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Original Works

  • A Journey Through The Worlds

    A Journey Through The Worlds

    Magical Realism


    Something meant to happen since the beginning of time. In a world where every person nation and a... planet, are fighting to survive, a group of people brought together by chance start their journey. in the first few chapters the chapters are longer then the others "4000+ for chapter" but in the ones after that it is 2000+ for chapter.

  • the void between universes

    the void between universes

    Magical Realism

    for Alex what started as a wish turned to a nightmare. he only wished to live an exciting life to be like any one of the MC's of his favorite novels, he only wished for that. unfortunately he met It, the thing, It granted him his wish but in return he become It's game. follow Alex as he go through this game, that started just with him but ended with the whole earth and our whole universe as a play ground. so this novel here is the first one i ever wrote, but unfortunately i never had the chance to write more than the twentieth chapter, i knew that if i let it on royal-road (now that i'm writing on webnovel) i'll never return to it so i decided to put it here wishing that maybe like this i'll start writing it again. ps i'm writing A Journey Through The Worlds and this novel here is going to be my second book. and also my English was bad when i started writing this one so there are going to be a lot of mistakes.


You kept your part of the deal so I will keep mine
ALL my power stones are for this novel View More
The First Order · C25
2 hours ago
Chapters moarrrrrr View More
The First Order · C20
1 day ago
Will start on the rewriting the week after the next one as I have a presentation at the uni in the next
Thank really glad that you like the novel View More

WeakSideCharacter: While I think that your grammar are quite fine, you should have atleast told us something.

But Ill wait for the rework, goodluck!!

A Journey Through The Worlds · C95
5 days ago
😥😥😥😥😥 View More

GrassPorridgeCults: Dude, don't keep your hopes up, cause this is LEGGE were talking about here. Even in IRAS days, she seldom do mass release 😥😥.

The First Order · C11
6 days ago
Dear translator
You should know that the best way to get stones is to release a lot of chapters and even people who won't be interested at first might try the novel if they see a great release rate...

Did it work are you going to release a lot of chapters lol View More
The First Order · C11
6 days ago
I'm sure that you know this now that you are already here but this story is full of grammatical mistakes and the writing style is somehow bad so I'm thinking about rewriting it whole before publishing it again "I also publish it in other platforms as well"" View More

WeakSideCharacter: ay yo wassup author!

A Journey Through The Worlds · C95
6 days ago
So he will start teaching other people... I feel like the system wants him to be a good person and that's great View More
The First Order · C6
1 week ago
Really glad that he have a boy as his best friend and not a girl
Like this we won't have to deal with a lot of stereotypical plots View More
The First Order · C2
1 week ago

LoliWorld: Dam man. Feel sorry for cramel he just victim here and gemer bully him so sad for him poor cramer RIP man you are real man ho protect your egg until your death. Salut o.o7

Gamers of the Underworld · C40
1 week ago

OTMAN: Make acid rain, blow up mountain tops, turn people crazy, there are many methods you can use.

A World Worth Protecting · C76
2 weeks ago

Senior_Nepuko: -There's a rumor going around in forum iirc that AWWP happens after RI and before ISSTH. And to be honest I SERIOUSLY doubt it happens after ISSTH. I mean lol at that level Wang Lin has long since stepped in 4th step and all, prolly even 5th step, I don't see how nor why he'd "bother" himself with this kinda stuff. Unless....this is somehow a clone that was sent in another Dao Domain as a seed or smthing like you said. Cuz iirc it was implied there was a war between VE and another Dao Domain.

-Also, don't take AWE's timeline as granted. DB says : "it's *likely* for it to be after ISSTH" for a reason, since Er Gen himself told him he ain't sure. Like that he'd still have everything on the table without plot-holes. Which is why he made the ending vague timeline wise XD.
And please say "domain", not realm XD. It gets confusing when you say that lol, cuz the Dao realm is the 3rd step of ISSTH after all.

-Ah, too bad, so I believe we didn't meet (hmph, how dare you make an account in Qidian and not in Wuxiaworld. Correct that immediately :p). But if you read AWE on the site I guess you'd have noticed me close to the ending, since I was everywhere lmao. Gotta enlighten the poor lost juniors after all ;).

