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ReihsRahl: Completely agree, I’m dropping this, the MC it’s just a human waste that doesn’t deserve to live and it’s not even the funny type.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C182
2 weeks ago

ReihsRahl: Are you dumb?
He is not a saint? That’s a phrase used to describe normal people, not sociopaths.
She came in his way? No, he came in hers and when she decided that she dind’t want to die because of him, it became her fault? He could have kick her away without killing her.
And then again, the righteous hero that saves the damsel in distress?! We are not in the 19th century, that’s not what I want, what I want is a MC that kills people when they actually do something to him,a MC that isn’t completely hypocritical.
Moreover it would made sense if he was born in a devious place and he can’t distinguish right from wrong, but he still had a long mother and teacher, and he was already an ***** when he came in this world. He knows perfectly right from wrong, he simply is just a shallow character that only cares about power and goes around killing people on a whim. And he is so cliché he’s like the villain of too many stories, the baddies that what more power because he want’s more power and is evil because he’s evil without and proper reason.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C182
2 weeks ago

Phipsi: The MC is just a mass murderer and he owns it to be hanged.

He goes around killing people as if it’s his sport.

The sole reason Doris had to die was him.

The same pattern happened before and will happen very often again.

Innocent people dying to fill chapters.

You can’t just bring death to people cause you feel inconvenient.

Also for those saying she brought her self in that situation you are wrong.

BECAUSE she was already a week long in the swamp and from their interaction we can even find out she was in the centre of the group. There were the rank 4 are AND she was NEVER DISCOVERED(she was in perfect condition so she never made a mistake in that time) only when or little MC pops up she gets discovered.

Also described is that she knew she can’t run as she is a stealth specialized hunter not an agility.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C182
2 weeks ago

ReihsRahl: The problem of this story is that Noah is becoming more and more a f***ing hypocritical and he is both arrogant and annoying, and he is continuously blaming others for faults that he has too.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C182
2 weeks ago
You don't need to know HOW valuable such a treasure is, only that is is valuable. That is enough knowledge to act with greater care and consideration than the MC. View More

CrispyMouse: But where in any of that would he ever have been exposed to the value of the treasures he carries. He an insect carrying the gift of a god...how is he supposed to know it value.

The other factor is things have different values to different people.

Paragon of Destruction · C122
8 months ago
Hello, and good evening!

Your first statement indicates a design intent which is not apparent in the fictional game. It also does not achieve the indicated goal of discouraging PVP. Full drop rules never discourage PVP if every non-city zone in the game uses those rules. Instead, they encourage ambush PKing on a broad scale. If you think otherwise, with great respect, I will say that you are dreadfully wrong.

Your second statement does not make a logical point. Why does the volume of players change the points I detailed in my original post? There may be a good reason you said that, but you're going to have to finish the thought.

Your third statement falsifies itself. It is not "easy" to make a living if there are harsh penalties for single moments of failure. However, I think I know what you were trying to argue, and it's not entirely incorrect.

"Making a living" from the game is affected by, but not dependent on, the mechanics of the game itself. The primary driving forces are economic - demand for things acquired in the game generates the potential value of the market, and the supply of wanted things determines how valuable each of them are.

It is true that if items are easily acquired, people will not be willing to pay much money for them. There will also be fewer people willing to pay for things that are easily lost. I think there is certainly reason to believe that the game design depicted in this story would affect the meta of item sales, but the logical induction here is that based on the game's mechanical setup, the economy should not be very strong and making a living off it it should be rather difficult. View More

kirua21219: Why ? The consequences of pk is harsh and made so that people doesnt easily get into pk. Also it is a virtual world where billions is in play. Games in wich making a living is easy always has harsh penalties

Taming Master · C31
8 months ago
AO only has full gear drops in specific areas of the game. You can play through significant portions of the game while only risking your inventory - or even nothing at all.

