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zaim: Song Shuhuang didnt choose the adventure life..... the adventure life choose him

Cultivation Chat Group · C288
3 weeks ago
I thought it would be indestructible from zod rune? View More

BRICK_the_13th: Actually of the best attributes from Diablo 2 is auto-repair. The second one is anti-debuff.

Imagine a city wall, city gates, and tower with auto-repair enchanment. When another kingdom attack, just let them spend all their resources and wear them down just by letting them attacking city walls and gates that can repair itself...

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C259
4 months ago
Maybe the villager are all humanised monster. That why the undead don't attack them, their secret won't work on soldiers and comm set are ban because it will reveal their nature. View More
Versatile Mage · C526
7 months ago
Truly an undying cockroach View More

darkoneko: hmm, cockroach undeads

Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master · C136
7 months ago
You forget cleaning up spy and psycho View More

Flammenwurfer: Summary of chapter: Lin Huang finished making rules for Dynasty and implemented them. That's it

Monster Paradise · C1031
7 months ago
Tank... Someone throw a molotov....
Sorry. Wrong place View More
Release That Witch · C1431
8 months ago

pc14: Why sent one fighter to kill Link...?
Why not send friggin bunch of them at the same time?
Milda could just call his mama.
Milda : "Hey, mama."
High Elves Queen : "Yes, dear?"
Milda : "I'm gonna send some goon to fight Link, could you assist those goon with your goon?"
High Elves Queen : "Why...Of course my dear. Make sure to remind them to send location with Whatsapp."
Milda : "Yeah. Cool Mom. You're the best."
High Elves Queen : "Love you baby. Bye. Bye."

Advent of the Archmage · C677
8 months ago

pc14: "No hurry," the queen said immediately. "You all can leave. I will explain to Master Link."
"Come on, Link. Let's talk in my chamber. The room got more space after all of my husband die and all."
"I got new move to show too." Said Link as he started follow the queen while adjusting his pant a bit.
The elder was all can't help but say, "He's got dragon balls, alright."
"Nah, he couldn't last half and hour with the queen."
"Iseldan goes crazy because of queen new move, dominate embrace. I don't think that human can stand after that."
The chatter goes on as both side goes their way.

Advent of the Archmage · C441
8 months ago
Finally... Someone has a pure tank build instead of glass build View More
Versatile Mage · C450
8 months ago
War of the world reference? Seriously?? Who going to deliver the nuke? View More

Lambert07: They had barrier, I knew it. Now we need computer virus to bring down that barrier.

Release That Witch · C1409
8 months ago
So doping is the way to go? View More
Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master · C100
8 months ago

atino6: Somehow i was thinking of tanya degurechaff when tilly was briefing the knights.

Release That Witch · C1407
8 months ago
Must keep a low profile.... View More

daoistjontai: Too slow give me moar I have billions of SS stored away from my dummy accounts

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C149
9 months ago
He is a man of "cuture" and perfect eyesight. View More

CaTastrophy427: He really must be a perv, to know his housemate's bra size exactly. Either he's looked at her bra's tag, or he's so experienced with looking at breasts to be able to judge the size at a glance. Either way, it means he's investigated breasts thoroughly, something mostly done by perverts.

Versatile Mage · C405
9 months ago

Dante_The_Immortal: "There is NO job in the Field Artillery for the weak, the timid or the indecisive.”
– Unknown
An apt quote for the moment 😚😎

Release That Witch · C1394
9 months ago
We need Megumin from konosuba... View More
Release That Witch · C1386
9 months ago
Maybe because it may cause disruption to social order? Afterall historically the pope ban crossbow to protect knighthood. View More

WolfEatstheMoon: Actually good point magic stones exist however they somehow casually ignore the fact guns would exist that fire magic shots damaging animals

Versatile Mage · C374
9 months ago
Because they can't science the **** out of the problem? View More

WolfEatstheMoon: Every dsy I question cultivation reauires focus and mental building why are they so stupid

Versatile Mage · C374
9 months ago
At this point of time, I wonder if there is any cure for my mind and brain View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C455
10 months ago

Aby55: 3 new chapters? Fuck me and **** my social life lmaoooo

Kingdom's Bloodline · C455
10 months ago
Maybe I should start to stockpile 50 chapter before I start to read.... View More
Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master · C54
10 months ago
In the pre chap, Zhao order everyone to stick closer. In that case as long as Zhao stand at the outer ring and cast outward, the rest should not be affected.
Then again this scienceless world is really lacking in strategy game.... View More

XephiZ: Imo, in a situation where they are friendlies all across the place, it would be quite a hassle to control the magic while trying to avoid being smashed into minced meat since the students aren't used to casting magic while dodging and moving. I think that's my explanation for it

Versatile Mage · C276
10 months ago
Since they can control water flow to avoid friendly fire, it should not be a problems. Afterall, water will conduct the lightning toward the target.
Using fire on wet object is still a dumb move. Then again we are looking at a world without science... View More

XephiZ: Maybe to avoid friendly fire?

Versatile Mage · C276
10 months ago
Just wondering why can't they use combo lightning+water spell? View More
Versatile Mage · C276
10 months ago
Battle of loli? View More

Tacitusiua: Lightning= THE DEVIL OF THE RHINE

Release That Witch · C1341
11 months ago
Since when was Thales rescued? This novel is always about "out of frying pan, into the fire". View More

MoonLord: Such a long chapter..... I mean a few long chapters.... yet thales has yet to be "rescued", I kinda feel bad for him.

Kingdom's Bloodline · C378
11 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C376
11 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Release That Witch · C1327
11 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Release That Witch · C1327
11 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C375
11 months ago
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