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  • Chaos Cream World Warriors

    Chaos Cream World Warriors


    A short story of what it would be like if Barov Mons was transmigrated to his own Star Wars-esque dream world as a government official of the Galactic Empire. Might become an anthology fanfic series of other RTW characters being thrust into their own dream worlds later if I feel like it but right now this is mostly just to satisfy the minimum requirements to get the badge.


So far there has been no mention of The Fool in any of these ancient histories. I wonder what the members of the Tarot club think about this. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1066
5 hours ago
So was the Zoroast family founded in the fourth epoch after the fall of the ancient sun god? Are angel families mainly formed when someone advances to an angel after taking a look at the Second Blasphemy Slate? When was the potion system developed so human beyonders could more easily and safely advance in sequence? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1064
1 day ago
The Evernight is dark and full of terrors. View More

l3ee: Now the Evernight is suspicious as ever.

Lord of the Mysteries · C1063
1 day ago
Lord of the Mysteries is probably one of the few works of fiction where I'm not disappointed that it was all a dream. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1061
2 days ago
I wonder how Miss Messenger would feel about her absence on this list and her student's placement at #4 which is the number of heads she has. View More

Alessan: Lotm Girls Ranking

Susie #1

Audrey #2

Edwina #3

Sharon #4

Daly #5

Lord of the Mysteries · C1061
2 days ago
So Duke Olmer gave everyone a mystical abortion? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1059
2 days ago
Arrodes, Arrodes, on the wall, who is the most Foolish one of all? View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1055
4 days ago
1. Audrey deserves an Oscar for her acting.

2. Throne of Magical Arcana also has some mysterious cosmic influences.

3. The best part of waking up is pressing the snooze button on your alarm clock and going back to sleep for another 300 years. View More

Tetractys: So many bombs dropped in this chapter.

1. First of all, congratulations Audrey. 🥳🥳🥳

2. All this talk of cosmic entities and corruption make me think about the Cthulic inspirations for the book.

3. Klein really "lucked out" with the advancement ritual. My goodness, it's scary how convenient it is but still, I'm really excited for his advancement. Now...where oh where would we go looking for monster wolves.

Lord of the Mysteries · C1054
4 days ago
This is the second time he defeated a dragon in a party after that time in the Groselle's Travels book except the party is basically just himself.
🎵Cue Final Fantasy victory music🎵 View More

Dex2: The way I see it, it was:
- Klein
- Qonas Klein
- Enuni Klein

The Angel blessing doesn't count; it's in the same category as Creeping Hunger. Arianna also doesn't count since she only provided an environment to battle but didn't do the battle herself.

Lord of the Mysteries · C1052
4 days ago
Klein should use ice, dragon, or fairy-type moves because those would be super effective against Hvin Rambis who is in his dragon form. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1051
5 days ago
Except for maybe a demigod from the Monster pathway. Luck is a very big part of their ability. View More

CrimsonMoon: Sigh... you can't really underestimate any demigod. Every single one of these guys didn't survive through pure luck alone.

Go Audrey~ That fate charm worked like a charm~

Lord of the Mysteries · C1049
6 days ago
This chapter has made me realize how mentally and emotionally exhausting it could be to have a Spectator waifu, especially if they're of the jealous type. They can pry out your deepest secrets, dissect all your thoughts, and hypnotize you to reshape your very being. It's a good thing Klein has the gray fog to protect him from this if and when he hooks up with Audrey. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1049
6 days ago
The chapter title can work in a bunch of ways with the mini-gathering brainstorm sesh, Klein casually dropping mindblowing mystical secrets, and probably a demigod spectator's ability to make a literal storm in someone's brain (or Body of Heart and Mind or sea of consciousness or whatever it's called). View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1047
1 week ago
Klein sure has a long list of friends. He also has a long list of enemies. Though it is getting shorter as he and his various powerful friends plot their demise. View More

X_C: Imagine bernadette decides to join hands with tarot club...
And later gives her direct contact details to klien as he is the “representative” of the Fool... klien’s friends list will definitely increase...

