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this novel is finished one with 1k+ chapters (no Idea if it was rushed and the ending is bad) View More

LuckGod: What? Mad Snail in the house?
What? Mad Snail in the house?
What? Mad Snail in the house?
What? Mad Snail in the house?
What? Mad Snail in the house?
What? Mad Snail in the house?

Nine Astra Skies
3 weeks ago
wait a moment....why? View More

Plato: I like to think that it was just his sword in a maid outfit that said that last line.

The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C80
3 weeks ago
well they kinda do. View More

AngelKnightZed: a whole chapter... about 2000 words... all expounding and extrapolating in so many words, what has been summed up by the chapter title... holy crap fo author's get paid by word count or what...

The Sword Deity in Tokyo · C61
1 month ago
I think they cognitive world makes it realy hard for them to stop reading/hearing about stuff that will change the world. thats why heads explode and they wizzard in questions dont just ignore the papers and live on View More

Singularity21: Exactly. I do t know how an idiot like Helen became a grand arcanist and legendary sorceror. She’s just so stupid risking the lives of every sorceror for something as childish as curiosity when lives and the congress itself is at stake.
Although I think Lucien’s paper is gonna create a storm.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C569
1 month ago
if he dont slowly reloase the knowledge he will destroy the congres and probably kill most legendaries and even if he do release he wont lvl up to legendary cause he dont have enought spirit energy. his cognitive world (the thing that is shaped by knowlege) is on legendary lvl already. View More

Faruel: Tine for Lucien to stop playing games by slowly releasing knowledge when he could already be at the level of special relativity. also he should have built a fully functional physical nuke and then boosted it with magic instead of just going full magic. if his lover dies it's all his fault for slowing down and not continuing to strengthen himself with everything he has like he did in the past.

Throne of Magical Arcana · C556
1 month ago
so you say
mc should somewhat figure out that if creatures in demon world that he can slaughter in milions can teleport to his world and be carefull about them....about a monster that he can slaugher in milions
Mc have lvl 1 above his head so his earth shattering power maybe is weak so he have to hole into his home and do what?
you said he cant stroll around cause ppl will just go and mug him and if he just ask for direction from a guy he will just get killed
yea that happend did mc was thinking it will happend no, and you only know cause you read similar types of novel.
ehh i'm too tired to continue
My advice: stop *****ing about thing that one word from author can change everything like
"from this newspaper I know that 99% of people are weaker than me" View More

NekoNeko: You want to talk about me not reading properly, right? Then I will show you that you are the one who is the one who is not writing properly!

1. From what we can see, the main character didn’t come back in time or anything with time related but was TELEPORTED back. We can get this conclusion since his look and strength was the same as when he was in demon world.

Now, since MC was teleported from demon world, why can’t other strong creature also teleport to to his world?

Should he just stroll out and not be careful with his surrounding? I didn’t read him do that.

2. Lv1 Min Sung Kang: Newbie

MC could floating words above his head. Now here we are. Didn’t he think that his power is only at newbie level since it say so? Or did he think that his newbie level power is much stronger than other since he come back from demon world? Did he think the power he got from the demon world had made him omni in earth?

3. Attitude

MC went out to go and hunt and he saw a hunter. What do you say in this situation?

Of course it’s:

“Hey, you there.”

“Where’s the closest dungeon from here?”

This the most perfect way to ask someone for direction in a lawless world. There’s no way something will go wrong.

The opponent take out his sword. MC looking at the floating world above.

Lv39 Tae Yong Youn: An Appreciator of firework

He is lv 39 and mc is lv 1. There is no way this lv 39 can beat mc since mc come back from the demon world.

And the lv 39 took out his sword only to pose. There’s nothing to be afraid of so lets ask the lv39 for direction again. And of course with a “there nothing wrong attitude”. He should totally not put on guard or prepare for a fight.

Yep, now that he showed he has the power to beat a lv 39 with lv 1 power and know that this lawless world will decide someone’s life just by their mood, let just go to dungeon then eat. There’s no way someone will track him so he don’t need to hide his trace and even if there is, he can just beat them as he is the strongest since he come back from the demon world.

Yep, this is absolutely not naive this is totally normal. If other know of his power no one will try to catch him and do research on him. The people on earth is 100% trustworthy.

MC saw the dungeon on earth is more hight tech. But since it’s a dungeon it will still be that same as the one in demon world. There’s no way there will be something new there like a trap or something like that which can kill him. There’s nothing for him to worry about.

In the reply you wrote to the world “probably”.

“He got information not much but PROBABLY enought.”

