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Translation Works

  • Grup Obrolan Pengembangan Diri

    Grup Obrolan Pengembangan Diri

    Realitas Magis


    Suatu hari, tiba-tiba Song Shuhang dimasukkan ke grup obrolan dengan banyak senior yang menderita penyakit chuuni. Orang-orang di dalam grup itu saling memanggil 'Teman Pedekar' dan berbagai macam sebutan: Tuan Istana, Tuan Goa, Raja Sejati, Tuan Abadi, dll. Bahkan hewan peliharaan pendiri grup ini yang kabur dari rumah disebut 'anjing monster'. Mereka akan berbincang tentang meramu obat, menjelajahi reruntuhan kuno, atau menceritakan pengalaman mereka menggunakan teknik-teknik sepanjang hari. Namun, setelah mengamati grup itu cukup lama, ia menemukan bahwa tidak semuanya seperti yang terlihat...



    Realisme Ajaib


    Satu hari, Song Shuhang dimasukkan dalam satu kumpulan perbualan yang terdiri daripada orang-orang tua yang menghidap penyakit mental. Mereka memanggil setiap ahli sebagai Rakan Dao dan pelbagai nama panggilan yang lain seperti Mahaguru Istana, Ketua Gua, Raja Agung, Mahaguru Abadi dan lain-lain. Haiwan peliharaan ketua kumpulan yang telah lari dari rumahnya itu juga dipanggil dengan panggilan Anjing Raksasa. Perbualan harian mereka biasanya melibatkan tentang cara menapis ubat, meneroka ke kawasan tinggalan sejarah atau berkongsi pengalaman tentang teknik-teknik untuk kemahiran tertentu. Selepas beberapa lama dia berada dalam kumpulan perbualan itu, tak semua benda seperti yang disangka...


CCVD: Should be Fairy Lynche instead of Fairy Dongfang Six in the explanation of naming the diciple.

Cultivation Chat Group · C904
2 months ago

Romariel: "Venerable Spirit Butterfly: "Hehehe, @Spirit Butterfly Island's Soft Feather, Fellow Daoist Spirit Butterfly, are you online?""

Should be "Venerable White: 'Hehehe...'"

Cultivation Chat Group · C891
2 months ago

SmilingReader: Shuhang wasn’t platting to—>planning to

Cultivation Chat Group · C884
2 months ago

Leioc: In most novels : Such a thick golden thigh is for hugging!

In this novel : Senior White casually smashes the thick golden thigh; his own thigh is the biggest, thickest and shiniest of them all.

Cultivation Chat Group · C872
2 months ago

Nerd_nerd: Lock him in a dark small room?

Cultivation Chat Group · C838
3 months ago

Cadh20000: Have we been reading the same book? That particular individual Venerable may not have had a personal grudge with them, but his sect and them have been at odds since not long after the book began!

Cultivation Chat Group · C809
4 months ago
Try to read from desktop or laptop in that case. The content of the chapters is correct since I've checked it several times already. View More

RicebucketReader: On mobile. Tried app too. Same issue despite clearing cache. 97 has that “I’ll put my mark on you bit” and the beginning of 96 starting with talking about wanting to remove the nucleus and then talking about “it did absorb all those spirit stones”.
Nothing in those 2 chapters actually has a scene where the Lotus is absorbing spirit stones and then being contained, only just talking about it after it happened while looking at it being contained- seemingly we are missing some paragraphs of text. Good luck getting it fixed with webnovel, we all still love you. Cheers.

Cultivation Chat Group · C796
4 months ago
Open the app and go to your profile. Then, go to settings and press on 'clear cache'. Tell me if the two chapters are still the same after you do this. View More

FangZhaoNumber1Fan: Hello~ I’m not sure if it’s just me but chapter 795 and 797 are the same

Cultivation Chat Group · C796
5 months ago
The app saves the chapter offline and doesn't load it every time. That's why it wasn't updating for you. View More

Throdan: Thanks! ... weird weird glitch then?

Cultivation Chat Group · C797
5 months ago
Open the app and go to your profile. Then, go to settings and press on 'clear cache'. Tell me if the two chapters are still the same after you do this. View More

Throdan: Hmmm I’m not sure what’s up I am accessing this comment group from chapter 797 also? But I even took screen shots of chapter 795 with the 797 title on it and after I cleared and closed the app and re opened it 797 is just 795 for me

Cultivation Chat Group · C797
5 months ago
Can you try to clear your cache and tell me if you notice any difference? The two chapters should be different. View More

Throdan: 795 and 797 are the exact same for me on the webnovel app?

