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Murali: With all your powers combined.... I am captain Planet!

King of Gods · C1183
7 months ago
Reading Status: C1
This is one of the best Korean Novels I've read, just amazing. It is action-packed and has a lot of twists and turns, lots of comedy and some emotional moments as well. I highly recommend it.

The only con is its a korean novel, korean novels end too quickly so the pacing at the end is messed up. View More
Omniscient Reader
9 months ago
IIRC the only knowledge he had was the zombie apocalypse is coming thanks to his starseed. He already had a massive advantage he was able to buy all the supplies he needed and modify the MCV before the zombie apocalypse happened. View More

BloodandAshes: hmm.. I recall JL has some knowledge on the future right?
Why does it seems like its no use?
He didn't gain anything from it besides apocalypse is coming.

well.. sorry for this random thought.

My MCV and Doomsday · C157
9 months ago
No they really can't because Ashahell wants to do a Thanos and kill everyone except maybe for 50 or so people lol.

IIRC even the continent the MC lives in uses Kerr gems for training and as currency so unless Ashahell wipes out 99% of the population and forbids the use of Kerr gems forever then it won't work. View More

Volkov: That blocking memory system thing was worth every EXP point xD
Can't they reach compromise? They will use blood of church's army to cure Angaria ;D Well, Ashahell wants to purge it from people but he still needs them if he wants to rebuild it.
But we all need to acknowledge, that guy is awesome. Although he is enemy, but it will be interesting to see Dan breaking his head over how to stop him xD I still think of Ashahell as a lunatic though.

World Domination System · C434
10 months ago

MysteryMuadi: "*Kssh* Join me, and together we can rule the galaxy."

World Domination System · C433
10 months ago
Its normal for her to feel that way thats because the leader who set the rules is breaking it herself. Obv we know fhe MC is special but the rest dont know that they think he is a useless bum View More

AegisGold: Omg that girl is so annoying can zombies just rip her apart already like stfu who are you maintain what goes on here like really ? Shut up seriously i hate her so much

My MCV and Doomsday · C54
10 months ago

Edge: "Because 2 hours aren't enough to escape from the city so I'll just wait here like an idiot..."

My MCV and Doomsday · C6
10 months ago
The crazy thing is Ahsahell being able to kill all his minions but not bothering with Daneel lol View More
World Domination System · C410
10 months ago
Well its already been established by the talking head (Ymir reference? Maybe Daneel becomes Odin later on lol) and the rogue mage that the Big 4 can't save Angaria because their Champion is actually part of the Church, and the Church I believe is also part of the Big 4.

Daneel isn't a little ****, he is already a warrior which is the strongest in Angaria apart from the Big 4 lol. I believe he is also one of the few Paragons with 5 elements while also being a dual warrior and mage. It's kinda ridiculous how OP he is he jist needs time to grind up levels. View More

Volkov: Heh, his arrogance soars to heavens. What Angaria's final hope? For now, he is just some weak shi t with hundreds stronger than him in Big 4. So it is really arrogant to think of himself as a final hope when he (at least now) is worthless no matter if you look from general situation or individual point of view. And I'm sooo curious what will happen if church really in one year invades :p
By the way, isn't his ruler's inheritance kind of useless? If you don't have anyone near who is loyal to you then it doesn't work - at least this is what I understood from this chapter

World Domination System · C409
10 months ago

Volkov: Yes, it was all destroyed by one man: Withering Sect Master. If he wasn't so stupid he wouldn't go court destruction.
It soooo annoying that Daneel acts so emotionally. Personally I find it pathetic, perhaps because I am exact opposite and find it hard to understand.
He should just ask Xuan, Watcher or top assasins in Hidden Kill Sect. It shouldn't be a problem to collect enough data.

