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Well I don't see something strange to being a single mother and there is only mad respect as they respect the life that is coming to this world and will torture them for a lifetime. View More

Loveleen_Sabharwal: Well let me thank the author. This time the colleagues showed the emotions and reactions of sympathy and not calling her cheap, using vulgarities which she totally doesn't deserve but it happens 99% of the times.....

Don't worry Xiyan, you don't need anyone. You and your little baby can survive in this world together.... 😍😘❤

The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex · C60
2 weeks ago
Well when you are getting married is sothat you can creat a fully functioning family.So infertility is a taboo if you love each other you may be lover but not husband & wife. View More
The Problem with Marrying Rich: Out of the Way, Ex · C2
2 weeks ago
The real name is just KANG and he's calling him you KANG or U KANG for short so he make it LU KANG DU KANG etc. To show that he have a normal first and last name. View More

rustlejade: Dear translator,

I just wanna clear something with you. What's the real name of Mr. Nian's assistant? It's either Lu Kang, Ku Kang and now Du Kang. I'm confused.

Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian · C108
2 weeks ago
Sorry for what I am gonna tell you but someone like him who has done surgery to his spine he is always in pain and begs God to become tired so that he can sleep and forget about his pain
Ps narcotic painkiller drugs don't help that much (almost non at all). View More

SkyRainsBlue: “He failed to follow sleep at naptime” 😂😂😂😂 What is he four!?!

Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian · C36
2 weeks ago
To run a background check is something paranoic if you don't need it. Like having someone that could be kidnapped as children or great company secrets View More

Tmorey84: To be honest, I'm a bit surprised that in a family like that and with his personality, they haven't done a background check on Her from the beginning. If he had, her know that she's not a 30 year old spinster.

Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian · C33
2 weeks ago
It's not exactly like that. The men chase after the package that have not only love and family inside but money beauty power ambition fun excitement thrill comfort and for that reason they just can't set their priorities right View More

4ASarahH: "... remember to never trust a man, they will never love you more than tnemselves." --- from Adorable Treasured Fox: Divine Doctor Mother Overturning The Heavens!

Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian · C21
2 weeks ago
So what if your children become annoyed by you. You do things cause you love them and that's all that matters. View More
Growing Fond of You, Mr Nian · C15
2 weeks ago
Well in greek mythology there exist a breed of titans that are named hecatocheires because they have one hundred hands. If you ask me anything other than two hands is a little disturbing. View More

Malcolm_Massey: It would be fine with 20 arms. But 100 is just too many

Profane Prince of Domination · C259
2 weeks ago
Man I know but this is mythology powered LOGIC don't fight try to enjoy this rape of common sense. View More

Malcolm_Massey: Titan form sounds stupid... 100 arms is way more than he needs

Profane Prince of Domination · C259
2 weeks ago
The **** I just hot the notification and there are already 3 comments how hungry are you for the author's work!? View More
The path of the lustful demon · C261
3 weeks ago
NEVER TRUST anyone who is trying to talk to you about life or use the word life in their name (i.e. herbal life) View More
The path of the lustful demon · C252
4 weeks ago
ATTENTION ATTENTION smooth Su Hao hits again View More
Godly Model Creator · C74
4 weeks ago
Alright I finally understand what exp truly is about View More

Eternal8Nimra: ExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExpExp

Exp Sect
1 month ago
Don't you understand that I am not a pawn.
I am at least a whole chess set so don't look down on me. View More
The path of the lustful demon · C249
1 month ago
Every time I see your profile photo the first thing I see is a Spider-Man eye and then I understand that it's the God statue from the level up View More

House: Thanks for the chapter!!!

The path of the lustful demon · C248
1 month ago
Deliciously disgusting. View More

YellowBird: You’re disgusting 👍

Godly Model Creator · C2
1 month ago
Oh my god I don't understand the language!!!!? View More
The path of the lustful demon · C246
1 month ago
Hahahaha the mother don't want the mistresses to become young again and began crying to her son in law. And the father want to have something for the night activities. Hilarious and from the everyday life so that you can see the talent of the writer. View More
The path of the lustful demon · C244
1 month ago
I like it.
It gives balance to the characters and don't create overpowered characters just cause they have some talent. View More
The path of the lustful demon · C242
1 month ago
I like how you can still see so objectively our role as c0ck strokers View More

AkaiRyuugamine: When MC fks the girls we jack off
When MC jacks off while watching someone fk, we still jack off
Ultimately it doesn't matter who fkd who our role remains same...lol

The Pleasure Lord · C15
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
The Pleasure Lord · C1
1 month ago
Hahahaha I really love this earth arc View More
The path of the lustful demon · C232
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C1
1 month ago
Well what can you do
Real life is a *****
Because I have been there too I wish you all the best View More
Profane Prince of Domination · C240
1 month ago
Finally the reincarnation gets in the play.
I honestly didn't expect that a good twist that explains some of our questions about the Gong Qing supposed damaged cultivation . View More
The path of the lustful demon · C222
1 month ago
Reading Status: C218
Well I start reading it because it had the R-18 tag and I expected a soft or ******** **** with no good quality story and sex just so that it can fill pages. But what I found was one of THE MOST AWESOME ORIGINAL STORY with little cliché and a background that you wish some other stories cough (TRANSLATED) would follow as example. View More
The path of the lustful demon
1 month ago
Female Body Inspector I agree with you.
But that's why I like it View More

FBI_B1TCH: God damn everybody's getting raped left and right 😳

The Ladies Gang Puppet Leader (18+) (Warning: Explicit sexual content) · C23
1 month ago
I like how you explain things that we might have forget by now. Also I wait for the chapter where his son learn about him by his mother View More
The path of the lustful demon · C191
1 month ago
I mean ... like.... seriously I am the only one who has to please my girlfriend so that I can have the sex I want
And if I try to show her who is the "man" in our relationship I might have to wake up with a stick up to my ass?!!!! View More
· C64
2 months ago
Sorry to make you hear this but all the males if they want to get laid with a woman they like/love when they're alone the beta hat is pretty good. They could be omega and still suck it up View More

madesaturday: for a future hentai god our MC is pretty much a beta male lame

· C59
2 months ago
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