-Ri's your favorite, nice. And anyway I asked about Xianxia, meaning generally, so one could or couldn't like the romance. As far as I go, aside from ISSTH Er Gen romance is good, it's just always the start of it that's bad (sucks). The process is beautifully written, the start is lacking, hence giving the impression it's bad. At some point in WW comment section one even said, and I quote :
"People who said er gen is not good with romance are either divorced or have not experience real love. From all his novels, the romance plot leave a much longer expression and feeling than any other novels I had read."

And the translator said some replies later :"the writing about the suffering and stuff he face regarding how he cope and deal with Li Muwan's death is all great. The problem is the start was bad (which make sense since he just started writing) So you get like this great writing for what is an emotional experience kinda downed by the fact that nothing set up their relationship for this kind of emotional experience to work.
Compared to that his relationship with Liu Mei/Mu Bingmei is infinitely more interesting but the problem being just not much romance in general so its not explored much.
Same with Li Qianmei, much more interesting than Li Muwan but again no much time into it."

So yea, basically that. You keep reading some beaitifully written stuff but it still feels like smthing a tiny bit wrong, or maybe not. Oh my I digress. In any case, when you have something like the mortal arcs, "bad romance" is very much ignored ;)

Have a nice day dude! (don't forget to make an account if you can, or join the Wuxiaworld Discord! We can discuss RI in the moment there with other brothers, and there's even an Er Gen channel where you can discuss AWWP ;) )

Link : https://discord.gg/DHNxUKA

See ya later brother :)

A World Worth Protecting · C69
2 weeks ago

Senior_Nepuko: I really don't see what's different tbh. It's even better than issth and AWE. Oh, I know, you only read 100 chapters, that's why! I thought you knew that all Er Gen novels, aside from AWE and AWWP begin slowly. Even issth was kind of meh and slow in the beginning (first 200 chapters). To give you the chapter chart of Ri :
0-100 decent
100-150 gets better, good
150-250 great
250-500 amazing
500- 1600 (current) the best godamn Xianxia you've read

this is Ri
Be it Dao, Dao Comprhension, Enlightenment, depth, profoundness, epicness, badassery, aside from myabe romance, nothing come close to the beauty of the best Xianxia ever, Renegade Immortal. Even ISSTH's Dao Comprehension can't compare (and trust me, issth's Dao comprehension was so well done I once thought it was the apex. Once.) Remember the "mortal arcs" at the end of ISSTH, with his clones? Well, Ri have that, but more in quantity and in quality. Some readers even cried reading them you know. So honestly just read. And I mean, the "decent" phase of ISSTH lasted till ~250 or more before it began to "get better", and look at Ri XD.
Man, you can't call yourself a true Xianxia reader if you didn't read the very incarnation of what a true Xianxia is like, the masterpiece, Renegade Immortal. A true Xianxia is one with Dao and stuff, not the "bogus" and false Xianxias like ATG or MGA. It was also a groundbreaker EVEN in China when it got out, and apparently it took first place till its completion.

And you know man, even it being really good aside, read it at LEAST by curiosity for the God or Slaughter. It also makes you understand stuff you never did in issth, and answers your questions in context. Again seriously just read it.

Man the reason i'm like this is that I can't let a brother Er gen fan like you miss out on a GEM like Renegade Immortal :(. I once thought ISSTH couldn't be outdone before I read Ri and AWE, then i read Ri, and I realised I was wrong....so yea man read it.

