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i was basing it off the immortal iron fists context maybe a few hundreds of years unless he gains the secret of kunlun or becomes a cosmic entity like death then true imortality dosent really exist in the marvel verse even deadpool can be killed sure you would have to send him into the sun or thanos snap him into nonexistence lol View More

Hunter_Of_Hunters: He won't bring them into it but he'll give them as many of the red orbs as it takes to get their bodies to perfect refinement.

Though technically, he won't be becoming immortal. Very long-lived? Sure. But live forever? Not really.

Marvel: Pocket Hunting Dimension · C5
27 minutes ago
is he gonna bring his family into the pocket dimension aswell because if he becomes immortal there just going to die off in a few decades while he continues on View More

Hunter_Of_Hunters: But she didn't. She didn't even get through his defenses. He just warned her to stop trying.

Blowing up at people all the time like some type of angsty/edgy Xianxia MC just screams “I'm insecure and have a small dick“ more than actually scaring people away from doing stuff. And so what if the MC wasn't the MC Emma would have taken control over him? If you start talking about all the what-ifs in life, you'll end up treating everyone like ****. What if the MC didn't have the Hunting Dimension? Wouldn't he be pretty powerless in this world? What if he didn't have his superior physique as well? He'd be even more powerless.

What I'm trying to get across is that 'what-ifs' shouldn't be looked at as anything more than 'what-ifs'.

Marvel: Pocket Hunting Dimension · C5
1 hour ago
we get your setting up plot for other arcs in the story but its ruining the current arc with the frequency of it all have them set up in a flashback type sequence or there very own chapter View More
The Lost Fruits · C34
7 hours ago
thank you for the diligence author writing is hard so dont burn yourself out on it View More
Outsider Chronicles- an Arc's Adventure · C0
21 hours ago
in your previous chapters there are blocks of details and interactions missing along with repeats of some words id recommend getting a friend to proof read it for you before posting chapters View More
Outsider Chronicles- an Arc's Adventure · C0
22 hours ago
the fact that he is a demon god and weaker then a normal demon is annoying he has a divine heritage yet he need to work hard and get diminishing returns he needs a power boost or this is going to get boring real fast View More
To be a Demon God in Marvel · C15
1 day ago
quincy powers from bleach or something from yu yu hakusho View More
Transmigrated in the World of My Wife is a Beautiful Ceo · C23
1 day ago
author man dont drop because negative review granted the story isnt the greatest and has many flaws but its still fun to read maybe dont use caps locks every time he checks the status do something like ~status~{ } View More
2 days ago
i dont like lover tragedy storys it gives depth to the charecter but it makes the story unreadable because of all the angsty hurt cringe View More
Max: Fate Breaker · C38
2 days ago
the hell ,am they should all be adults first pervert View More

Harem_fan: The content has been deleted

Dragon Ball: Eclipse · C6
3 days ago
happy birthday author and stay safe View More
Marvel's Red King · C32
4 days ago
dirty pervert View More

EroLover: Thanks for the chapter👍 Love cute rose😍
They should sleep in the same bed and kiss each other even though they cant go any farther and do the deed yet.

The blood prince · C15
4 days ago
i dont like it the mc is just going along with evrything like he isnt a person at all its like a robot your other novel is better even tho its kinda the same View More
Ethan Night (A teen wolf fan fiction) · C6
4 days ago
probably not lol if the mc in some of the fics i have read on here encounter even a little set back they start screeching about how they would have done it better or about the mc being a beta for not getting every single beauty in the world View More

Doragon: That's my point. Everyone think they are so creative and can make the best fanfiction...but in fact, we all know that they want a wish fulfilment fanfiction.

Stuff like "make him op" "Harem" No mercy" "smart" "badass" "also immortal"

Too many traits to be in one single human.

Ace is already a one piece world final boss rank in power...but still, they just had to nitpick about it.

"Beta MC" and "nerfing" two of the most used words in this side after "Harem". And I bet you. Most of them don't even know what that means.

