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juju_sprouts: I just found this and I ain't gonna lie, this book fore asf in just 4 chapters

Return of the Monarch · C4
4 weeks ago

Saberswordguy: Quite an in entertaining read hahaha the poor dude gave birth to his grandmother very amused 🤣 this daoist is very very amused hahahahaha shall our mc might as well become a demon king right away for facing such a tribulation his manhood had been desiccated on oh my hohoho no actually a demon God😤 this doaist is very humored indeed 😊

So I Am A Demon Descendent!
1 month ago
God the MC is such a simp it pisses me off View More
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C533
2 months ago
Why the fk doesnt he tell his friend what the fk he’s getting into. He talks about fate this, fate that and makes it seem like he cares about only power. He talks about 500 years ago and how it didn’t matter but he still crazes over this girl who (right now) doesn’t even know him. Stupid as fk MC. View More
Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C82
3 months ago
Shes not wrong lol View More
Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C70
3 months ago

Ash: Hi guys, I am the current translator of this novel. As this chapter was translated by someone else, there is some text missing, which I can't add because I can't access it. So the remaining text is posted here, I hope it remains in top.
'Arghhh!' Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers let out a thunder-like Tiger roar as his chest fell and rose, and his muscles became as hard as a rock! He took a half squatting posture as he withdrew his fist! Then, raising his knee, he threw a kick! Simultaneously pushing the tenacious art of Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians to the extreme limit, he was about to exchange attacks with Qin Fen.
'He won!' Regal Propria's eyes suddenly lit up brightly. But the joyful expression on his face lasted no more a fraction of second before it was replaced by horror.
'How is this possible?' Everyone was dumbfounded. To everyone's surprise, Qin Fen lied down on the ground as he cast the Sleeping Arhat in the time it takes for a spark to fly off a flint, avoiding Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers' Sweeping Away a Thousand Troops. At the same time, supporting his body by his palms, doing a handstand, he kicked the jaw of Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers. Suddenly, Qin Fen's shoulders dislocated as his elbow sprang up and he flew upwards in an upside down posture!
Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers had already been kicked into the air. As an upside down Qin Fen sprang up into the air, he ruthlessly gave a second kick to Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers' ear!
Ears are responsible for one's balance. The Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians might temper the entire body muscles, may even strengthen the ears as compared to the ordinary people, but in front of Dragon Elephant Prajna Art, the ears weren't that different from ordinary people's ears. At the very least, the second level of the Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians was unable to temper the ears like steel!
With the balance broken, the might of Thirteen Fiercely Tempered Grand Guardians was weakened. Qin Fen had already shot high into the air like a kite in the clouds. Then, stepping on the chest of Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers, Qin Fen gave the fourth kick, brutally trampling on Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers' throat. It was the Treading the Mountains from the Shaolin Arhat Fist!
Immediately, crisp sounds of bones fracturing resounded as the Thirteen Fiercely Temper Grand Guardians was broken. Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers was unable to maintain his body as hard as a rock anymore. And naturally, could not withstand this powerful blow. He suddenly blacked out and had already logged out/withdrawn of the battle network system.
"Zhao of the Mountains and Rivers died, the duel ends." The voice of a beauty, created digitally, sounded out and gently entered the ears of every spectator.

The Favored Son of Heaven · C5
4 months ago

AsuraBR: This is a man with character

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C26
5 months ago

Cranell: All hail Ximen Wuya!!!!

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C26
5 months ago

Eals: I like very much this guy, I hope he doesn't die at the hand of some traitors...

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C26
5 months ago

AzureWater: Aye this dude needs to become the MC's father in law so he can get some of that plot armor already

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C26
5 months ago
What the hell, 50 chapters? View More
MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C297
6 months ago
This is a pretty bad review ngl View More

_heidi_: The content has been blocked

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
7 months ago

Umicase: well that escalated quickly

MMO: Pierce Heaven Til' It Breaks · C241
7 months ago

PlotArmour: On 420 The president of Rock corporation Dwayne Johnson thinks to himself with deep and profound thoughts.

I Found A Planet · C88
7 months ago
On 420 The president of Rock corporation Dwayne Johnson thinks to himself with deep and profound thoughts. View More
I Found A Planet · C88
7 months ago
Tf happened to verthandi? View More
Low Dimensional Game · C138
7 months ago

3KBytes: Hope Edmond dies, i hate those kind of people

Age of Teras: Monster Evolution · C11
8 months ago

aattss: My advice: if you aren’t an MC with supernatural powers, go see a doctor. Your cancer probably isn’t going to go away just by living a healthy lifestyle and doing Yoga.

Low Dimensional Game · C8
9 months ago

Narastue: This guy is going to be a big player

Low Dimensional Game · C7
9 months ago

JackSHarryP: He already cheated because he activated his passive ability before the fight started. This MC has totally switched over as an underhanded one. He seemed so fair minded at the beginning lol.

Monster Pet Evolution · C259
9 months ago

PlotArmour: Sponsored by **** games and Huawei

I Found A Planet · C1
9 months ago
Sponsored by **** games and Huawei View More
I Found A Planet · C1
9 months ago

thestatsguy: (Unfortunate author here, why is listed below Stats.)
Website : qidian china
Views : 53.49million
Rating : 9.2(1629)
Chapters : 563
Status : ongoing
Rank : 4
Word count : 1.79million
author level : platinum
No of works : 6
Disscussion : 24871
Year started : 2018
Chinese title : 诡秘之主

At last it's here. Damn I've waiting far too long for this novel because of three reasons :
1. It's the book by my favorite author.
2. It's the best work from my favorite author.
3. It's really so fucking popular right now in China. (just look at the rank and views with only 563 chapters)

But he really is an unfortunate author in this site. Reasons listed below.
Three of his works are translated here.
1. Martial arts master : one of the best books with romance and action. This is actually my favorite romance novel. And martial arts fights are really sooo awesome in this book. But the reason for this not to be in rankings or popular bcoz one translation is ****, two no updates since atleast 2 months. Even with **** translation it was in rankings sometimes.

2. Throne of magical arcana : This is really one of the best webnovels with western magic elements with elements of science in it. It's basically epic magic, science and church novel. Translation too is really good for this novel but translator updates only 3 to 4 days a week which is also the reason it's not in rankings imo.

3. The sage who transcended the samsara : I wanted to try this. I really really wanted to try this. But it's said to have a very ****ty translation. People say it's a very unique and good novel, they also say translation is **** and end up dropping it.

Now I'm really really happy because not only is this epic getting translated, it's getting translated by cktalon one the best translators out there.

I only request one thing with you. Please keep the releases stable and I really thank you for taking up the translation for this novel. 🙏

Lord of the Mysteries
10 months ago

DaoistClearSky: I really thought that goldie had grown his feathers back but it turns out that its just glued on his body. 😂😂😂

Monster Pet Evolution · C210
10 months ago

greps007: Finally not an old men!!!

A Valiant Life · C723
11 months ago

THE_EVIL_IMMORTAL: Yay new new member of the harem

A Valiant Life · C723
11 months ago

11z: Don't worry the one at the top is at a different level among us all.

A Valiant Life · C699
11 months ago

elevenz: And so is the guy below me.

A Valiant Life · C699
11 months ago

ePythagoras: To the one below,

I just want to say that you are..


Piece of crap


A Valiant Life · C699
11 months ago

LIX: Welp, Ying Jin is dead.

A Valiant Life · C698
11 months ago
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