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Well...he can always use the worm hole travel to get near the planet, rest for a few hours and be ready to fight View More

hieryn: Will Daniel arrive in time before the girls are taken to the Spiritual Emperor????!!!

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C470
1 month ago
And remember those 3 nascent soul with their special map, the Earth mark was yellow, and I think that was for someone at the peak of Spirit realm? Or maybe the one before but I'm sure Xie Haiyang is that mysterious powerhouse View More

Sakuroi: Considering the chapter before this, I wouldn't say that makes much sense. Xie Haiyang already hinted at being from some trade universe and in the last chapter Baole's senior brother said "I've finally found you", while Xie Haiyang knows Baole for quite some time now.

A World Worth Protecting · C606
1 month ago
How funny webnovel says this novel have 12 chap per week. Buajajajajajajaja

But really, lot of ppl know that writing is hard. But KHB is not a random guy, he has been writing for a long time, he is not a new writer.

And some ppl talked too about getting married and it was fine. But the honeymoons aren't weeks. 1 hiatus week was okay but this? Even with a new live this is his job or at least it was...coz look now how many comments are in the lastest chapters, and compare them with the first ones or even middle ones, it's obviously how this novel declined overtime. Not just for being overslow af but, the release rate that makes you lose the hype to read it everyday....

In conclusion I sad about how the novel went and is going, and don't know if I'll read it again. Maybe when he really stabilize the release rate or end the novel.

💔 View More
World Domination System · C982
2 months ago
Not only massacre in the Spirit Planet but in others. To make an example he should attack various factions important bases. And when the government would want to stop or punish him, they couldn't coz Daniel have proof of the factions crimes. So every party would lose Smith. And what I don't understand is why are you messing up with a guy that get over the hundred phase in less than hundred years when others takes hundred thousand...It's a really bad idea. Like horrible, why no one comments this????!!! View More

Kupkake03: Well, whatever Daniel plans on doing to these greedy morons is definitely deserved. He needs to make an example of these people to make it clear to the entire universe what happens when you mess with his people or students. He should have done this a long time ago and made it more public.

The best way to handle this is, with one other person who is filming this(Or this universes equivalent of filming) he needs to show up massacre anyone who gets in his way and then steal the planet. Then say that anyone who touches his students will be killed by him and then be forced to give him some kind of compensation. So if you want to kindly hand over your rare objects to Daniel, feel free to go after his people. Something along the lines of that way with maybe some mercy thrown in depending on who he runs into. However, people need to die and in the most efficient shock and awe way that he has available to him.

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C433
3 months ago
First!!!! View More
Chrysalis · C417
3 months ago
Yeah but thats the price counting all the money spent on resesrch. Not the actual fabrication cost...so this plane its more expensive View More

Fearofthedark: Actually, military airplanes and fighters today can cost billions and billions of American dollars, let alone the Chinese dollar.

Swallowed Star · C102
4 months ago
Yeah but maybe that was the ant special race trait. And for other race, maybe they need someone to modify their cores so they can transform in a new race, making their new race venerate their parangon. Something similar like Anthony did, but sure the Sophos knows a lot of info and ways, didnt he say that most of their tribe are in the second strata. And in 1000y im sure they tried and investigated tons of ways View More

Fringus_Inanis: If the Sophos are Monsters, there is a high probability that they have monster cores. If so, couldn't they manipulate them to allow reproduction. The school have the skill necessary to do it. Even if they are worried that it would enslave some to others, Anthony has done the same thing to his mother who, because he didn't reconstruct her core, is still independent, i.e. not under Anthony's control.