More importantly, AO is designed for a player-run economy with a PVP endgame. One aspect of this is gear balance. Gearing in AO has a relatively gentle curve compared to a PVE based game like World of Warcraft,

These are real world design implications that webnovel authors all too often overlook. It's very difficult to attach WoW-style PVE (endgame raids, competitive dungeons, high difficulty questing, sharp power curve on gear) to a ******** PVP drop system, especially when the item economy is underdeveloped and poorly thought out.

The story here is fun. This isn't an attack on that. But the game world presented is deeply flawed and, at times, fracking retarded. View More

Tchitchou: But there are games with penalties like that. Albion online is like that, you drop everything, even your inventory when you die.
Its an open world sandbox MMORPG.
So the drop system here is even lighter than that game. Some of the droped itens even became trash when you die...

Taming Master · C31
9 months ago
Dark Souls is not an MMO, nor does it have a robust item economy. You also do not lose items when you die in Dark Souls - in fact, all you lose is the amount of XP (souls) you've gained since you last spent XP. You can't go negative or lose levels beyond that, you can't be sent back farther than your last save point (fire).

Dark Souls is a difficult game to beat, but it is not a harsh game on the player. Either you misspoke on the game you meant, or you didn't think this through very well. Maybe don't be such a drama queen :P View More

Feasao: Dark souls has even greater restrictions . The item rule is not that bad . You are just being a drama queen

Taming Master · C31
9 months ago
Minecraft is not an MMO, and vanilla Minecraft does not have ultra rare drops that are necessary for fighting level appropriate foes. View More

GoldenRice: Dude.Minecraft

Taming Master · C31
9 months ago

AuthorWiz: Time to slay some fools.

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
10 months ago

AuthorWiz: Before I even started Volume 1, I wrote out the entire plot of both Volume 1, Volume 2, and the end plot for the end of the story, with storyboarded ideas that I detailed some amount for all the middle Volumes.

Reborn: Apocalypse - Volume 3 · C0
10 months ago
Every. Damned. Time.

I swear, every author has the most retarded idea for item drop rules. Automatically dropping everything you are wearing is an *insane* penalty.

That has huuuuge consequences for high level play - like dungeon raids. If the best players in the game were constantly losing their gear while learning how to defeat the most challenging bosses, that would vastly increase demand for good-to-great items, and prices would spiral out of control.

But if that was the case, then production classes would be heavily favored and supported by top guilds. Having a stable source of useful gear to use would be necessary for any guilds willing to brave the upper edge of content.

Think this **** through, author. Stop falling into stupid item tropes. I'm sick of it. ARGH.

Every. Damned. Time. View More
Taming Master · C31
11 months ago

TomVanDyke: Purified Essence strengthens a mage's affinity to Essence in general, so it provides control without the drawbacks of just Realm Essence (a weaker link to the natural world) or Natural Essence (a weaker link to Realm Essence).

So Arran's most recent progress is a result of a balanced increase in control.

Paragon of Destruction · C126
11 months ago
He's had several years now - and dozens of harrowing experiences.

It's hard to say what he's really learned from it all. If I was told the MC started as a 13 year old, I would buy it.

He's too old - and been through too much - for this length and depth of naivete to make sense. View More

Aijen: People are fast to criticise mc for making ****** mistakes and insulting him, forgetting that most of them would be dead if put in his situations. I will remind that mc is son of guardsman from small town, not some scholar or noble. I will bet those mistakes are shown just to underline how inexperienced mc is and how much he has to learn.

Paragon of Destruction · C122
11 months ago
The MC keeps making the same mistakes when it comes to showing off his wealth.

It would be nice to see him catch himself a few times and go "wait, no, this is stupid, I've screwed this up before." View More
Paragon of Destruction · C121
11 months ago

TomVanDyke: Well, you have to ask yourself whether you can trust self-proclaimed gods.

But more importantly, it might be useful to question what they mean by "Chaos" and "Order".

To people/beings that have been around for countless thousands of years, is it chaos or order if kingdoms and empires are created, last a few centuries or millennia, and then fall again?

Paragon of Destruction · C115
11 months ago

TomVanDyke: Just mastering the fireball technique (which is one of the ******st techniques around) took him several months of practice.