World Domination System · C404
10 months ago
LOL View More

Flammenwurfer: "Oh no what am I gonna do?! I need enough info on how to become a warrior and only a bunch of people who have already done it and probably have a good idea of what I should be doing! I'm done for!!!!" -- Daneel

World Domination System · C404
10 months ago

Flammenwurfer: "Oh no what am I gonna do?! I need enough info on how to become a warrior and only a bunch of people who have already done it and probably have a good idea of what I should be doing! I'm done for!!!!" -- Daneel

World Domination System · C404
10 months ago
Bai Ming had the right idea, you use your trump card immediately when you notice the opponent is strong enough to warrant it. The MC oth is braindead, why show all your trump cards progressively? He should have used the self sacrificing fist immediately and ended the fight with little to no injuries. If this was realistic, the rest of the clans would have jumped on him to get all his treasures and techniques since he is almost dead lol View More
The Great Ruler · C1061
10 months ago
Thanks for the story, it was amazing but I give the ending 5/10. Still it was a great ride thank you very much! View More
Advent of the Archmage · C726
10 months ago

Raindrop45: Having followed this since the start by pouring my votes into it I am both saddened and happy to see it end. However where one journey starts another begins. I will hopefully see some of my fellow regular commentators on other similar novels. (For me one will be endc.v of the magic era) Untill then farewell my friends it's been an honour.

Advent of the Archmage · C726
10 months ago
Ty so much for keeping this free! You have my undying grattitude! View More
The Great Ruler · C985
10 months ago
Thank you View More
The Great Ruler · C921
1 year ago

HoneydewSovereign: You get a shock. You get a shock. You get a shock. Everyone get a shock. It is shocking how many times people get shocked in this story. It is also shocking that the author managed to compress so many shocked expressions in such shockingly few chapters. Totally shocking.

The Great Ruler · C916
1 year ago
I don't mind his attitude, as he said he already gave them a chance.

The only diff I see is Dorian wouldn't have killed them he would have just beat them up. But if thats his darkness then clearly its a lot better than the darkness of the other anomalies lol View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C68
1 year ago
Wow that sucks less than 1 month turns into 8 years wtf View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C58
1 year ago

AuthorWiz: I suppose in a way. Remember, the time in his Soul Spell Matrix is distorted, so it hasn't been a full 8-9 years in real time. Ausra made it clear that the full repair would take <1 month in real time.

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C58
1 year ago
Lol hilarious duo. Thank you Wiz! View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C48
1 year ago
Just a question if he was the first born how come he is so far behind in terms of development?

Being the first born he had a head start over other borns so he should have been the strongest. View More
Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C20
1 year ago
Man he shouldn't have killed the king. The king just wants to grow stronger and live longer. Just take the crown from him and make him 1st general warlord or w/e. He repeatedly said he doesnt care about ruling. View More
World Domination System · C88
1 year ago
I don't really understand if the Older bro becomes the king the family name will still live on right? So why did he help the MC again lol View More
World Domination System · C80
1 year ago

Zom: Maybe it would be useful to put all of your abbreviations into a glossary as it seems like you favor them, and it'll make it easier for the readers to keep track of things.

World Domination System · C21
1 year ago
I dont like this arc so many plot holes. First tye MCs spends so many liquid on a total stranger now so he builds trust with her now he doesn't activate the jade pendant he just got so the mother will have a good impression on him lol View More
The Great Ruler · C662
1 year ago
Uhh what? Just a convenient plot point I guess I mean in the academy tournament a couple months ago he gave his bros Chen CangSheng and Tian Luo just 1 drop each when he knows they are gonna have a big fight but he gives some randon chicj he has never seen 200 drops lol View More
The Great Ruler · C651
1 year ago
Because she is a lesbo and I guess Luo Li is the only girl as beautiful as View More

NightxLily: Can’t she see that Luo li is taken?? Why try to drive them apart

The Great Ruler · C499
1 year ago
Ok this is good and all but...isn't it ridiculous Cang Sheng was heavily injured but somehow Muchen lasted longer against this Mo dude?

Muchen is supposed to still be weaker than ShangCangCheng lol this is too much plot armor maybe if they said Muchen was as strong as CangSheng from the beginning it would make more sense. View More
The Great Ruler · C376
1 year ago
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