“PROBABLY cause he studied a monsters in real world that...”

Probably, but where in the text did it say that it was enough? He studied all monster just from that newspaper or from that hunter? Did that newspaper contain so much? What if that hunter gave false information? Are we “you” to know that those information is PROBABLY enough?

“I bet my ass he can sense other power”

Where in the text did you write that MC can sense that someone is weaker than him?

“...If the dungeon is hard or easy and plan acordily.”

What if that hunter assembly a group waiting for him outside? And they have someone stronger than him?

My advice: don’t give advice if those are useless.

Three Meals of a Reincarnator · C5
1 month ago
I need food! I can eat monster I eat monster! I can't eat cause milion of monsters are swarming me at the moment(read properly)
I need shelter! I cant find shelter when I can only nap after couple of days of constant attacks (read properly)
What am I suppose to do? Should I make a plan? if you talking demon world what to plan A:let not get eaten by monsters B:lets not get eaten by monsters. if you mean normal world didnt he plan what to do? he got informations not much but probably enought.
Did he think he have enough power since he just come back from that demon world? probably cause he studied a monsters in real world that existed in demon world and they were weaker than demons.so if you can connect two dots that means weak monster exist in real wolrd
the newspapers said what dungeon is.
and if he meet a hunters near a dungeon that he knows will beat his ass (I bet my ass he can sense other people power) he can just back off and gather the informations if this dungeon is hard or easy and plan acordily.
my advice read more carefully then comment View More

NekoNeko: So you are telling me MC survived in that demon world by thinking:

I need food! Let find food!

I need shelter! Let find shelter!

What am I suppose to do? Should I make a plan? Nope, lets go yolo!

As soon as MC come back he didn’t plan anything. Did MC survive in demon world by going yolo?

Without thinking about his future he went to a dungeon.

Did he search for information before he went to the dungeon? Or did he just trust everything what hunter said?

Did he think he have enough power since he just come back from that demon world?

Did he survive in the demon world the same way?

If that is not naive then tell me what is that?

Three Meals of a Reincarnator · C5
2 months ago
what you mean naive? you mean that he dont care about others that may be a threat to him? cause you know he probably know what the best hunters can do from newspapers like "strongest hunter killed x monster" and mc can kill armies of them View More

NekoNeko: Sorry but I am dropping this.

MC after coming back from demon world and he saw with his own eyes how lawless world is(how the hunter he random meet want to kill him). He is still acting naive.

Three Meals of a Reincarnator · C5
2 months ago
I wonder how you come to the conclusion that a imp "hating realy hating this red thing" that "will break out of the collar supression in 7 day" will be "****y human helping pussy" View More

TheDolphin: A shame that I might have to drop this if the MC becomes a ****ty human helping pussy.

Demon's Virtue · C3
2 months ago
utopia where you are monitored 24/7 and can be taken under control any time ? no thank you. View More

formoia: Poor m. Source if only our mechanic was willing to guide it and teach it. It could turn planet aquamarine into a utopia as its the ultimate surveillance system and can instantly take control and stop any evil from happening. 😭

The Legendary Mechanic · C562
2 months ago
I think author is done after martial art master with romance in his novels for a while. View More

KopiCAT: I wonder, is this the kind of love scene one can expect from LoM as well? Tough i wonder with whom

Throne of Magical Arcana · C519
3 months ago
yea....blood emperor was a title for a person...that was sequence 0 of hunter pathway and sequence 0 is red priest View More

Alessan: No Sequence 0 is Red Priest. Blood Emperor was just the title of an individual.

Lord of the Mysteries · C666
3 months ago
blood emperor was a sequence 0 from hunter pathway, it was said that the blood emperor switched pathways from dark emperor went half mad an killed other sequence 1 from hunter pathway, and black emperor was sequence 0 of the lawyer pathway View More

Alessan: I’ve noticed an interesting coincidence. Of all the Kings of Angels we know so far none of their Pathways correspond to any Pathway that has ever had a Sequence 0. Current or Past. There are 8 Pathways that have never had Gods (Seer, Apprentice, Marauder, Mystery Pryer, Monster, Arbiter, Lawyer, Hunter) and 8 Kings of Angels. So far we’ve seen Amon (Marauder), Ouroboros (Monster) and Medici (Hunter). Let’s see if Sasrir follows the pattern or not next chapter.

Lord of the Mysteries · C666
3 months ago
you know the synopsis say "basicaly a god on earth" or something like that. he probably have the power to bamboozle a historian (like change his face) View More

Royal_Lurkers: Historian must be really lazy to not discover MC whose not hiding at all and doing high profile things.

