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Arthimancy.. I love math.. n ancient rune.. I like coding.. haha.. I want to make rune of memory.. so I can memories as fast as I can.. View More
A Bend in Time · C149
1 day ago

NineDeaths: https://w(x3).quora.com/Is-Voldemorts-mother-Merope-Gaunt-a-witch-or-a-squib

A Bend in Time · C148
1 day ago

KamalAdnanTheFirst: I have it. Merope was a witch BUT her magical abilities were suppressed because of Marvolo's abuse. She had her own wand. Here's what I found.

"It should be noted that a person's magical abilities can be effected by their state of mind and powerful negative emotions endured on a chronic basis can interfere with or completely drain a person's powers as Albus Dumbledore pointed out. By extension, it can be inferred that Merope had magical powers, but had never really used them nor developed them.

However, Merope's magical ability flourished after her father and brother were incarcerated in Azkaban and she was free from their abuse; she showed herself capable of significant magic, enslaving Tom Riddle either with the Imperius Curse or a love potion for an extended period of time.

It is unlikely that Merope attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, though she did have a wand; it seems likely that she was taught magic at home. Another possibility is that Merope disciplined herself to the extent to become self-taught, arguably taking posthumous tutelage from Zygmunt Budge by getting herself a copy of the Book of Potions, which is the most likely explanation for proving herself an adept novice potioneer. Merope seemed to be in charge of cooking and cleaning in her family home; it is unknown what happened to her mother."

A Bend in Time · C148
1 day ago
From the original.. View More

NineDeaths: And which fanfiction did you learn that from?

A Bend in Time · C148
2 days ago
As I know.. she is.. in HP original, she got pressure from her family.. the wand is marvolo.. as I remember.. maybe I'm wrong.. sry.. View More

KamalAdnanTheFirst: Wait, she was?! I could've sworn she had her own wand.

A Bend in Time · C148
2 days ago
I don't think merope can go to Hogwarts.. she is a squib.. I think, even Salazar will sad too.. his generation is over.. View More
A Bend in Time · C148
2 days ago
Sometimes I wonder.. if any of the reader realize.. MC is teenager, she is twelve.. she will likes someone.. don't be like an old geezer.. she should be with this one, not that one.. for MC.. conquer every last MAN in Hogwarts.. Hahahaha.. View More
A Bend in Time · C146
3 days ago
I loph mochi.. View More
A Bend in Time · C144
4 days ago
The most sh*t happen in HP.. Peter n Ron in the same bed for 12 years.. maybe 8 years, becoz 4 years with Percy.. maybe.. damn.. for 12 years he sleep with lil boys n do nothing.. seriously, I don't buy it.. View More
MudBlood Prince[HP Fanfiction] · C16
5 days ago
Hands up.. 👍👍 View More
A Bend in Time · C142
5 days ago
I know the time line.. I like him very much, he is warrior.. u can stab, pierce, punch, kick or even crucio him.. but not imperious charm.. it hurts man.. doing what his dislike.. View More

Fourth_Magi: It's like what, 1972 in the story right now. Moody hasn't even lost his eye and replaced it with the magical eye that gave him his moniker of "Mad-eye Moody". Harry's fourth year is in... I mean his generation aren't even born yet so... But it's 1994 if you must know

A Bend in Time · C141
6 days ago
OMG.. plz don't do it to Moody.. I already want to cry when I know at the 4th season.. nearly a year in the box.. plz save him.. View More
A Bend in Time · C141
6 days ago
Love you man.. this is awesome.. View More
MudBlood Prince[HP Fanfiction] · C15
6 days ago
Too lil action.. maybe action n the stuff isn't ur thing.. so it's great..
Usually dinner with big family.. View More
A Bend in Time · C139
1 week ago
Not my fav one.. but thx for the chapy.. View More
A Bend in Time · C138
1 week ago
Ahhh.. too much sweetness in this chapy.. I think I got diabetes.. View More
Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen · C211
1 week ago
I got a headache..🤯 View More
A Bend in Time · C137
1 week ago
Awesome.. View More
A Bend in Time · C135
1 week ago
So what we got.. Spiderman check.. Ironman check.. Dr strange check.. View More
I jump in and out of Harry Potter world . · C5
1 week ago
Well.. I hope we can see the yule.. or maybe watch home alone.. haha.. View More
A Bend in Time · C134
1 week ago
Home Alone.. the first one.. the others is nope.. and UP.. View More
A Bend in Time · C133
1 week ago
Me.. I will be commentator.. not like Lee Jordan.. but like Luna.. haha.. I love her.. so lovely.. View More
A Bend in Time · C131
1 week ago
The book is icha-icha paradise?? View More
Harry Potter and the Lord of Darkness · C17
1 week ago
Can't wait for the party.. it will be hilarious.. View More
A Bend in Time · C130
1 week ago
I never dislike group project.. becoz I always become the Capt of the ship.. haha.. just need organize n finishing up.. View More
A Bend in Time · C129
1 week ago
Yep... Chris will be the next Headmaster.. haha.. n Hogwarts will be guard by Dems Army.. haha.. View More
Harry Potter and the Fortunate Queen · C210
1 week ago
I hope she will get a good detention.. View More
A Bend in Time · C128
1 week ago
Tell me about it.. I love Snape, I want to see him happy.. but the original one is the best one.. he had been friendzone n must protect her child with his own life.. even I can't do that.. View More

Natsy_me: Sometimes reading this novel makes me conflicted. I don't know how to feel if Severus ended up with Lily or even Rowan with any of the Marauders. Maybe because I would still like the original Harry Potter to exist, though it can be said that this book is already in an alternate timeline because of the existence of Rowan.

A Bend in Time · C127
1 week ago
Ohh.. I love brulee.. regulus hv 2 galzs.. n Snape still chasing the one.. poor Mr friendzone.. View More
A Bend in Time · C127
1 week ago
Follow the snake.. what type of snake?? Two-head snake?? Black mamba snake?? Maybe green snake?? View More
A Bend in Time · C126
1 week ago
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