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99 saint veins are pretty much useless, just sounds cool lol View More

PeterPan33: Is anyone else going to find out DLT has opened 99 saint vains

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1743
4 days ago
I think it’ll take anywhere from 5-10 years outside of the pagoda for DLT to even come close to rescuing her. And that’s with some nice cheats, like this trip that’s about to happen, and the dragon pool in 2+ years. It took him 2 years(10? Cause pagoda is 5x atm I think?) to go from early pristine to peak pristine, he just broke thru with the pools help.
Now he has to go thru refined, eminent, divine and exemplary just to reach quintessential saint stage. Tho he can fight higher then a stage above him(1 full stage from true origin and then 2-3 stages from his sword heart) And I’m almost positive quintessential isnt the highest in the upper province. So he would have to at least reach quintessential before he could charge their gates.

So he has to go thru at least 4 saint stages that are harder and take longer then pristine to quintessential. Tho during this time I’m sure he will fix the 4th layer of the pagoda and get a better training area(and is it at the 4th later that he can hide in it and be unbeatable? If so he might just sneak in and save her with that).4 stages in 10 years with the help of an upgraded pagoda sound like its possible, low end of 5 years with all of his lucky chances and encounters View More

Undyingmortal: And it shouldn't really take Duan Ling Tian that long to cultivate to Eminent saint stage and surpass it to reach quintessence stage. Though he might need to go out and get resources to do so. Since the quickest for him to reach eminent saint stage is still a few years even with the pagoda.

War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1734
1 week ago
The problem isn’t that he contradicts himself hundreds of chapters later, or even tens of chapters. No he would contradict himself within 1-2. Or at least that’s what I remember lol View More

bukvyrm: We're halfway through a xianxia novel. Expecting consistent details and logic is unrealistic. i just hope it finishes in a reasonably satisfying way in 1000 chapters or so.

Sovereign of the Three Realms · C945
1 week ago
It is BS tho, fang has known for a while that Hao had broken thru to supernatural. When he was captured by that girl, wu’er? She told him that hao had broke thru and “killed” yun qingwu in 1 strike. View More

aFallenLeaf: sigh people, if you really think this is bull**** then just don't read, will you??? :/
Author has made this and translator has work hard for it to be translated. If you're not satisfied then just wait for a bit until the title explain to you.
This is a chinese novel, it contains all explanation from breathing, chewing to bathing, so instead of complaining all the way and make the good atmosphere in the story ruined, why not . Just. Wait 😊

Gate of God · C376
1 week ago

Darkdelusion: The lolita is playing the gender bender card😂😂

Gate of God · C128
2 weeks ago
Why can’t I like this multiple times?!?!? View More

ismanhs: FZ is that classmate who copied your test answers and got better score in the end.

Gate of God · C116
2 weeks ago

ismanhs: FZ is that classmate who copied your test answers and got better score in the end.

Gate of God · C116
2 weeks ago

abbad0n: Rhinoceros Gazing at the Moon is probably a misdirection technique followed by the "real" attack. Perfect for attacking the opponents descendants. 😂

Gate of God · C73
2 weeks ago

Equalest: True Origins Crushing Kick

Gate of God · C73
2 weeks ago
Did it mention him being a virgin in his last world? I just remember him being a 20 year old or so librarian that was fired View More

AlFriz: Dude, the incredible one is you
As a virgin in both lives you don't seem to be flustered by beauties

Gate of God · C56
2 weeks ago

Queue: "Unfortunately, I am not interested in men." 🤣 😂 🤣. And the response. Feed me and I’m yours! 😂

Gate of God · C55
2 weeks ago

NewbornWarrior7: Wow this is one dumb village chief. If the Li family are willing to betray a fellow villager not to mention someone who contributed greatly as well as a child, then what makes the chief think that they're going to help the village once they've reaped all the benefits.

Gate of God · C45
2 weeks ago

TurtleSky: I hope he takes his family and moves to the northern village...wouldn’t the little Loli abandon this southern village then? And everyone will only be left with regret for what they did :)

Thanks for the chapter

Gate of God · C45
2 weeks ago
Even when I was a kid I had little hairs all over my body, mostly arms and legs. That would stand up when creeped out or cold. I even remember all the boys in grade 5 comparing who had more hair, cause they were manlier. View More

gaxels: "Meng Qi's hair stand up"
At least you can use another sentence....
F4KING HAIR STOOD UP, WHICH HAIR? His down hair? And he is still 12-13... Down ther bald aswell....
Fucking stupid

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara · C10
2 weeks ago
Because he’s still “Meng Qi” he has no memories or thoughts of the body he took over, he doesn’t even know the body’s name. And even if he did and went by “Lin Feng”(made up name idk the bodies name) the narrative would still go by Meng Qi and would only switch to Lin Feng, either when he “becomes” Lin Feng, or when interacting with people View More

FilledWithHope: Why is it still saying the old body's name?