Cultivation Chat Group · C797
5 months ago
I already explained why, read the next chapter (797) before reading this one. View More

Daoniel: This chapter is not the plot that follows the previous chapter... we’re missing a lot of details.

Cultivation Chat Group · C796
5 months ago
I already explained why, read the next chapter (797) before reading this one. View More

BTNM: Either missing chapter or missing details, when did the Lotus absorb spirit stones

Cultivation Chat Group · C796
5 months ago
The content has been deleted
Cultivation Chat Group · C797
5 months ago

chiagz: Would thrice reckless’ double be thrice careful in the netherworld

Cultivation Chat Group · C783
5 months ago

DaoistCitizen: Oof... "dormammu, i've come to bargain..."

Cultivation Chat Group · C780
5 months ago

HeavenlyShleep: What will Shuhang do?
1. F*ck it, I'm gonna die anyway. Might as well use my appraisal skill to analyze this rank 9+ existence.
2. Upgrade the "Senior, help me!" skill. Pavillion Master Chu or anyone else for that matter, grant me the power!!
3. I am Song One! Hidden cheat activates and OP ghost spirit returns to save the day.
4. Do nothing. Maybe if the Golden Lotus' world keeps shrinking, it'll boot me out eventually after some major oof.
5. Tell a dirty joke. Who knows, it could work.

Cultivation Chat Group · C780
5 months ago
Because it's written as '白前辈two' in Chinese and rabbit is 兔. View More

ImmortalFantasia: I really wonder why it’s Rabbit and not two?
2 = Er. Rabbit = Bi. or something idk haven’t used chinese in a long time

Cultivation Chat Group · C768
5 months ago
Author. View More

AMintedMuffin: Who do we blame for the wrong title in the previous chapter?

Cultivation Chat Group · C767
5 months ago

CornerEnthusiast: I mean, how else were the Ninth Stage's supposed to play ball with each other?

Cultivation Chat Group · C757
6 months ago

KaZe_DaRKWIND: Oh dear god. He calls himself Mountain of Books. I sense some stress coming for our MC

Cultivation Chat Group · C736
6 months ago
https://imgur.com/a/2jRY5f5 View More

Anra7777: Thanks!😁 do you know if Senior White’s appeared yet? All the later chapters are locked. 😣

Cultivation Chat Group · C717
7 months ago

Zacc: Thanks for all the chapters! I'm trying to get as many people to come over and vote for the novel to help you rise in the rankings!

Cultivation Chat Group · C710
7 months ago
Last chapter:
"Really~ you can't even take a joke, can you?" The beautiful blue-haired woman sighed, and then said after pondering for a moment, "In that case, how about this~ I will offer you an apology, alright? Is there something you wish to know?" View More

ResidentialPsycho: It looks like Copper Trigram gave the divination about the ghost spirit in order to repay Shuhang and settle their accounts. Does anyone know what favor he was returning?

Cultivation Chat Group · C710
7 months ago

mmnt2000: Thanks for the chaoter, Godly Wine


Cultivation Chat Group · C698
7 months ago
Fixed the mistakes reported in your two messages. Was a bit in a rush yesterday, that's why there were more mistakes than usual. 😅 View More

geoslim21: At this time, there were more "than" ten mobile phones placed in front of Great Master Swallow Cloud, with each of them continuously ringing.
Forgot the than
Therefore, they mobilized several thousand layman disciples, which each of them registering ten fake accounts, to boost the number of viewers until 10,000 and give Dharma King Creation some support.
should have "with" instead of "which"
Not only were are going through a lot of trouble
should be
Not only are we going through a lot of trouble
These are three examples and i admit there are not as many mistakes as i thought. the main reason for my mistaken belief that the quality of this chapter dropped is because i had just woken up when i read 643 and had to take my dog out when i started reading this and then i had to get my dinner and then i both of these caused me to lose my place so i kept reading the same mistakes and thought there were more than there actually were. i apologize for my mistake

Cultivation Chat Group · C644
9 months ago
Can you make some examples of what's wrong? View More

geoslim21: when i say it dropped i mean compared to the previous chapters

Cultivation Chat Group · C644
9 months ago
It seems there is a bug and the messages at the end of the chapters aren’t showing up in the web and mobile version. Anyway, as I said at the end of chapter 623, the mass release will be delayed for some time, but things are almost back to normal. And yeah, I know there are two mass releases, I haven’t forgotten. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C625
9 months ago
Next chapter will be late! View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C618
10 months ago
No idea, I wasn't even told that gifting option would be implemented on translated novels. 😅 View More

CameForTea: Btw... why are there no gift option here?

Cultivation Chat Group · C616
10 months ago
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