He did experiment with using that same technique using different kinds of Essence (in chapter 57), but creating a new technique of his own would be far, far, far more difficult -- unless it was one that just amounted to expelling raw Essence, like with Shadowsight.

So for now, any experimenting he may have done would have ended with a quick, "Nope, not working."

That said, I'd say it's a safe bet that when he finds a peaceful place to study magic in earnest, he'll start experimenting with it as well. (and yes, that's a small spoiler)

Paragon of Destruction · C112
11 months ago

TomVanDyke: Just about every kind, except perhaps for modern fencers.

In grappling, your sense of touch plays a large role during a fight.

In swordfights, the idea is to keep your distance until you see (the opportunity to create) an opening, and then deliver a quick attack that wounds or kills your opponent.

Here's a video of a longsword tournament that gives a pretty good impression of how (somewhat) realistic sword fighting works: youtube.com/watch?v=I8W256-jt4g

And here's a video that demonstrates some techniques from an actual medieval longsword manual (skip to 2:00): youtube.com/watch?v=4GoQlvc_H3s

A swordsman without his vision is a bit like a grappler without his sense of touch.

Paragon of Destruction · C106
11 months ago
Hmm. Not sure I follow the logic here.

The Academy keeps the number of powerful people low in order to maintain control.

Meanwhile, the Families allow more powerful people to grow, to the point that they lose control over them. The implication is that more powerful people = loss of control.

But then a few paragraphs later, we're told that the Empire's "true" mages still outnumber the Great Families'.

I suppose one could argue that it's the *concentration* of powerful individuals that matters. That seems a bit unrealistic to me - at some point, you just have too many ambitious people with differing goals and visions for the future.

I feel like there could have been a better explanation here.

But we'll see. Our friendly author has made a habit of obfustication and half-reveals so far, maybe there is more to the story. :D View More
Paragon of Destruction · C102
11 months ago

Chaoticmike: No way there is a lot of foreshadowing in this chapter. Filter is when it has absolutely nothing to do with the frame of the story

Paragon of Destruction · C97
11 months ago
I appreciate the response! I'll probably be leaving more comments as I continue binge reading.

I only critique what I love so.... good work. :D View More

TomVanDyke: First of all, thanks for reading the story.

Secondly... I can't really go into detail without giving major spoilers, but the confusion/deception is intentional and will eventually become a major part of the story.

Paragon of Destruction · C74
11 months ago

While I can understand what you're going for with this comeuppance... it doesn't feel earned.

I know that's a weird thing to say, but bear with me. :P

The MC has received training from several multi-pillar Archmages, each one appearing to be a notable expert. Your worldbuilding indicates they are inferior to the border families, but it's only reasonable for them to be significant and powerful nonetheless.

One is the strongest mage in a major family, a backbone of power in the empire. If he's really a nobody (comparatively) then the struggle within the 6th Valley would not make any sense... because a handful of middle strength family lackeys could roll roughshod over the Empire's finest.

Then there is Fireheart, who casually disintegrates archmages.

Then there are the *literal gods* that the MC has run into - each of which took interest in him, and one of whom took time and effort to further develop him.

The guy has broken his realms open wide enough to overpower mages who worked diligently for decades.

He's eaten unfathomable riches that give him decades worth of body cultivation.

He's had all of the crazy, inexplicably lucky encounters one would expect of a Xanxia protagonist, and been given advantages that no one else could claim to have....

...and you're putting him in position to get rekt by randos in an audition for an entry level foot soldier position.

It's not a natural progression, and it makes the difference between the inner Empire and the outer families way, way, waaaay too large to make any kind of sense. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C94
11 months ago
Thoughts from someone currently smashing through your excellent story:

The ranking system should still not have THAT much variance. If the younger members of Shadowflames are so powerful and skilled, they would either have the higher rank, or use a different system.

Using the same nomenclature for entirely different definitions of power just confuses things... in world, and for readers. View More

TomVanDyke: Near the end of the first volume, Panurge mentions that Arran has only faced what he calls "the dregs of the Academy" so far.