The Lost Fruits · C32
4 days ago
i was just saying what is most likely going on in the heads of the people who keep writing negativity about this decision in the book View More

Doragon: People don't read anymore. Shan Yu, the first character to get his hands on the fire fruit isn't an idiot who will go "Oh! This fruit can control fire, pretty dangerous, so I will just eat it."

How the hell any character in this world will reach the conclusion that they are supposed to eat the fruits?!!

The Lost Fruits · C32
4 days ago
i would like for the arc of embodiement to be more involved into the story he could make literally anything in the world why not make a space mansion or a flying island castle View More
Transmigrated in the World of My Wife is a Beautiful Ceo · C21
4 days ago
they don't want the enemies to have versions of the mc's powers if you're going to give the devil fruits to villains have it to where they can only use the fruit and not eat them otherwise there just copys of one piece people or downgrade them to paramecia where ace took a good chunk of the fruits power for himself View More

Doragon: -1 and 2 are the same thing

- He is still immortal

- Weak? Can't go lighting speed? Have you read the chapter? Ace clearly moved with normal lightning speed.

- Weakened conquer, armament, and observation haki? Where the hell did you get that from? Genie clearly said that hypnotizing magic blocks all kind of sensing abilities. World powers are different.

- Last but not least "He gave Logia power to villains out there" what the hell do you mean "gave". Again...are you paying attention to what the characters saying or thinking. Even when Ace realized he is no longer immune to damage, he wasn't concerned or even bothered.

- My rating and rank are fine, low or high doesn't concern me, what concerns me is reaching the desired storyline in this fanfiction.

Besides, I am just getting started.

The Lost Fruits · C32
4 days ago
I feel immensely cheated by this ending View More
Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C217
1 week ago
from what I read there was no follow up attack he just charged his energy released it then passed out View More

southgamez: The battles not over, and it wasnt the lack of energy that knocked him unconscious, but the follow up attacks from Selena

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C216
1 week ago
author man what about little pheonice village where he built his house is he gonna go back View More
Man Against Gods (ATG) · C55
1 week ago
couldnt he just temporarily inject some of his chakra into someone while fighting the use genjutsu to control his own chakra to do the same exact thing View More
In MHA With Madara’s powers · C40
1 week ago
the **** author this battle was so anticlimactic why the hell would he use a full power attack knowing theres a strong evil goddess out there waiting to destroy him View More

southgamez: I will be working on Journey with Cheat-like Magic next

Traversing the Anime Multiverse with a System · C216
1 week ago
hehe I just imagine this madara picking up a pc and playing Minecraft for a few hours View More
In MHA With Madara’s powers · C38
1 week ago
he was zetsus pawn View More

I_LoveYANDERES: And thats why Madara is better, hes not pawn to anybody he is the pawn-maker

A Monster Hunter in a Highschool For Monsters (Rosario+Vampire) · C17
1 week ago
I might have missed it lol cant wait for more chaps though View More

v29: It wasn’t a nerf. I had it like that since the beginning. I believe it’s in one of the early chapters. Maybe in a AN, but I am pretty sure I added the fact though.

Minecraft Player reborn as a God · C30
1 week ago
seems like an unnecessary nerf to me View More

v29: Zeus would be able to take him on if he had help from Poseidon.

Minecraft Player reborn as a God · C30
1 week ago
i don't agree that zeus in this story would be able to take on hades as he pretty much 1v1 kronos maybe if he had a titan on his side aswell View More
Minecraft Player reborn as a God · C30
1 week ago

undead_progenitor0: Are you talking about that novel where the mc reincarnated as a salamander? I was so annoyed he became a pet literally 2 chapters in and I didn’t mind given the circumstances. but, what made me mad was when the mc chose a trashy evolution for a bull**** reason that no sane person would.

A Fish That Can Evolve · C7
1 week ago
yea man did you write this while drunk your grammar improved so much only to take 30 steps backwards
its a good story but a good story needs consistency to keep its readers View More
Marvel Emperoer · C33
1 week ago
authormon please don't kill alina and ruby for some bull**** character development the whole mc forced to change by tragedy has been ooverdone so much View More
Laws of the Multiverse · C75
1 week ago
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