if there is a reproductive organ and they are the masters of core shaping, then why didn't they tinker with their own race evolution to increase their birth rate kind of like the ants? They don't like the thought of being monsters?

Chrysalis · C413
1 month ago
I'm i the only one the reads the sophos speaking with and old british accent? View More
Chrysalis · C411
1 month ago
Anthony could get in the next evo some kind of spatial belly or pouch to act as a inventory,if he gets something that he needs, going around by grabing it with the mouth might be a little incovenient
:) View More
Chrysalis · C410
1 month ago

Khavos_Rudd: Ranks very very high up on my list of books to read and recommend.
In truth, should award a 4 ~ 4.5 because of several minor grammar and tense mistakes spaced throughout the chapters. Won't do so because I noted the author going back over his chapters once in a while so this aspect will not be an issue for those coming late into the book.
Additionally - and I do not write about this aspect to writing - the writing style is very much enjoyable. The humor is inter-spaced with flair and there are many closing sections that scream 'cliff-hanger' only that they were done tastefully.
Perhaps this comment is best left to the char design aspect to reviewing but that section has enough to write on so won't miss out; the author takes care with his dialogues! You don't get the sense you are reading a wuxia novel - yes, I went there! Some of those dialogue scenes are so bad you are left wishing for someone to breathe in someone else's space just so the 'young master' can get offended and wipe out an entire family.
Ahem, back to the review:
As said, the dialogue scenes are well written. This is especially so with their relevance to the plot development and world background as we get titbits thrown out there that tell us more about the world and plot building up to the next arc.

4...but gets a 5 because he is faithful to his updates.
Sure, 1 chapter a day really leaves us bleary-eyed but if you consider the care with which the story is written, you do not want to rush the guy.

Story Dev'p:
No cliches.
Like really, no cliches!
Even the latest arc with a class excursion into the wild where you'd expect the MC to outshine his mates was thrown out the window and stomped on.
To illustrate, think of the norm in these scenarios: a young MC with a chip on his shoulder as a social outcast goes into the wild on a school competition. A coalition of powerful scions of powerful families decide to gang against the MC for some reason never really specified but assumed reasonable - like really, the casus belli is never truly explained and instead we have hordes of enemies trying to kill the MC while the school masters join in on the fun and only interfere when it becomes clear that the spawns are incapable of finishing the job. Then the MC is forced to run away from the province while vowing utter destruction upon the school. Fortunately, the arc was not a total waste; the MC hooked up with a secret princess of a powerful family hiding out in the boondocks and while their romance it forbidden, he does not mind.
Yeah, none of that horse manure here!
First off, Lith refuses to go to school! We have our dear 4th wall broken - and not in that clunky manner in which the MC tells us exactly why consuming this particular resource to gain that particular effect was especially clever of them...
Finally convinced to go to school - and this is because ultimately, his cheat device is not quite omni-potent - we are provided with the saving grace of a Big Brother pocket device that shuts down 99.99999999% of the plot elements we see whenever the MC goes to an institution as a loner.
Going back to the competition, most of the class is wiped out. The school masters have designed a training program that makes sure to humiliate the students and while Lith is quite adept at leading his mates - reluctantly at that, what with him being a webpage away from being Reverend Insanity - and this is where we are at right now. No heroisms...he actually wishes to sabotage his companions and would do so but for the fact that it would cripple his own chances.

Char design:
7 [yes, another. Something wrong with the template because it limits the scale somewhat]
guy has a personality. Easy enough to do given that he is the MC. Unless it was some dry story like Lord Xue Ying where personality traits are really hard to find, any author can craft a story with some personality in their main guy.
How many have we encountered here where the side characters have considerable time spent on them? And I do not mean the 'perfumed young mistress with pale skin and blushes at inconvenient moments whenever they spy upon a warrior holding a spear', There are numerous personalities upon whom the author spent considerable effort to get us to know them with enough depth we can sort of predict their actions. These include, but are not limited to, the Count, the Marquess, several of his classmates and others.
Not many authors spend time on character definitions and enhancement and I am happy to state that this particular novel does that with spades.

World background:
Not much to speak on on this aspect. However, note that we know of the world not because of a massive info-dump but rather because it has been slipped into our drinks with the expertise of a date-ra-pe drug drugger.
I especially like how I can fantasize about future conflicts down the line not because the MC got tired of the starting village but rather because the dialogues and interactions tell us there is more to the world than meets the website.