I am the exp of my sword.
webnovel is my body, and exp is my blood.
I have created over a thousand useless review.
Unknown to death, nor known to life.
Have withstood pain to create many reviews.
Yet, those hands will never hold anything.

So, as I pray...Unlimited Exp Works!.

The Immortal Mutant Teen
3 months ago

kiddeath1998: Really this whole chapter was ridiculous where was the fight instead it was talking about a fight not worth it

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C92
3 months ago
I think it was said before that one sequence in apothecary path need vampire material. So that means a they probably kill sanquines for that and sanquines probably don't like that. View More

Randompasserby: Interesting that Darkwill's master cautioned him off True Sanguines. Maybe just as they could use Sanguine characteristics to advance so too can Sanguine advance by taking the Apothecary Pathway beyonders characteristics, even lower sequences?

Lord of the Mysteries · C601
4 months ago
I think he was teleported to a location near the best lawfull sect so fat chances that there is a evil cultivator in the radious of thousand of kilometers View More

Muhai: My point is don't compare Cultivation world with modern world, in the modern world we have a criminal. There they have demons and evil cultivator, it's good if he offend someone with good heart, but what would happened if he offended some demonic cultivator in his way? There would be no longer law anymore he would be killed, or even worse became a cauldron.

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator
4 months ago

NecromanAlbert: I can't take this anymore. Qi made their talk but it was not replied at all. PLEASE NOTICE OTHER READERS THAT NOVELUPDATE WILL START TO RE-UPDATE SINCE TODAY, started with The Battle For the Cowl (5).

Thriller Paradise
4 months ago
i'm kinda dissapointed that the only way to be the best is to get a heart fire and later sword spirit.... View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint · C72
4 months ago
yea I checked it after writing it, sadly cant edit, but oh well small mistake everything else is accurate View More

WhyTheNames: Only problem is Night ranger released Year 2015 and Abyss domination Year 2014. So you can not call the earlier work plagiat.

Abyss Domination
5 months ago
The content has been deleted
Nine Yang Sword Saint · C43
5 months ago
Reading Status: C5
The novel smell like plagiat of Night Ranger
both have reincarnation into game world
both were legendary rogue class before reincarnation
the systems are nearly identical
from the look of things both will use double daggers
both have little sibling that need help
there will be frequent contact with gods
after the poor 5 chapters I could mistake it for Night Ranger View More
Abyss Domination
5 months ago
Ability Enhancement Card- I wonder if its have a limit if no I wonder if there was a rich player that hoarded X number of cards and made the ultimate ability View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C468
5 months ago
but that ring make the person master of the sect
imagine this your father left 10 years ago and left you with quite a big of a firm you worked your ass off for the 10 years probably with lots of sleeples night and you developed this firm quite a lot and then some girl/guy come to you demant you give her/him the firm,marry her/him cause your father give him the "paper of ownership" and told you to marry.
and ppl are suprised why shes not ok with it and dont want the mc to give the ring back
and if somebody say that she could just let him have the ring and be the master without it think what will happend when somebody else (like young master of enemy sect) kill the mc and get the ring?
they now have the ring that give ownership of the sect and right now the ying yang sect cant just deal it like now with mc cause the enemy sect is similary powerfull View More

Kedledoeimange: Never read the latter part in a wuxia before. The reason she is a ***** and unfilial isn’t because of the marriage she could just not marry him she didn’t have to be so rude about it (even that was still not that bad) what is bad is her threatening to kill him for a ring that she is not entitled to, her father left that for his disciple and she should respect that.

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C23
5 months ago
I like how ppl say that the girl here is a ***** and unfilial but when the girl in other novels get arranged marriage to somebody else and later she break it for mc nobody say shes a ***** and unfilial View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint · C23
5 months ago
dont take it personaly but there always a comment similar to your in every novel that existed. View More

Nawaabzadah: It looks like author has no idea what to do. Every character in this story doesn't have strong character. They are fickle in their roles.

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C12
5 months ago
maybe they were sleeping on hay or something like that View More
Nine Yang Sword Saint · C9
5 months ago
he probably pooped once...you know his diet now are magical pills View More

salem277: So where is all of MCs poo from half a year in that small space

Nine Yang Sword Saint · C4
5 months ago

Marukusius: Geralt, is that you??

Lord of the Mysteries · C445
6 months ago
my radar of cliches is ringing did it detect unedible cooking by caring and competent female? (well somehting like this) View More
I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C87
7 months ago
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