I mean, you got past the first ~200 chapters of ISSTH right? You can do so with Ri really easily then (and it's even less, you only need to "go past" the first 100 really. Or MAYBE in your case, ~150. But trust me it gets good, and I read a lot of Xianxias, and all of Er gen novels, and if I call this one the best Xianxia it's for a reason.... :)

And what do you mean "free" hundred chapters? Don't tell me you read that on Webnovel?! No man, no. Please read it on Wuxiaworld, the site where it's released (if it's on Qidian then they *stole* it)

Here's the link to the novel man : https://***.**********.com/novel/renegade-immortal

Also, there's a discord for Wuxiaworld, and for all of Er Gen novels! We cna discuss all of his novels there, including but not limited to Ri and AWWP! So come check there :)
All of Er Gen novels translators, aside from Cktalon, are there too, so if you wanna ask question direct sources are present. And I am also there, as well as other brothers, we could answer your questions more easily there. And you know, it won't do you harm if you join ;)

Discord Link : https://discord.gg/RjTsATv

Have a nice day fellow daoist :)

A World Worth Protecting · C69
2 weeks ago
He's a Wang of course there will be a mosquito lol View More
A World Worth Protecting · C64
2 weeks ago

occido: I prefer this entrance of an elder having better knowledge than the others versus random luck somehow getting the MC in somehow, but unappreciated so it becomes a generic face-slapping set up. I’m ok if the elder still wants to test MC when he gets in, as long as it doesn’t become another “prove you wrong” type of motivation.

Ninth In the World · C98
2 weeks ago

LittleWuxia: I guess this is where his journey truly begins

Ninth In the World · C96
2 weeks ago

Tearjoy: Idk I kinda like the uncontrollable aspect of this story. The mc is not able to save a checklist of people and is forcibly moved by destiny. At least it shows the audience that not everyone close to the mc is safe. Also it seems hes in another land altogether

Ninth In the World · C95
2 weeks ago

StartingJourney: The scariest thing happened in this chapter : The Missing Translator


My House of Horrors · C772
2 weeks ago

Eternal_Pathfinder: The F5 sect received a mission from the great F5 God and began a pilgrimage of all of their greatest cultivators to a far off realm. Their weaker cultivators were snatched up by the other remaining Sects, especially with Exp sect taking the leadership position, leaving the Brick Sect, the Beauty Sect, the Charming CEO sect, the Scallion Pancake Sect, Lord Fifth Sect, and other sects to pick up its crumbs.

Legend of the Supreme Soldier · C304
1 month ago
you are actually african
lol i'm dead View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C493
1 month ago

Iotameru: Why did I read the AI part in child voice? - _-

The Legendary Mechanic · C492
1 month ago

FoodSectElder: Chinese title: 无敌神龙养成系统最新章节
Date started: 02/05/2018
Rating: N/A
Chapters: ~2466
Word count: 6.7 million
Status: Ongoing

Author: 993 / 九九三
Number of works: 1
Website: Qidian, but the page is not valid anymore.

This novel is kinda similar - in some ways - to 都市之点石成金系统 which is "I can turn into a Fish". Try reading both and look at the similarities, at least for the beginning.

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System
1 month ago
not really a review though... View More

reverof: first review .... i think ...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................

Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System
1 month ago
Reading Status: C0
first review .... i think ............................................................................................................................................................................................................................... View More
Invincible Divine Dragon's Cultivation System
1 month ago

Lurking: Getting the feeling that billions he gave Chen Mu were his life savings. Guess Mu is getting apprentice, the son Yang An?

The Card Apprentice · C274
1 month ago

Duchess: Absolutely. Zuo Mo is also a great and funny MC despite his fixed expression. He loves jingshi so much.

The Card Apprentice
1 month ago

FateXero: Yeah, I feel like this is a common problem in allot of cultivation novels. The mc gains so much power that most side characters are only around for an arc or two before being completely forgotten. One of the reasons I liked Coiling Dragon, despite it's faults, was because even when Linley reached the conclusion of the story, there were allot of characters that had stayed relevant from the beginning to the end. Novels like Warlocks in a Magus World and this one leave me feeling kinda lonely to be honest.

Low Dimensional Game · C71
1 month ago
thanks View More
Ninth In the World · C20
1 month ago

CaTastrophy427: So, you want them all... even the grade D supers? The ones who'd die from the shockwaves a few miles away?

The Legendary Mechanic · C483
1 month ago
thanks View More
Ninth In the World · C18
1 month ago
neeeeddddd mmmmoooorrrreeeee
aaaaaa maaaassssss rrrreeeeellllllleeeeeeeaaaaassssseeee View More
Ninth In the World · C17
1 month ago
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