While I wouldn't suggest trusting Panurge, there might be something more to those words.

Paragon of Destruction · C74
11 months ago

Shiiara: didnt he have like alot of essence i dont get it ^^

Paragon of Destruction · C73
11 months ago
You're doing well with this romance, author. I think that most people who dislike the FL are missing the nuance you've written her with.

Kudos. View More
Paragon of Destruction · C46
11 months ago
Performing daily cultivation in the exp sect. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C256
11 months ago

Iamvodkahawk: A lot of the people reading this novel seem to have never really read any cultivation novels before and are being confused left and right every chapter. How is this confusing at all? How has any of it ever been confusing? You guys need to relax and learn to infer and compare with other cultivation novels. So this man came from a world in the future that basically had dried up. They knew all about the glory days and being left with no way to cultivate anymore they made a game. I hope you all get that so far. He is now in the past of the same world and seeing legendary people who only existed as history and then as npcs in the game that was made to relive the glory days. He was an ordinary man who was very interested In the cultivation practices that he would never be able to experience if not for the game. He did many experiments and basically grew to a certain height in the game yet not in real life. Now he’s experiencing all this in his actual body In his new life. Not just him but all of us would have profound breakthroughs In our way of thinking. It’s like he’s finally seeing colors that he had only heard of for himself for the first time. It really would cause a man to change and grow and evolve mentality in ways he couldn’t ever have predicted. Sorry this is long but guys you gotta really think differently sometimes. It’s not a game novel he’s living the history of his ancestors the history of his world. That being said he is in a 13 year old body that is a half breed of monster and human. You really think his hormones can be willfully ignored? He’s a kid again with an ***** mind with a bunch of hormonal and bodily changes going on that will all add to his changes in personality and those changes will lead to new insights and growth. Relax guys, it all makes sense.

Divine Brilliance · C23
11 months ago

Jay_Tee: The content has been deleted

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
11 months ago

MoonLord: This story is one of my most favorites that I have ever read, from Royalroad to Webnovel, I've been reading stories for years. I've loved how this story showed me the gradual change in the MC, how his hard work made him grow stronger physically and mentally, however unfortunately, the story ended up following the usual harem template... I'm not saying that harem stories are bad, in fact I love a lot of stories like that, however when every character introduced is a romantic interest.. no, more like a sure fact that the character is immediately gonna join his harem... Because for some unknown reasons they immediately fall in love with him and act the same way as every girl that has feelings for him, relationships between the MC and the female characters are either Harem member, possible and future harem member and non-harem member, not a single friendly relation. The story quickly became bland. Also there's no friendship between the MC and any other Male character, in fact there's not a single interesting guy that the MC can befriend. The weird fact is how the female characters always end up falling in love with the MC in a matter of days, there's no developing and gradual romance in this story with the exception of veeerrrryyy few... I like some of the girls because of their personalities and gradual development, however for most of them, they just pop out like popcorns and the MC ACCEPTS every single girl that says "I Love You" as if they've had enough interactions to fall in love... and he can never say no. I love this story, this is why I'm frustrated with how it is developing. .. though I'll keep reading hoping that it'll get better, I'm just sad it developed that way.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
11 months ago

DarthVetar: At first I was good for the fights!
Character development: Ok

The reason for giving 2 star: Harém, are too many members in the harem!

Ok Vahn, it's a white paper! Even so, at every meeting with the girls, at least some of them were already members of the harem! It is all good to have presented visions of each one of them. But I do not think this justifies this harem!

System: I did not like it! It gives you the feeling that you're restricting MC! Well, not that he is, for he is not! That's all I feel!

Action and adventure: At first I was enjoying this, I know the purpose of this is the battle of Vahn's social life! But even so, if you can incorporate more of Action and Adventure into the future, it would be great!

Romance: None! At first, it is by the harem that it exists!

I wonder ... if it merged [Enkidu], the Emperor's Domain, and Vahn's blood, would it extinguish the Divinity of a God permanently?

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
11 months ago
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