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When he creates the law, and then changes it completely by going against the laws he created... it’s him messing up not me thinking I know the novel better then the author. View More

: Sorry bro, but the truth is I feel u are acting like u understand the novel more than the author which is not true. This is his novel, respect it, he creates the laws in the novel.

Ancient Godly Monarch · C399
1 day ago
It never said how or when the stolen one will disappear, just that it will eventually. It could be soon or years and years from now. There’s been no indication that it will only disappear when he recovers his pulse completely View More

Pharreed: its like layers he had one whole which was stolen now hes rebuilding a new one like a 9 piece pizza he has 3/9 when he gets the whole thing back the stole one disappears

The Brilliant Fighting Master · C78
4 weeks ago
It’s faster to die by drowning then blood loss? Not really. If they cut the carotid or another artery he would bleed to death in about a minute. Drowning would take like 6-7 mins to die if not longer. Now if the cut or injury isn’t that serious then you could still last hours before dying of blood loss View More

Novel_Hutterhead67: When the slit is across the jugular vein instead of the trachea. If it were the trachea, the cause of death would be by drowning on top of blood loss and drop in blood pressure. It's much faster to die by drowning than by blood loss.

The Brilliant Fighting Master · C31
1 month ago
That’s because if you buy privilege then u can read till 2170... so someone got privilege and then posted it on the other site View More

Undyingmortal: im confused lol, theres already chapter 2170 chapter up else where

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C2145
1 month ago
I read issth long ago lol View More

_scar_face: Go read I SHALL SEAL THE HEAVENS, sometyn closed to dat appeared dere

The Nine Cauldrons · C339
2 months ago
That’s why u just read the unlocked free chapters here... the rest just use a knockoff site or epubs haha View More

Littytitties: And they still demand us to pay for bad quality translation, at least machine translations wouldn't mix up names

Strongest Abandoned Son · C241
2 months ago
Further along? I’ve finished the whole novel lol, it’s literally worth nothing in the immortal empires, let alone when he reaches higher places. Each immortal empire has trillions and trillions of people, 1 in a billon is nothing. To normal people it’s awesome but in the context of any type of genius it’s really not much View More

Ezraa: I’m further along and it blatantly says it’s a billion to one odds on having a fifth astral soul from the seventh layer. I’d say that it’s far from normal.

Ancient Godly Monarch · C721
3 months ago
It’s “rare” but in the settings MC is in it’s pretty normal View More

Ezraa: Nope, read back to that woman’s inner monologue when he first revealed his seventh layer soul duelling that rank 3 guy in that Sacred Balksack place... Its very rare to have the 5,5,5,6,7 combo.

Ancient Godly Monarch · C721
3 months ago
Tbf in most novels the martial spirits have a strength omg effect on the person. So a lvl4 spirit vs a lvl 1 one is a huge difference View More

TheLazyDeathgod: Of course It's the generic nine waves fist/palm technique....

Also, is Su Heng a complete moron? As "trashy" as Su Mo's martial soul is, all of you literally just awakened your stupid martial souls yesterday. I fail to see how any of them could have mastered their abilities well enough to change the status quo much. Besides, Su No is at the same level as him and was until yesterday much stronger, so....what makes him think he can beat Su No again?

Ohhh right, anyone labeled as "trash" is immediately worthless regardless of actual ability.

Yeah, idk, this novel really isn't grabbing me. I'll give it one more chapter before I drop it.

Warrior's Promise · C3
3 months ago
That’s what happens when you have no idea when a chapters going to be posted... half of the people that used to follow it most likely shelved it and will come and look it up after a few months now View More

Dubrus: Wow it's crazy how this novel died so fast. Comment section used to be lit

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C2032
3 months ago
I was thinking of the teenagers in Chinese light novels 😂😂 View More

Ezraa: That’s insulting teenagers. I’ve seen less petulant toddlers.

Paradise of Demonic Gods · C67
4 months ago
When ppl comment on a novel that’s translated that isn’t being updated, and complains about the “author” not updating or making mistakes, they mean the translator. Webnovel also has originals so they might be used to reading originals or they might not know this is a translation. When someone obviously means the “translator” but says “author” instead of telling them it’s the translator that’s the problem and not the author. And what did you do? You troll them... the authors doing great! releasing 3 chapters a day! So you were either delusional or were a troll. I called you out on being a delusional, but I guess it’s worse then that, your a troll. View More

aquaven: As I've said, its not the author's fault the translated chapters are delayed. The author only posts in Qidian and he doesn't control the releases for the translated version in Webnovel. I am not delusional, you can see for yourself on the novel page in Qidian he has been releasing daily for the past several months with minor breaks every once in a while. The translator is not the Author. This is a translated novel, not an original. If you can't realize this obvious fact, you must be delusional.

