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  • hello everyone, I like anime, manga, web novels and video games.

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  • Imbued By The Heavens

    Imbued By The Heavens

    Martial Arts

    Solus wanted to mark the day of the ninth fight of his career, of his undefeated streak by getting a tattoo from the most famous tattoo shop, The Mystical Pavilion, However, not everything is what it seems. see what fate holds for Solus in his adventures. I don't have an exact amount of chapters I will do a week, but at least 2-3 chapters a week. will be using the weekend to recharge and maybe try and stack up on chapters.


cuckold industries the competitor!!! View More
The Sinful Life of The Emperor · C53
4 days ago
bed WARMING FTW!!! View More
Dual Cultivation · C145
5 days ago
I spit out my Tea when I heard the Xiao clan guy was castrated and his women cheated on him with a coach man. LOL laughed so hard. View More
Transcending the Nine Heavens · C877
1 week ago
The Mech Touch · C536
2 weeks ago
more more more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! View More
Battle Frenzy · C587
2 weeks ago
can we now get regular chapters? at least 2 a day? View More
Godly Model Creator · C737
2 weeks ago
worse super gene is past 1000ch and we still don't know **** about Han Sen's grandpa or father. super gene is nearing 1500 chapter and all we know is that his gramps is probably not human. View More

Kaldin: You're complaining after only 100 chapters? That's hilarious. You're reading in a place where the average amount of chapters to find out the past of a protagonist or their family, that's not immediately revealed in the first few chapters, is at minimum 500. The more popular ones like Super Gene or, dare I say it, Martial God Asura, will make you wait at least a thousand chapters before you find out the complete past. Sometimes, 1000 chapters is only enough for part of that past.

This isn't your Japanese light novels with a self-insert protagonist, you're going to have to patiently wait with the rest of us for that mysterious past.

And you have the nerve to complain about less than 200 chapters.

Dual Cultivation · C139
2 weeks ago
my guess is the translator is riding this out till he goes premium thus the reason he is slowly releasing chapters till he gets noticed. View More
Transcending the Nine Heavens · C864
2 weeks ago
if they do steal the baby. we going to have a new killing god even 5th sanctuary can't hold it's knee caps to stop them from shaking. View More
Super Gene · C1435
3 weeks ago

WolfEmperormoon: and a cousin named Su shi! XD

Dual Cultivation · C124
1 month ago

I_am_Li_Qiye: 😂😂😂 Nice one

Dual Cultivation · C124
1 month ago
Japanese sword only has one sharp edge just like a Saber and it's still considered a sword. while the there is a chapter explaining this I also know that. the definition of sword is bladed weapon longer than knife or dagger used for thrusting and slashing can also be curved. while the definition has variation in different countries most of them agree that Saber still falls into the Sword category. View More

Daoism13: Sword has both edge sharp. Saber only one. Saber is curve and mean for cutting. You Can read the chapters that explain thé différence between the two if you want but they are not the same. All are weapon Indeed.

Transcending the Nine Heavens · C826
1 month ago
saber can still be considered a sword the only difference would be that a saber is curved and shorter than a sword, but it still a sword. swords have variants but all of them are swords in the end. just like Katana is a blade, but still considered a sword. View More

VitasR: Why Dong Wushang learning sword? He is a saber master right?

Transcending the Nine Heavens · C826
1 month ago


Dual Cultivation · C124
1 month ago

KirigayaKazuto02: Good joke brother hahahaha

Dual Cultivation · C124
1 month ago

masce: 😂😂😂😂

Dual Cultivation · C124
1 month ago

KiriHakai: That one was really good😹😹😹

Dual Cultivation · C124
1 month ago

claymoreisley: don't know if i should laugh along side you or punch you for this joke cuz... if was funny.. xD

Dual Cultivation · C124
1 month ago
and a cousin named Su shi! XD View More

MoaningFrodo: Su Yang, Su Yin. Maybe their parents are also called Su Tai and Su Chi. Lol.

Dual Cultivation · C124
1 month ago
moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee View More
Almighty Coach · C545
1 month ago
the chapters are too short. View More
Rebirth of the Entertainment Giant · C205
2 months ago
this novel need more daily chapters like 2-3 chapters a day. View More
Almighty Coach · C541
2 months ago
Godfather Of Champions · C536
2 months ago
you forgot xue the sick girl. View More

Reader_2019: Tong wei...Gu Sirou.... Chen Ying... Which one? I prefer tong wei.... Best friend for girlfriend

Elixir Supplier · C194
2 months ago
any news? please inform us!! View More
The World Online · C1086
3 months ago
I already knew that. View More

Liquid_Chaos: OMG. Nader is his dead mother.... I was not expecting that.

Daedalus · C54
3 months ago
your not alone. View More

ScarletSteel: Guess I'm here by myself......."hurry people there's a new chapter for you."

Transcending the Nine Heavens · C777
3 months ago

motoque456: exp

God and Devil World · C978
3 months ago
im pretty sure everyone is a sucker when it comes to their mother. View More

Niravana: I'm so sad with Ves continuously being a sucker

The Mech Touch · C365
3 months ago
yea. I just want to read good books. ^_^ View More

DaoOfTheWeb: Yeah agreed. The only authors I know who do the multi book thing is ShiranuiShukumei and Skully

Daedalus · C35
3 months ago
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