Supreme Magus
1 month ago

H4ves: I had a threesome once.
It was horrible,next time i want to disappoint 2 people at the same time i will have a dinner with my parents.

Master of Time · C109
2 months ago

Don_Dokhmesy: I am the Author, Oh mortals, readeth mine own words and obeyeth.

Nay seriously, I needeth some valorous reviews to feeleth did motivate, I readeth all comments and reviews so thy words shall encourageth me.

I very much feeleth fustian(proud) about this novel, it is so much joy, I shall writeth about mine own exp'riences and adventures in the world of Skyrim (Planet Nirn).

I eke(also) playeth the game and readeth the wiki, so I can sticketh to the lore, I shall focus on the background-less NPCs and recreate a fitting story for those folk, the same way I didst in chapter 3.

Support this novel, O pity readethers, so I bestow m're chapters upon thee.

[A/N: a friend told me to write this in Shakespearean but I have a bad premonition]

Dragonborn Saga
2 months ago
You sir,shall now be named the cliffhanger master. View More
Chrysalis · C399
2 months ago
Reading Status: C464
I've been accompanying this series since the beginning and i can say that it is worth it.
For the ones who are looking for a skyrim fanfic i think that this is the best one out there.
For the ones who haven't played skyrim,this novel is a history on its own,skyrim is just the basis of the world.
Its really a great read. View More
Dragonborn Saga
2 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Supreme Magus · C244
3 months ago
Wow bro,if only this ant colony have a little bit of time they will be unstopable,they are like the perfect society especies. No wonder Gandalf said anthony have already made a much bigger impact than Garralosh. View More
Chrysalis · C380
3 months ago

Devils_Advocate: You know what would be ironic but also sweet as heck?

If Leeroy could somehow evolve into a self regenarating Baneling.

Forever trying to sacrifice herself for the Colony but 'cursed' to come back and try again

Chrysalis · C373
3 months ago

LemonZawodowiec: "Sad storms" of Alik'r Desert must look picturesque at this time of the year. Wish I could see them Don.

Dragonborn Saga · C437
3 months ago

Don_Dokhmesy: Remember? Ah! They days of the olden glory

Dragonborn Saga · C437
3 months ago

Curiosity44: Ah, the days of the ancient’s. Breathing, eating, bathrooming, and all that jazz without internet where human interactions made more sense.

Dragonborn Saga · C437
3 months ago

H4ves: Yaaaaaay,finally gonna see what anthony is going to evolve.
Nicely done author hahahaha
Hey can you put in a POV of the Kaarmodo? I really wanna see what he is thinking 😂😂😂

Chrysalis · C361
4 months ago
Yaaaaaay,finally gonna see what anthony is going to evolve.
Nicely done author hahahaha
Hey can you put in a POV of the Kaarmodo? I really wanna see what he is thinking 😂😂😂 View More
Chrysalis · C361
4 months ago
The ants are giving me some Demiurge vibes and Anthony being clueless is just like Ainz hahahahah View More
Chrysalis · C349
4 months ago
Max is looking like some sort of psycho from a horror movie,hunting...at night? A convenient bunker in the middle of the woods...if i was jonh i would be reaaaally suspicious,even more after the apocalipse View More
Master of Time · C129
4 months ago
Wait a minute,so immortal gu can only be refined by immortal essence? Is that a thing? I don't remember any of this when FY was still a mortal and was begging for immortal essence but already have immortal gu or my memory is failing me but i really don't remember any of this in all the others immortal gu,can someone confirm it for me? View More
Reverend Insanity · C1129
4 months ago
I had a threesome once.
It was horrible,next time i want to disappoint 2 people at the same time i will have a dinner with my parents. View More
Master of Time · C109
5 months ago
I think that this is one of the first novels i read where the mc gets in a romantic relationship that is not with the main heroine or one of his harem. View More
Supreme Magus · C192
5 months ago

CJRealJ: Thnx for chapter!~ Did Jon even need to block their attacks? I mean, his body can easily crash weapons and his balls easily resisted a kick from a person that specializes in speed, that would mean her attack was not only fast but also powerful, cause speed= leg strength and such right? That same leg actually broke after it hit the WEAKEST spot on the male body. I'd like to know exactly how strong Jon's physical strength is, he probably can't break ebony but steel and orcish weapons should be possible right?

Dragonborn Saga · C412
5 months ago
Wait,what is legion again? Xcombat? Can someone refresh my memory? View More
Master of Time · C84
5 months ago
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