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1966
4 months ago
You must be delusional, the last time this was updated was 3 days ago and it was only 1 chapter instead of 2... and the translator was already like 6 chapter or something behind that week. The last time he posted 3 chapters was when he missed a day and he posted 3(still didn’t get the 4th) the next day and that was like maybe 2 weeks ago. The translator often disappears for a few days and we usually don’t get the full amount of chapters we miss. If he disappears for 3 days we get 2 of the 6 we missed if were lucky View More

aquaven: why are you blaming the author for lack of translated chapter releases, he is on a roll these last few days with 3 chapters a day releases, probably havent had a break for months from his daily chapters

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1966
4 months ago
Started works... But if you wanted to use startled, it would have to be “was startled” View More

Morvian: 'Ling Han started' should be 'Ling Han startled'

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao · C47
4 months ago

Old_WangNextDoor: Go visit ke's grandpas sect

Martial Arts Master · C363
5 months ago

LordWaffles: So we're moving on to a "dojo challenge" like arc eh.... but it can never surpass the diabetes inducingness of that lovestruck couple

Martial Arts Master · C363
5 months ago
It once foreshadowed that the monk was conspiring against Cheng with someone... at that time it was around when the sect found him, and someone tried to put a bounty on him. So people assumed he was working with on of his apprentice brother/sisters View More

RagNarok: Is it me or did it come completely out of nowhere i don't remember any foreshadowing Chen was gonna get attacked

Martial Arts Master · C355
5 months ago


Martial Arts Master · C320
5 months ago
Can’t be su li cause he doesn’t have a twin... I’m guessing the 2 twins from the five elements sect that DLT was in, they followed him here, but I can’t remember their names haha View More

Stay_at_Home: 1st progeny : DLT
2nd progeny : old prophet
3rd progeny : Gu Li
4th progeny : Ladyboy
5th progeny :
6th progeny : Xue nai
7th progeny : Lady Feng

Only left 1 progeny thats still missing now 🥺.
I hope Su Li will be the last progeny😆. DLT best friend that went on journey with his master. And until now havent appeared again.

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1953
5 months ago
50% of fatty friends are concerned about their weight, but they don’t have the willpower to lose it... really common in modern stories where the fatty friend tries training for a day or 2 before quiting View More

NikolasVegas: This fatty seems a little different though... he’s actually worried about his weight 😯

Martial Arts Master · C72
5 months ago
I did make it wayy past that, to like 200 or something. But I don’t really remember anything about the story at all haha been so long, and the translation doesn’t seem to be very fast since they only did 200 chaps in 2 years View More

ScarletSteel: Hahaha yeah same here, darn it. Thanks anyway. I dropped it at chapter 40 something I think. You were one of the only people still active, so I figured I'd give it a shot and ask. I felt like the story had some good concepts, so was hoping it improved down the line somewhere.

Painting of the Nine Immortals · C45
5 months ago
Haven’t read it since 2 years ago haha, will go back to it eventually probably View More

ScarletSteel: Does this novels translation and plot, ever get any better?
I dropped it for about a year and am just wondering if it's worth picking back up?

Painting of the Nine Immortals · C45
5 months ago
Yea, they would be fit, but then there the MCs women who all have the slim willowy waists, mutton jade skin, giant clear eyes, giant melons, beautiful midnight silky hair, long legs etc (I remember one novel that they wore a veil but people knew they were a devastating beauty cause their eyebrows...)that non-harem members tend not to have View More

Sheriff_K: They’re all cultivators, so wouldnt all their body’s be fit?? (Except Fatty.)

Ancient Godly Monarch · C579
5 months ago
I love this novel even tho it’s one of the most cliche novels out there, I tend to like the cliche novels haha. It’s the only novel on this site I use SS on lol View More

2lazy2care: Tbh i like this novel but its kinda getting long winded for me. Maybe a new translator might do this novel some good.

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1890
6 months ago

Charles_lake: Looks like the novel was dropped or the translator was fired or something. If you go to the novels pages there is no translator listed anymore

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1890
6 months ago
Looks like the novel was dropped or the translator was fired or something. If you go to the novels pages there is no translator listed anymore View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1890
6 months ago
It’s from the beauty and the bodyguard novel... the MC was surfing the tv channels and ran into a p0rn channel, that was one of the programs that was on it View More

PandaLightning: what is all this tree sap stuff about? I heard it was from a different novel but i would like to get some context if anyone is willing.

Returning from the Immortal World · C94
6 months ago
They didn’t want to attack the kids but the family of the kids... tang was thrown out cause he was unlikely so kidnapping his mom would amount to nothing. Cheng was plausible but they didn’t have the courage to act against the police. Therefore Yuan is left, his dad has connections, they don’t know how deep, to the military so they picked his mom.

As for why they’re going after their family, it’s cause the high school is under a “super” tight guard now View More

Prehistoric_Wolf: I thought they don't want to attack the son because the are afraid of the father, then they go for the mother to provoke the father?

Returning from the Immortal World · C55
6 months ago
10k year old monsters are usually emotionally driven and dumb as **** in these novels. “Impudent, you dare to say hi to my descendant and not bow?” Then offends massively talented person, who has a powerhouse somewhere behind him so you can’t kill him right away so you put a bounty on him and send your useless descendants after him until they’re all dead and now that massively talented person is stronger then you and kills you.

There tends to be an unwritten rule to these novels... after a certain age, imma say middle aged. The older you get, the dumber you get. So don’t expect a 10k year old person to be smart. Also out of those 10k years the majority was most likely in secluded cultivation View More

zokimi: An 10k old monster having an uncomfortable feeling from kids gossiping?
It's a miracle that he could even cultivated and survive the tribulations...

Returning from the Immortal World · C51
6 months ago
He’s been in the last 3 months of high school since the start, so he’s always been 18 View More

CoffeePanda: Not only he just got richer and powerful in around 2 months, he also got 2 years older in 2 months... Cool, from 16 years old to 18. Not bad. Will he also raise a child on the next day? See him graduate the uni in a week?

Returning from the Immortal World · C51
6 months ago
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