Chrysalis · C414
4 months ago
Well he can say the recipe is from his master and he knows how to make it...not that bad View More

Spirit_BugXO: MC needs a brain. Claims it was his master who made it, then proceeds to tell her "I need time to make it" as an excuse. 🇫➖🇺➖🇨➖🇰➖🇮➖🇳➖🇬 Hell

Elixir Supplier · C24
4 months ago
Well, it's the big disadvantage of their government. Easy to corrupt at all scales, big and small ones. But the problem here is not the corruption. The problem here is the 26 year old college graduated that still need his parents permission to even decide his own future. And I'm not talking about the parents advice, but the permission. Ffs he won that money working hard at for years, so why his mother still decide his herb job future? Don't you think that's a bit stupid? View More

keepreroll: this chapter show how chinese do subtle corruption practice

Elixir Supplier · C9
4 months ago
Is not a bad idea, in this way the people would think the golden mine is the hill and terrain and not the MC itself. So it could work at least for a few years View More

Shyboy: Brick dumb Mc. He just put a red target in the hill, he should just pry for the remaining time and let the dust settle and then extend or try another field while he has his own and contract others. He just made everyone think that he has found a golden mine and can't let go. Author patches things to just let a conflict after another coming for him

Elixir Supplier · C9
4 months ago
And even if they try to modify their own species like Anthony did. Im pretty sure that the dungeon wouldn't give them the option. So maybe they only way is to proove you value to the system by having a high tier lvl entity in ur specie...no? It doenst sound that crazy View More

EternalCircle: It sounds like when the dungeon turned them from "species" to "dungeon creature" they were striped of reproductive organs entirety. Anthony's colony for example, needs to evolve in a very specific "child creation only" path, the queen. This also seems specific to ants, as ants (possibly other insects like bees) have specific genetic traits even within one colony to differentiate.
So it is likely that the sophos had no evolution equivalent to an ant queen, and tinkering with their own species cores would be a blasphemous act. Especially considering they seem to REALLY not like having become a "dungeon creature." Anthony also never considered how everything reproduces, it seems no dungeon creature can... ehem... "manually reproduce." Only by the dungeon spawning them with mana can they be made.

Chrysalis · C413
4 months ago
I think the game is a way some secret organization created by mamy countries to study and understand the powers of the tube's cultivator. You know like a way a understand the Dao and how can a human get that much power. That would explain the "heavens" or that weird small but pro guild of monster. Maybe all of them are cultivators, weaks ones but cultivators. That would explain why at the beginning one of the game creators was shocked by Izorth data. View More

HappyFawn: While we’re on the subject tho idk if you guys remember but Izroth said that the no 1 cultivator went missing and no one knew his whereabouts so what if he’s the dude in the tube and the game is a way to bring cultivators to this world and that’s the purpose of the combat master class? 🤔🤔

Realm of Myths and Legends · C390
4 months ago
The conversation wasnt the problem. The problem was trying to figbt him melee. Best assassins? A bunch of noobs. If you want to kill that type of human u have to use explosives, and high calibre guns. Even a fckin missile if its possible. You dont try to go 5vs1....

And about the sister thing...i think the assassins didnt kill her coz even they are assasins the mc fight for justice. So instead of killing her why not use her trip to trick him. And if the plan failed well, better not anger to dead an unkillable guy.... But yeah, what a **** way to day. For a moment i even though they put explosives in his sister aparment and body. Then after the explosion he would be indefense and died to a random peasant who actually was the head of the masters assasins. That would be 10000 times better View More

ShouldBeStudying: Exaclt my thoughts. And on top of that what retard assasins have a discussion with their target before assasination

Soaring of Galaxia · C1
5 months ago
If you really read all the chapters...you should know why its free xD View More

NoveliEnthusiast: How is this not premium yet?