Klien’s “important/close/buddy” friend list:
- azik
- will
- reinnette
- bernadette
- arianna
- red light/white light*
- arrodes

Klien’s “close friend” list:
- leonard
- audrey
- sharron
- maric
- edwina

Klien’s “let’s look for trouble” friend list:
- alger
- fors
- xio
- cattleya

Klien’s “to benefit from/work for me” friend list:
- danitz
- andersson
- emlyn

Klien’s “must look after” friend list:
- derrick

Lord of the Mysteries · C1047
1 week ago
I think I just randomly advanced to level 7 one day despite not having enough exp. I can't even look at my level screen on mobile to see how much I need for the next level. On my computer browser, it says I need about 40000 exp. Levels are pretty broken. View More

Demoneastz: holyshi- you are a level 7

Lord of the Mysteries · C1065
1 week ago
Hello there future readers! I just realized that you can make future comments by piggy-backing on a privilege member's user page and then linking to their comment on the latest chapter. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1065
1 week ago
What happened to Maric's collection of zombies? Even though he advanced to a Wraith, that doesn't mean he loses command of them, right? I don't think the potion formula or ritual for that was mentioned yet so maybe the zombies are used up in the process. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1041
1 week ago
The content has been deleted
Lord of the Mysteries · C1035
1 week ago
The content has been deleted
Lord of the Mysteries · C1034
1 week ago
I wonder if that bronze cross could help purify the effects of believing in the Primordial Moon from Artisan Cielf. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1032
1 week ago
RmrZEhjm View More

cent456427: The content has been deleted

Lord of the Mysteries · C1027
1 week ago
The content has been deleted
Lord of the Mysteries · C1027
1 week ago
Actually no. In chapter 982, it states that Klein has experimented on this and the max range for controlling a marionette is 1000 meters because they can't think for themselves. View More

CaptainOfMySoul: Regarding the identity thing, surely he could, in theory, stay 50kms away from by using ant marionettes as "relay stations" right?

Lord of the Mysteries · C1027
1 week ago
It could be difficult to hide the death of Qonas. He is after all a general of MI9. If Qonas disappears after this fight, the first place they would investigate would be Dwayne Dantes's new manor where he was last seen. And if Klein wants to maintain the identity of this prospective demigod marionette, then he must constantly stay within 1000 meters to maintain control. View More

CaptainOfMySoul: He could grant the faceless powers to the demigod. Qoonas already has items that make "Him" appear only as a sequence 5.

Dwayne Dantes is rich enough and no one would question an additional servant. "He" could use a little bit of the gray fog in reality.

I mean, what problem are you even talking about?

Lord of the Mysteries · C1027
2 weeks ago
This kinda feels like a battle of RNG with all the random effects of the Concerto of Light and Shadow. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1027
2 weeks ago
Looks like Klein gets to loot another batch of powerful mystical items. In addition to the cross gifted by Fors and Xio earlier, it's going to be a very profitable night. Though he might have to share some of the spoils with Arianna. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1025
2 weeks ago
That cross seems like the most yandere mystical item so far. You can't hold anything else besides it and if you try to cheat on it, it burns you. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1022
2 weeks ago
The lie about Shermane being born biologically male is probably the least of Viscount Stratford's concern. The most crucial part of her deceit is that she was basically made into a honey trap by Trissy for her revenge. Most relationships involving Demonesses probably aren't meant to end well, especially for their exploited partner, since they are usually built upon manipulative lies more devious than just hiding one's gender. Demonesses might have one of the most pitiful and tragic love life of any beyonder. Just look at Trissy and Vice Admiral Ailment Tracy. View More

Esus: Him. Love starting with lies wouldnt end well.

Lord of the Mysteries · C1020
2 weeks ago
When sharing his senses with the cockroach marionette, does Klein see things with compound vision or is it translated into normal human sight? If he looks through the eyes of certain animals, can he see ultraviolet light? Can he control a bat and use echolocation? Some animals have some pretty cool abilities and aside from a bird's flight, we haven't really seen him use this aspect of a Bizarro Sorcerer to the fullest yet. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C1019
2 weeks ago
Maybe Audrey would think that she's his daughter. Melissa is too young to have had a relationship with him and The World acts pretty mature so Justice is probably unclear about his real age. View More

lindatan90: "The World cares deeply for this girl. Wonder what's their relationship? "🤔🤔

Will she get jealous? 😏

Lord of the Mysteries · C1015
2 weeks ago
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