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara · C2
2 weeks ago

Zeyziel: What I like about this story is that the cultivators are not unreasonable and behave within logical frameworks unlike some other stories. The grudges tend to be a bit too contrived in other stories

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C287
1 month ago

7starkiller99: Story of an MC's life.

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C268
1 month ago

Daoist_Pinkerton: ""This is Sovereign Capital. The normal riffraff will not dare cause trouble here."
Not long later...
[You have encountered Elite Riffraff]

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C268
1 month ago
Most likely the kid died, he had his chest ripped apart. Who knows he might’ve been saved by the MC descending into his body and 50 years later he will take it back over, or the body will just die if his soul was dead before MC came over. View More

salem277: I feel really bad for the original owner who has had his body taken over at the young age of 14 and he's what going to wake up finding he's missed out on 50 or 100 years of his life

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C240
1 month ago
If Xu Jing was the MC both the other rank 4 sects would team up to get the “treasure” that let him elevate his levels so fast... not to mention the quasi third rank sects would jump in too View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1690
1 month ago

RedMirage: How many GYB equivalent is this?

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C145
1 month ago
Gotta say this is complete BS. Let’s first say he had only reached intermediate refined in a year... it took DLT 5 years to do that from early pristine to intermediate pristine... but all these people can do it in 1 year at a higher stage. Secondly the devil ciltivation technique is absolute BS. From early to peak in 1 year? That means he went from early, thru intermediate, mastery, perfected and finally he’s at the top of paramount? So he did something that would take 4+ years for everyone else and 20+ for our shorty MC in 1 year?

Only reason I can see author doing this is cause he wants DLT to either have to use the devil seal tablet here and then get killed right away, or break thru to the 2nd stage of sword heart. View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1688
1 month ago

sxfdcgfvhgbjhn: Except he doesn't have enough power to defeat the governor. And what's wrong with the governor being evil? It's dumb when the enemies of ruthless MCs, such as MGA's Chu Feng and MW's Lin Feng, are made evil (especially post-mortem) so the MC will be justified. But when it's a good or neutral MC, they wouldn't be an enemy if they weren't bad. If the governor wasn't evil, you think he would still attack Qin Yun? Tbh, for the last few dozen chapters I keep seeing complaints as the most voted comments. But if so many people hate the novel, why are you reading it?

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C76
1 month ago
Would be wayyy to early in the story for MC to become a cripple before being reborn... usually happens much later in stories, around halfway at least. View More

amit34521: he might lose his intrinsic sword during the battle with water god. then will live as a cripple for a while before he finds his own personal cheat to win against the world.

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C46
1 month ago

EXPLOSIONGOD: Honestly I don't even care if its in pin yin or not.....

Seeking the Flying Sword Path · C2
1 month ago
True, but it hasn’t even been a full week yet... when it hits Wednesday in the story it’ll have been 8 days. Since he went over to her house on the 2nd day and when they talked about her meeting her day it was supposed to be 1 week from that day View More

Darkdelusion: I pity Eva😢😭.
Waited for 2 yrs, only to see her one-sided crush protecting a girl whom he knows for 2 weeks💔

Adopted Soldier · C58
1 month ago
I think I might have read a lil too much Xianxian/xuanhan with arrogant young masters, cause that’s how I read it as hahaha View More

Sereal: Why do I imagine the person speaking in Samuel L Jackson's voice?

Adopted Soldier · C38
1 month ago
No matter how fast devil cultivators training is... it shouldn’t be possible for it to be so quick. A jump of 2 lvls in 11 months? DLT is hoping to lvl up once... in 5 years. So devil cultivators can level up 10x quicker? I can see 2-3x faster then normal methods, but not 10x View More
War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens · C1662
1 month ago
It was a female originally... View More

NittyGritty: "Male creature", so Little White's identity has been revealed already. Yikes, thought it was a girl and will hopefully join the harem soon once it transforms into a human. Hihi

Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C662
1 month ago
It said she was 15 at the start and then had her 15th birthday a month or so after. She was 14 and 11 months... some people say 14 almost 15... while some people might just say I’m 15. Author may have messed up, forgot or something, but it’s said it more then once, after her birthday, that she was 15. View More

Ivandsi: You're kind of late to say this, someone already have an explanation of why she is actually 16. And she already was 15 years old at the start of the novel so no that birthday party isn't her 15th one

Dragon King's Son-In-Law · C560
1 month ago
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