Legend of the Mythological Genes · C331
5 months ago
Release the kraken View More

Galaktos: Now Dave will bring the kraken and show then how a real undead fights in the sea

Rise of The Undead Legion · C347
5 months ago
Maybe he used the same way the system boost the parasite every time it complete a quest. So that every time they are using their powers, Iewah is studying it and learning. It could be possible is his power is to grant others or boost powers. And thats the only way he can understand, upgrade and possible even fuse them. View More

LongSongGolden: So are their powers just a big game to iewah? He just sets weird conditions and then grants them a slightly larger fraction of his god like power? Seems odd that all his children would have the same system style with just different variations, and yet none of them can ever beat their "father"

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C290
5 months ago

Oskisama: Boy, that escalated quickly

Reincarnating Into A Fantasy World as an Autonomous Machine Arsenal · C19
5 months ago
He didnt use it yet and wont use it till he finds a good spot in the void so he can hide it. Remeber thats its a perfect world, so many ppl would try to steal it. So until he is around lvl 9 inmortal...who knows View More

TheAmbrosius: Looking back upgrading the system cost 1 billion... He has 43 billion ishhh... Well damn. Btw does remember if he has setup his planet the system gifted to him? That should be useful right? Hmmmm....

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C239
5 months ago
I think its a different type of charm. Maybe validatikn works more for ppl accepting ur words or character easily...you know...charm looks more superficial and validation more about the personality View More

Shadizar: Ah the comedy, I wonder just what increasing points in validation would actually mean though.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C34
5 months ago
How could i forget about that?? Thank you, i was wrong. He should watch more movies and series so he can gain more inspiration for his novels View More

Pizzavu: Inspirational, inspiration, inspiration. It is hard to write quality chapters and he was obviously(?) doing research for the novel by watching that horror movie.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C31
5 months ago
That type or author isnt the worst kind of ppl. I think his/her fans are worse. Why still help and follow his work. Even if the novel it's trully good. Is not hard to see that an author doesnt give a **** about, so why still give him ur time, support and money???

Fck it View More

alwaysareader: With those kind of authors U want to open their heads to see if their brain is still working or what the heck.
The worst part is that everyday UR pressing F5 to see if there's and update in the slow moving novel that got U crazy 4 more.
SOB! have I bcame a M for coming back for more everyday.
Tnks 4 da chapter.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C31
5 months ago
Yeah dude. Even wash the dishes would be fun with a system. Dony need an op system to be Invincible. Just a simple one :( View More

MrArky: If life only is that easy.

The Sovereignty System · C0
5 months ago

MrArky: If life only is that easy.

The Sovereignty System · C0
5 months ago
I agree with all ur points of view except the one about the currency. Its true that he is sucking a lot of coins from the world for the system. But you should know too that money is not only in the form of currency. Assets are money too.

So, for example, if he used 1million gold coins to get access to a new building and technology. The factory's would cost around that prize or even more. So is not like the money dissapears. And even if what im saying ia wrong. Money is a form of currency we use to exchange things. We give the currency his value, which actually is pretty ficticial, and remember that best form of currency is natural resources.

I dont know if i explained myself well...but yeah, i need to read more to see if im wrong or not. But i dont think the way he acts would affect the world economy. But the city's one and the kingdom would be. Ofc xD View More

Just_a_person: So, overall the story is good, but there are some complaints I have.

First, this is minor, but please title the chapters, even if it’s something ******, cuz it’s annoying to see unnamed chapters, not knowing what it contains.


Second, spirit food. I have no problem with spirit food at all, but selling it like normal grocery would produce many problems.

For example:

Spirit food isn’t a natural thing in the world, according to the system. So, many people would be suspicious about this, maybe even some old monsters would be interested

Supply and demand. If the amount of supply increases, then the demand decreases, meaning less money. You gotta keep a balance, so u can get the most benefits. However, this is not the only problem. Merchants and other businesses that includes selling spiritual plants and stuff like that will most likely get less profit due to him selling spiritual food and attracting their customers. This will cause enmity between him and powerful people, as people that could sell those are probably powerful.


Third, monetary circulation. Many people miss this in their novels if they include monetary exchange in systems. He is taking out money from the world and giving/buying things from the system. This may lead to a disaster in the economy if this continues. Money usually doesn’t disappear from the world. Money is circulated through buying and selling generally. The gold coins in the world is probably not unlimited. If he keeps sucking away those coins without giving any back, then it will lead to an imbalance.


Fourth, the autonomous buildings. These are nice, but can provide problems too. They practically render the humans useless, kind of. Well, he doesn’t need farmers, miners, blacksmiths, researchers, etc. There are few jobs available for the people. One of em is a guard, but there might be something in the system that can guard his kingdom, so thats probably occupied too. These should be a bit limited to prevent freeloading people.


Well, those are all the major ones I could find, the rest doesn’t really affect the story that much. Well, u don’t have to change ur previous chapters, just do stuff that can fix these in future chapters, if u want.

It is your story, so do what u want. I’m enjoying it so far.

The Sovereignty System
5 months ago
About the titles problem a good cheap way us to write some important word or short sentence from the chapter View More

Termax: I am sorry, but I just do not have the time or creativity to devote to chapter titles. The first story I ever wrote I attempted to use title chapters and it was very frustrating trying to come up with a title to match the story and would delay the release of the chapter because of it.

Another problem is there are many chapters where Ben will only build or make new products so what shall I name a chapter for example: Ben builds up the fortress, Ben builds up the fortress again, and Yet again Ben is building up the fortress.

Another problem with chapter titles are they tend to be spoilers to many readers. Why would you want to know what is going to happen before you read it? It is like going to a forum to read all the spoilers before you go watch the movie.

My main issue though is I have a job and write when I get home. I only have so much time to devote to writing after I come home not including other RL distractions and delays.

If writing was my main job it I could take the time to sit down and discuss the story more with the readers like this and put more effort into my writing.

I really do want to make the story as enjoyable as I can for everyone who reads and sticks around to support it. I am only one person trying to think up interesting situations and encounters and editing them to be as readable as possible with my terrible grammar.

I spend just as much time editing these chapters and rereading them multiple times as I do coming up with new ideas to push the story forward.

As far as the spirit foods goes by Ben controlling it this will most definitely create enmity with the other merchants and nobles and is bound to cause friction. I also understand there is only so many people in a city who can buy the food to the point his business will stop growing. Without spoiling anything I can only say the spirit food will not be the only draw to his stores and this store will not be the only business Ben establishes in the future.

In the end I know you are frustrated with me not adding titles to my chapters and I have seen your comments about it. It just isn't possible for me to provide them and I am sorry to anyone else out there who is disappointed in me for not providing them.

Thank you for reading my story even if it hasn't met up to everyone's reading requirements! I do appreciate you taking the time give it a try!

The Sovereignty System
5 months ago
Country F and Moro are Philippines. The same country but different ideology. Like URSS and Russian Empire, both were Russians country's. And for Xin it doesnt exist. I tried to find the island in google maps with the novel description and there is only sea in that zone View More

killofall: A little late to ask this but what are the real world counterparts of country F. Moro. And Xin?

I have a Mansion in the Post-apocalyptic World · C831
5 months ago
It would be tha vasoshit or vasothing or even the blood realm xD View More

antely1980: vasodilation.... no one is going to remember that

Sovereign of the Karmic System · C0
5 months ago
The mysterious MC fathet...super massive cliché hidden plot armor View More

Flowers77: He has the same last name as the war god

Supreme Uprising · C12
6 months ago
Dude 18 and 15 are only 3 years apart. So its not really weird to like a small girl with a good body, yherr are a lot of those kind in the world.
And the pedo was ur worst problem??? What about the fcking though of raping her?? What kind of world we live that pedo is worse than rape.....i dont want to live in this planet anymore xD View More

Daoist_Kermit: Wasn’t the old version of him back in earth having a job so most likely over 18...that’s some pedophilia

Why Did You Summon Me? · C2
6 months ago

Sandsupport: Feels like we getting less and less infrequent chaps after the privilege thing was released. I gave it 2 weeks to see if it's the websites problem but we ain't getting as much chaps for us non-privileged readers

World Domination System · C856
6 months ago
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